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A Walk in the Clouds《云中漫步》(精讲之一)(组图)

Paul: Betty?

  Man"s voice: I prefer to dine at home alone.

  Betty: Paul? Paul!

  Paul: When I didn"t see you on the dock I thought--

  Betty: I didn"t know you were coming today.

  Paul: Didn"t you get my letters?

  Betty: Oh, oh Paul, I started to read them, I did, but afterthefirst few, I just couldn"t bear to hear about all that fightingandthe killing.

  Paul: I wrote you almost every day.

  Betty: I know. And I kept them. Look. See? Oh, Paul, eventhethought of you in all that danger, it was just too much. I knewifI got them, you were still alive. That"s all that Icaredabout-that, that you were alive...safe. That"s all thatwasimportant to me. Can you forgive me?

  Paul: Yeah, sure.

  Betty: I wrote to you. You got those, center?

  Paul: Got a few.

  Betty: I told you I wasn"t a big writer.

  Man"s voice: I quite agree the distinction is dubious.Don"tyou?

  Betty: It"s a course I"m taking. Self-improvement. Hisname"sArmistead. He makes tons of money. The whole country"s makingmoneyhand over fist. You"ve been away, out of touch. You don"tknow, butyou will. I went to see Mr. Sweeney and make sure he heldyour job,like he promised. He said you could start the day you gotback."Rarely cared, just make sure you wear your uniform," he said.Whocould resist a war hero? Of course I negotiated a raise.

  Paul: Betty, I... I don"t want to go back tosellingchocolate.

  Betty: You"ve got something better.

  Paul: No...I don"t. But, you know...in the war, I had timetothink about what"s important, about what I want out of life forme,for us. I wrote you all this in the letters.

  Betty: Are we back to those old letters again? You want me toreadthe letters?

  Paul: No. It"s just you"d understand what I"m feeling, whatIwant.


  1. hand over fist


  He owns a chain of restaurants and makes money hand overfist.

  He"s making money hand over fist.

  2. out of touch

  本意是指"中断联系",这里引申为"不知道现在的情况"。我们来看个例子:John and Mark have been outoftouch for years.

  That speech showed he"s out of touch with his constituency.

  此外,out of touch 还表示"不表同情,和…不一致",例如:Older people sometimes seemoutof touch with the modern world.

  3. Hold one"s job

  Hold 这个词在此处的意思是"保留,保有"的意思,就是Mr. Sweeney 为Paul保留他的工作。此外,hold还表示"担任职务或拥有权力",例如:He held the governorship for sixyears.

  那如果说"有(工作)"要怎么表达呢?除了常用的have 之外,还可以说 hold down,例如:Paul holdsdowntwo jobs.


  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之一)

  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之二)

  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之三)

  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之四)

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  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之六)


   影片对白 But, you know...in the war, I had time tothinkabout what"s important, about what I want out of life for me,forus.


  A Walk in the Clouds :漫步在云中

Reeves plays Paul Sutton, an American G.I. returning toSanFrancisco after the war"s end in 1945 to a war bride(DebraMessing) he hardly knows. While on a train to Sacramento, hemeetsVictoria Aragon (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), aMexican-Americanliterature student headed home to the familyvineyard in the NapaValley for the grape harvest. But Victoria hasa problem: she ispregnant, unmarried, and fearful of the reactionof her verytraditional father Alberto (Giancarlo Giannini). In aneffort tohelp, Paul offers to pose as Victoria"s husband for onenight, thenmake a quick departure, providing a cover story for thepregnancy.Though Alberto makes Paul"s life miserable, Paul finds itharder toleave than he expected, as he is drawn both to Victoriaand to thesense of family he never had.

  A Walk in the Clouds falls somewhere in the territory of afilmlike Legends of the Fall. Giancarlo Giannini is also quite goodasthe stubborn Alberto, who uses his sharp tongue to asserthimself.The one thing A Walk in the Clouds has all over Legends ofthe Fallis that it doesn"t take itself nearly as seriously. AnthonyQuinn,as Aragon patriarch Don Pedro, hams it up almost as much asAnthonyHopkins did in Legends, but he knows it, and turns Don Pedrointo agrand epicure who teaches Paul some amusing lessons. There isawonderful sequence highlighting the war of wills between PaulandAlberto when the two men race each other to fill baskets ofgrapesduring the harvest.

  All this A Walk in the Clouds has going for it, yet it comesupsurprisingly short as a love story, and it"s not all Reeves"fault.His character is a nice guy with simple dreams, and thatspellsboring unless the actor involved can provide some shadings.Thereare times when Reeves delivers a line like "She is like theair tome" as though he were reading it off a cue card for the firsttime,and you just want to grab him around the neck in awell-intentionedbut ultimately futile effort to wring someintonation out of hisvoice. Aitana Sanchez-Gijon is lovely, butthere"s not muchinteresting about her either, which presents thedilemma of aromance that"s often hard to care much about. A Walk inthe Cloudsmay not be the best romance around, but it has enoughstyle andspark to cast its own unique spell.



  1.The whole country"s making money hand over fist. You"vebeenaway, out of touch. You don"t know, but you will.

  2. In the war, I had time to think about what"s important,aboutwhat I want out of life for me, for us.

  《哈利·波特与密室》(精讲之三)考考你 参考答案


  Dad had a real knack for making someone cheerful, but he"slosthis touch.


  I think we stand a fair chance of seeing the Queen arriveatBuckingham Palace.


  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之一)

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  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之五)

  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之六)

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