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第1页 :2012年6月大学英语六级答案

  Part Ⅰ Writing (30 minutes)

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication. Your essay should start with a brief description of the picture. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

  As is described in the picture, a father asks her daughter how her school today goes on. Instead of answering directly, the daughter tells her father to read her blog. It is common that youngsters nowadays incline to communicate with others on internet increasingly, and lack communication with people around them. With the development of Internet, it has influenced our society to a large extent, especially interpersonal communication.

  To begin with, we can communicate with others anytime via internet. Otherwise, we would have to arrange our schedules strictly in advance. Also, interpersonal communication through the internet is not restricted by space. For example, in most multinational corporations, instant messages and video conferences help colleagues solve problems timely and efficiently. Last but not least, the internet can greatly speed up our interpersonal communication. Whereas, there are also disadvantages that the internet brings to us. More and more people complained that they have lost face-to-face communicating skills. As a result, people become more and more indifferent to each other in real life. Some netizens who are immersed in virtual world even have difficulty in making friends in reality.

  In conclusion, communication through the internet could bring us both convenience and inconvenience. We should strike a balance between them and make the best of the internet.




  本篇范文在句式上,长短搭配,形式多变。从句、非谓语动词等多种表达方式,值得借鉴。同时,用词同样注意多样化,对网络相关词汇的多种表达(web, cyber, instant message, video conference等),考生同样应在平时注意归类、积累。


  The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

  Today I saw an interesting cartoon, in which a father asked his daughter about her school performance of the day, and the daughter replied that he could go to her blog to check it. This small cartoon indicates a big change in our life, especially the way people communicate.

  Internet enables people to break though the limitations of distance, strengthening social network. Unlike post offices, Internet service with its convenience helps people engage and converse real time with their parents, soul mates, friends though emails, IRC, micro blog anytime, anywhere with a network terminal, without suffering the long and painful wait for a reply.

  Besides, such online communities as Twitter, Facebook are well under way and becoming the most dominating platforms for on-line social activities. These communities offer great opportunities for us to follow and interact with those we like and even those celebrities. It is also a platform for us to share and update information of each other, and learn the outside world.

  Internet today and tomorrow is a virtual space where we live, where we learn, where we speak, and where we communicate.


  今年的六级作文依旧延续了四六级的传统,考查“现象类”话题,要求根据漫画,发表对于“The impact of the internet on interpersonal communication”的观点。近年的六级作文题目,已经不再局限于传统的议论文考察模式,即要求考生给出非此即彼或既此既彼的观点、而是偏向于启发考生自己去思考,结合自己的生活经历以及对事物的理解,对话题中的现象进行深入的探讨,给出事实支撑。

  Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (15 minutes)

  Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer Sheet 1. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). For questions 8-10, complete the sen tences with the information given in the passage.

  1. A) To cut students’ expenses.

  2. B) college facilities could be put to more effective use.

  3. C) suppresses creative thinking

  4. A) Its students have to earn more credits each year.

  5. B) It has been running for several decades.

  6. B) More students have Advanced Placement credits.

  7. A) Students don’t have much time to roam intellectually.

  8. the core curriculum

  9. stay competitive and relevant

  10. bright, motivated students




  文章开头以Hartwick 学院为例,指出许多有创新意识的大学都将学制由四年改为三年的现象。在承认美国具有全世界最好的大学,这些学校吸引了众多聪明的学生后,作者话锋一转,指出美国高等教育存在的一些问题,包括:学校学年的一成不变,设备资源的闲置浪费,终身职位以及反年龄歧视法造成的教务人员冗余以及对自由思想的压制,学生承担不起高额的学费等等。

  之后,作者指出正是由于以上的这些问题,许多学校才会进行学制改革并且描述了Hartwick, Judson College等学校在缩短学制后课程方面的一些改革和做法。随后作者指出缩短学制的一些弊端:学生缺少时间进行思考,缺少时间参加课外活动或者出国留学 (微博) ,威胁学校的核心课程体系等。



  Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes)

  Section A

  Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


  W: Did you hear that Anna needs to stay in bed for 4 weeks?

  M: Yeah. She injured her spine in a fall and a doctor told her to lie flat on her back for a month so it can mend.

  Q: What can we learn from the conversation?

  【答案】A) The injury will confine Anna to bed for quite a while.



  M: A famous Russian ballet is coming to town next weekend. But I can’t find a ticket anywhere.

  W: Don’t be upset. My sister just happened to have one and she can’t go since she has got some sort of conflict in her schedule.

  Q: What does the woman mean?

  【答案】C) She can get a ballet ticket for the man.



  W: Hello, my bathroom drain is blocked and I’m giving a party tonight. Do you think you could come and fix it for me?

  M: Sorry, ma’am. I’m pretty busy right now. But I can put you on my list.

  Q: What does the man mean?

  【答案】A) He has to do other repairs first.



  W: We’re taking up a collection to buy a gift for Gemma. She’ll have been with the company 25 years next week.

  M: Well, count me in. But I’m a bit short on cash now. When do you need it?

  Q: What is the man going to do?

  【答案】C) Give his contribution some time later.



  W: Tony’s mother has invited me to dinner. Do you think I should tell her in advance that I’m a vegetarian?

  M: Of course. I think she’d appreciate it. Imaging how you both feel if she fixed the turkey dinner or something.

  Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?

  【答案】D) Tell Tony’s mother that she eats no meat.

  【解析】此题为推理题。Tony的妈妈邀请女子吃饭,女子询问男子是不是应该提前告知自己是素食主义者。从男子的“I think she’d appreciate it”可知,男子给了他肯定的回答。


  M: Just look at this newspaper, nothing but robberies, suicide and murder. Do you still believe people are basically good?

  W: Of course. But many papers lack interest in reporting something positive like peace, love and generosity.

  Q: What are the speakers talking about?

  【答案】B) The coverage of newspapers.



  M: I can’t believe so many people want to sign up for the Korea Development Conference. We will have to limit the registration.

  W: Yeah, otherwise we won’t have room for the more.

  Q: What are the speakers going to do?

  【答案】C) Limit the number of participants in the conference.



  W: Hi, I’m calling about the ad for the one bedroom apartment.

  M: Perfect timing! The person who was supposed to rent it just backed town to take a room on campus.

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

  【答案】A) The apartment is still available.


  Conversation 1

  W: One of the most interesting experiments with dolphins must be one done by Doctor Jarvis Bastian. What he tried to do was to teach a male dolphin called Bass and a female called Doris to communicate with each other across a solid barrier.

  M: So how did he do it exactly?

  W: Well, first of all, he kept the two dolphins together in the same tank and taught them to press levers whenever they saw a light. The levers were fitted to the side of the tank next to each other. If the light flashed on and off several times, the dolphins were supposed to press the left-hand lever followed by the right-hand one. If the light was kept steady, the dolphins were supposed to press the levers in reverse order. Whenever they responded correctly, they were rewarded with fish.

  M: Sounds terribly complicated.

  W: Well, that was the first stage. In the second stage, Doctor Bastian separated the dolphins into two tanks. They could still hear one another, but they couldn’t actually see each other. The levers and light were set up in exactly the same way except that this time it was only Doris who could see the light indicating which lever to press first. But in order to get their fish, both dolphins had to press the levers in the correct order. This meant of course that Doris had to tell Bass whether it was a flashing light or whether it was a steady light.

  M: So did it work?

  W: Well, amazingly enough, the dolphins achieved a 100 % success rate.

  Questions 19-21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  Q19. What is the purpose of Doctor Jarvis Bastian’s experiment?

  Q20. What were the dolphins supposed to do when they saw a steady light?

  Q21. How did the second stage of the experiment differ from the first stage?


  19. D) to see if dolphins can communicate with each other.

  20. A) Press the right-hand lever first.

  21. C) Only one dolphin was able to see the light.




  lever n.杠(杆);途径,工具

  in reverse order 以相反的顺序

  be rewarded with 得到奖励

  flashing light 闪光灯

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