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  Task 1

  某公司offer you一份工作,但你不能去,写封信告诉该公司人事主管,你拒绝接受并表示感谢。说明理由、以及你如何喜欢你现在的工作。

  Task 2

  Children are becoming lazy, fat and unsociable, give your possible causes and measures.

  Task 3

  People use the computers when they work, go banking and, but somebody arguethat it will make the people isolateand decrease social skills to what extend do you agree or disagree.

  Task 4


  Task 5

  Give some reason and give your relevantexperience about it: high school students should study general subjects before they are 17 years old, to study specialistsubjects before that age is too early for them. agree or disagree

  Task 6

  People use computer in shop, bank...without leaving home. Someone think it is danger because it may make people isolate and lose the social skills to live with others to what extenddo you agree or disagree this opinion?

  Task 7

  Your car is hired from a company and when u are driving in holiday, there's a small accidenton it, you will have to write a report to the company to explain it. you need to explain the following statement:

  1. when and where you hired it?

  2. describe how the accident happened?

  3. what kind of action did you have after the accident?

  Task 8

  Fashion is difficult to follow, some people say fashion is just for selling clothes, we should not follow it and we should dress what we like and feel comfortablein it agree or disagree? use any relevant example to support your idea.

  Task 9

  Happiness is considered important to people. Why are the definitionsof happiness different? What is the factors in achieving happiness. Give some examples and relavent evidence.

  1. Happiness is important in life.

  2. why it is difficult to define?

  3. what factors are important in achieving happiness?

  Task 10

  Sme family sent their children to foreign country for education purpose. 请谈一下优缺点何时是留学最佳年龄。

  Task 11

  You live in a house oppositeto a small park. every evening a young man bring 2 large dogs and let them free. write a letter to the city council and describe the situation, tell them it is dangerous and reason. then tell them what action should be done.

  Task 12

  How to decide future career? what is the important? Young people choose career, whose opinionand what kind of information do you think important? Give reasons and examples.青年如何选择自己得职业应该听谁的意见,从哪里寻找信息,谈谈你的看法。

  Task 13

  A referenceletter for your friend to work with foreign teenagers. describe his or her character and why you recommendher.

  Task 14

  In most part of the world, the volumeof traffic is growing at an alarming rate. in the form of an assignment, discuss about the main traffic problems in your country, their causes and possible solutions.

  Task 15

  You took your family had a good meal in a local restaurant. write a letter to the newspaper to tell about it, describ the meal you had, and why you think the restaurant is worth for other people to visit.

  Task 16

  Choose an invertion, telephone or computer, and tell how it has changed our life. Are the changes all possitive or negative?

  Task 17

  write a letter to apply a position in a local department store; include: what position? your experience and related ability?

  Task 18

  Someone think that olympic games will not play a role in 21st century, and think the 2004 game should be the last one.agree or disagree?

  Task 19

  You have transfered to another university for a couple of days; please write to your friend to tell them something about your new university and your life there; and, why do you choose to transferto this university?

  Task 20

  Nowadays, more and more people don't wear their nationalclothes, and they are forgetting their culture and their history; so, people should wear their traditional clothes everyday. give your opinion.

  Task 21

  You bought audio cassetteplayer in a store. but just after one week, you found it broken down the store did not want to give you a new one as replacement. so you write to the manufacturerabout this problem of the player and the store and ask them to replace a new one

  Task 22

  About computer games. Children spend a lot of time playing computer games. many parents point out that computer games have little educationalvalue. so children should be prevented from computer games.

  Task 23

  Write a letter to complain the seating, the staffand the late about the local train service. to the manager and what is your advice.

  Task 24

  There are lots of difficulties for the new students at the first day in the high school/collegebecause they feel very alone. what are the difficulties they will face on the first day? what can the school and college do to solve these problems?

  Task 25

  举办一个家庭聚会邀请一个老朋友参加,告诉他为什么要举办party? 都有什么内容?为什么他的到来很重要?

  Task 26


  Task 27

  写信给restaurant要求一房间给朋友办birthday party,要求包括时间、人数要求等。

  Task 28

  Teengers spending too much time on watching tv affect their human relationship your opinion. 每周花40小时在television&video,而只有8小时在与家人交流上,有人说这影响了他们的能力。

  Task 29

  你发现电话帐单错了,写信给电话公司:1. 解释问题;2. 抱怨;3. 希望他们做什么。

  Task 30

  现在有很多二十岁以下的青年去上学或工作,你怎么看待sudden independence?

  Task 31

  You stay with a local family when you attendeda training program in new zerland. You returned to your home country in a hurry and found that you had left your laptopcomputer in the family. write a letter to the family, thanking them for their hospitality. Describe your computer and where it is and ask the host to send it back to you.

  Task 32

  Some say that it is good for children to stay away from their families and go to boarding school. Others say that children had better live with their families and attenda day school. What do you think about it?

  Task 33


  Task 34

  You have been to a place and your friend also will go to the same place, write a letter to your friend, discribe that place, give some advice.

  Task 35

  Do you think people do different jobs they should have different time holiday, are you agree or disagree, give your reason and explain. 公司里做不同工作的人有不同的假期,是不是所有的雇员应该有同样的假期,不管他们做什么工作。你的观点?给出原因并举例子。

  Task 36


  Task 37


  Task 38


  Task 39


  Task 40

  你到一个英语国家学习,住在租的房子,现在想搬到the college hall of resident,写信introduce yourself, explain your situation and why do you want to move.

  Task 41

  Some people say that children should spend their leisures time in edacational activeities. Some people believe it is danerous to put presure on children. Describe these two sides

  Task 42


  1. 说明你的工作内容和工作了多长时间;

  2. 解释所发生的问题;

  3. 提出你的解决要求。

  Task 43


  Task 44

  You'r going to london to take a trainingcourse for a month. pls write a letter to the local accomodation agencyto prepare a flat for u. u should tell him ur information, your requirement, when you would arrive.

  Task 45

  Today's parents spend too little time staying with their children and use television to make their children keep quiet.explain the reason and results by using ur relevant expierence.  

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