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The Departed《无间道风云》(精讲之六)(组图)

Billy: Freeze! Hands up!

  Colin: Hey! Hey! Hey! Put the fuckin" gun down! Put the gun,putthe gun down, all center? I came here to talk some senseintoyou.

  Billy: Hands!

  Colin: All center, just act professional. I can get youyourmoney. Just act-

  Billy: What did you say?

  Colin: I can get you your money.

  Billy: You didn"t come here to talk, center? You came here togetarrested.

  Colin: You"ve got fucking tapes... of what? Costello wasmyinformant! I was a rat? Fuck you, prove it! He was working forme,he was my informant.

  Billy: Shut your fuckin" mouth, c"mon. Get up!

  Colin: Whoa, what is this? A citizen"s arrest? Blow me,allcenter, only one of us is a cop here Bill, you understandthat,Bill? No one knows who are you!

  Billy: Would you shut the fuck up!

  Colin: I"m a sergeant of Massachusetts State Police, who thefuckare you? I erased you!

  Billy: You erased me, huh?

  Colin: Yeah, go ahead, shoot a cop, Einstein, watchwhathappens.

  Billy: What happen is this bullet go center to yourfuckin"head.

  Colin: Watch what happens?

  Billy: What? So you can"t get the de, huh? The bagpipesandbullshit? Fuck you, fuck you! I"m fuckin" arresting you!

  Colin: That"s the stupidest thing you could do!

  Billy: Shut the fuck up! I don"t give a fuck if the chargesdon"tstick, I"m still fuckin" arresting you. Get up!

  Brown: Drop your weapon and step away from Sergeant Sullivan!Icalled you! You specifically!

  Bolly: Look. You know who I am, I"m not going to shoot. I toldyouto meet me downstairs.

  Colin: Help, help, help.

  Brown: Put your weapon on the deck and step away fromSergeantSullivan!

  Billy: Where"s Dignam? I told you to bring Dignam!

  Colin: Shoot this motherfucker, would you fuckin" shoot?

  Brown: Drop your weapon to the floor and we"ll discuss it.

  Billy: Look he"s Costello"s rat! All center? I"ve got boxesoftapes, evidence, other documents proving it!

  Brown: Maybe you do. But center now I need you to droptheweapon.

  Billy: I told you I have evidence cold linking this pricktoCostello, center?

  Colin: Would you shoot this fucking prick?

  Billy: You know who I am. You know who I am. I"m taking himdown-I"m taking him downstairs now! You know who I am. Shut up.

  Colin: I can"t wait to see you explain this to a fuckin"SuffolkCounty jury, you fuckin" cocksucker. This is gonna befuckin" fun!Just fuckin" kill me. Just fuckin" kill me.

  Billy: I am killing you.

  Barrigan: Did you think you were the only one he had ontheinside? Costello was gonna sell us to the FBI. It"s you and menow.You understand? We gotta take care of each other, youunderstand?Here.

  Colin: I attempted to subdue trooper Barrigan, at which timehedrew down on me and I was able to squeeze off one shot andstruckhim in the head. At that time I immediately checked thevitals onboth troopers Brown and Costigan and discovered that theyhadexpired. I just wanna go on record. I"m recommendingWilliamCostigan for the Medal of Merit.


  1. Talk sense

  意思是"Speak rationally and coherently 理智连贯地讲话,说话有道理,讲道理",例如:Rantingand raving won"t help; it"s time we talk sense.

  2. rat

rat 作动词时还可以表示"告密、出卖"这一行为,例如:He ratted on hisbestfriend to the police.

  3. Blow

  这里的意思是"开枪射杀",常用的片语是Blow away,例如:The gang threatened to Blowawayanyone who talked to the police.

  4. give a fuck

  这里的 give a fuck 和我们在The Departed《无间道风云》(精讲之四)中讲的 give ashit的意思是一样的,都是表示"只在乎一点点",常用于否定,表示"一点都不在乎"。


   I"m a sergeant of Massachusetts State Police, whothefuck are you? I erased you!


  考考你 乘热打铁

  5. Can"t wait

  "等不及(要做某事)"的意思,例如:I can"t wait to see Papa.

  6. Suffolk County

  Boston 位于Suffolk County,是那里的首府。

  7. Squeeze off

  意思是"Fire a gun",例如:He squeezed off one shot after anotherbutdidn"t bring down a single crow.

  8. Go on record

  意思是"Embrace a position publicly 公开表明立场",例如: I want to go onrecordin favor of the mayor"s reelection.

  这个片语也写作"for the record",例如: For the record, we supportsendingtroops there.


  Federal Bureau Of Investigation 美国联邦调查局

  The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) isthenation"s primary federal investigative service. Astheinvestigative arm of the Department of Justice, FBI was createdin1908 by Attorney General Charles J. Bonaparte over theinitialopposition of Congress who feared political abuse of suchpowers.
The mission of the FBI is to uphold and enforce federalcriminallaws, aid international, state, and local police andinvestigativeservices when appropriate, and to protect the UnitedStates againstterrorism and threats to national interests.

  The FBI employs nearly 30,000 men and women, including12,000special agents. The organization, headquartered inWashington,D.C., is field-oriented, maintaining a network of 56domestic fieldoffices, 45 foreign posts, and 400 satellite offices(residentagencies). The agency relies on both foreign anddomesticintelligence information, to aid its anti-terroroperations. As alaw enforcement authority, the FBI only hasjurisdiction ininterstate, or federal, crimes.

  During and after World War I, the FBI investigateddraftresisters, violators of the Espionage Act of 1917, andalienresidents suspected of radicalism. This kind of surveillancemarkeda shift away from criminal investigations towardindividualsthought to be domestic security threats, a groupincluding suchdiverse figures as Jane Addams and Fiorello LaGuardia. Such misuseof the FBI"s powers led to reorganization in1924. The bureaureceived orders not to engage in wiretapping or toinvestigate thepolitical activities of individuals. J. EdgarHoover, appointeddirector, professionalized the bureau, placingappointments andpromotions on a merit basis and developing newcrime-fightingtechniques.

  Despite the ban on political surveillance, World War II andthecold war prompted a wide expansion of securityinvestigations.Under the guise of national security the FBI amassedoverthirty-five thousand linear feet of files on individualcitizens.Following the death of Hoover and the Watergate scandal inwhich itwas involved, Congress and the attorney general againissuedguidelines designed to prevent such abuse. In the late 1970stheFBI shifted its investigations toward organized andwhite-collarcrime.


   I"m a sergeant of Massachusetts State Police, whothefuck are you?I erased you!

  文化面面观 Federal Bureau OfInvestigation美国联邦调查局





《无间道》讲的是魔由心生,而《The Departed》讲的是America was bornin the streets.







  "When I was your age, they would say you could becomecopsorcriminals. What I"m saying is this: When you"re facingaloadedgun, what"s the difference?"

  --《The Departed》



  1. 我希望你能和你的儿子讲讲理。


  The Departed《无间道风云》(精讲之五)考考你 参考答案

  1. 保安查了每个看起来在30岁以下人的身份证。

  The security guard ID"ed everyone who looked younger than 30.

  2. 爸爸对歌剧一无所知,他看不出来它有什么好的。

  Dad has a blind spot about opera; he can"t see anythinggoodaboutit.

  3. 她忽然想到他可能迷路了。

  It passed through her mind that he might have gotten lost.

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