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The Queen《女王》(精讲之五)(组图)

Man: Normally, it is a happy occasion when they arrive here,andnormally, when they"re out the front, on days like TroopingtheColour, VE Day or VJ Day. This is a tragic occasion.

  Woman: Looks that the Queen is about... she is. She is gettingoutof the car. While she"s getting talk to people.

  Man: It"s extreme unusual. This is, this is almostunprecedented.I think, perhaps the last time the Queen was amongher peopleoutside the palace was, was the day the war in Europeended.

  Woman: It"s really as if the public and the royal family,themonarchy, have had a bit of a quarrel this week and now it"sbeinghealed in some measure.

  Man: Like a family spat, not unlike the spats theyacknowledgedwith Diana. I mean, Jenny is quite center to say thatwhatever theprofessional ups and downs between the Queen andthePrincess...

  Alastair: They sent a copy of the Queen"s speech. You mightwantto scrape the frost off it first.

  Man: I think the queen was very generous in recognizing thatheroldest son wasn"t the easiest chap to be married to.

  Alastair: I"ve made a couple of suggestions to make it soundlikeit came from a human being.

  Tony: Yeah, all center.

  Alastair: Well this old bat finally agreed to visitDiana"scoffin.

  Tony: You know when you get it wrong, you really get itwrong.That woman has given her whole life in service to her people,50years doing a job she never wanted, a job she watched killherfather. She"s executed it with honour, dignity, and as far as Icantell, without a single blemish, and now, we"re all baying forherblood! All because she"s struggling to lead the world inmourningfor someone who, who threw everything she offered back inher face,and who, for the least few years, seemed committed 24-7 todestroyeverything she holds most dear!

  Man: We cross, now, live, to Buckingham Palace for theQueen"stribute to Princess Diana.

  Elizabeth: Since last Sunday"s dreadful news, we haveseen,throughout Britain and around the world, an overwhelmingexpressionof sadness at Diana"s death. We have all been trying, inourdifferent ways, to cope. It is not easy to express a sense ofloss,since the initial shock is often succeeded by a mixture ofotherfeelings, disbelief, incomprehension, anger and concern forthosewho remain. We have all felt those emotions in these last fewdays,so what I say to you now, as your Queen, and as a grandmother,Isay from my heart.

  Cherie: Heart? What heart? She doesn"t mean a word of this.

  Tony: That"s not the point. What she"s doing isextraordinary.

  Elizabeth: ...in good times and bad, she never lost...

  Tony: That"s how to survive.

  Cherie: Listen to you. A week ago, you were the greatmoderniser,making speeches about the people"s princess. Now you"vegone weakat the knees.

  Tony: Ssh.

  Elizabeth: ...and for her devotion to her two boys.

  Cherie: I don"t know why I"m so surprised. At the end of theday,all Labour prime ministers go gaga for the Queen.

  Tony: What?

  Elizabeth: Millions of others who never met her, but felttheyknew her, will remr her. I, for one, believe there are lessonstobe drawn from her life, and from the extraordinary andmovingreaction to her death. I share in your determination tocherish hermemory. I hope that, tomorrow, we can all, wherever weare, join inexpressing our grief at Diana"s loss and gratitude forherall-too-short life. May those who died rest in peace, and maywe,each and every one of us, thank God for someone who made many,manypeople happy.


  1. VE Day

  Short for Victory in Europe Day, May 8, 1945, the day on whichtheAllies announced the surrender of German forces in Europe.

  2. VJ Day

  Short for Victory over Japan Day, August 14

  3. ups and downs

  这个片语大家应该都不陌生,它的意思是"Good times and bad times, successesandfailures 盛衰,沉浮,成败,好坏"等,例如:We"ve had our ups and downs butthingsare going fairly well now.

  4. Throw something in someone"s face

  意为"Confront or upbraid someone with something以……和某人对抗,责备某人",例如:Dean keeps throwing her poor driving record inher sister"sface.


   We have all felt those emotions in these last fewdays,so what I say to you now, as your Queen, and as a grandmother,Isay from my heart.

  考考你 乘热打铁

  5. 24-7


  6. Go weak at the knees

  口语,意为"To be overcome by emotion",例如:This film makes me go weakatthe knees.


  7. At the end of the day

  "At the end of day"在这里是个非正式的口语表达,it is something that yousaybefore you say what you believe to be the most important fact ofasituation(在话已说尽,事情已做完的时候),类似于汉语中"说到底,到头来"。例如:Sure we missedourbest player but at the end of the day, John, we just didn"tplaywell enough to win the game.

  此外,at the end of the day 还可以表示"finally",例如:We interviewedmanypeople for the job, but at the end of the day, we didn"t thinkanyof them could handle it.


  皇家军队阅兵 & 戴安娜的葬礼

  Trooping the Colour 皇家军队阅兵

  Elizabeth II riding to Trooping the Colour for the last timein1986. Since then, she has travelled in a phaeton carriage.

  Elizabeth II riding to Trooping the Colour for the last timein1986. Since then, she has travelled in a phaetoncarriage.Troopingthe Colour is a military pageant or ceremonyperformed by regimentsof the Commonwealth and the British Army. Ithas been a traditionof British infantry regiments for centuries andit was firstperformed during the reign of Charles II.

  On battlefields, a regiment"s colours, or flags, were usedasrallying points. Consequently, regiments would have theirEnsignsslowly march with their colours between the soldiers" ranksso thatthey would recognize what their regiments" colours lookedlike.

  The importance of the colours was not confined to controlduringbattle. They represented a regiment"s direct link and servicetothe sovereign, as well as to the fallen soldiers and officersofthat regiment. Its loss, or the capture of an enemy colour,wererespectively considered the greatest shame, or the greatestgloryavailable on a battlefield. As such, regimental coloursarevenerated and paid the highest compliments by officers andsoldiersof all ranks, second only to the Sovereign.

  Only battalions of Infantry Regiments of the Line carryColours.the Royal Artillery"s colours are their guns. RifleRegiments didnot form a Line and thus never carried Colours. TheirBattlehonours are carried on their drums.

  Trooping the Colours is an old ceremony whereby thebattalionwould fall in by Companies and the colour-party would"troop" ormarch the Colours through the ranks so that every manwould seethat the Colours were intact. This was done before andafter everybattle. This ceremony has been retained through time andis todaylargely ceremonial.
  Trooping of colour, June 17, 2006.

  Trooping of colour, June 17, 2006.In the United Kingdom,Troopingthe Colour has become closely identified with the Queen"sOfficialBirthday, and is also known as the Queen"s Birthday de. Ithasmarked the official birthday of the Sovereign since 1748, andhasoccurred annually since 1820 (except in bad weather, periodsofmourning and other exceptional circumstances). Edward VIImovedTrooping the Colour to its June date, because of the vagariesofBritish weather.

  Trooping the Colour allows the Household Division - FootGuardsand Household Cavalry - and King"s Troop to pay a personaltributeto the Sovereign with great pomp and pageantry. CrowdsatBuckingham Palace, around the Victoria Memorial and lining TheMall(London) listen to the military bands before and aftertheceremony. Events at Buckingham Palace after the Queen"sreturninclude another march past, a 41-gun salute in the adjacentGreenPark, and a flypast by the Royal Air Force. This is followedby theusual daily Changing of the Guard.

  The Queen has attended Trooping the Colour in every year ofherreign except when prevented by a rail strike in 1955. She wasoncefired at on her way to the ceremony by a lone assailant. Her80thbirthday in 2006 was marked by an extended flypast and a feudejoie.


   We have all felt those emotions in these last fewdays,so what I say to you now, as your Queen, and as a grandmother,Isay from my heart.

  文化面面观 皇家军队阅兵 & 戴安娜的葬礼


  More than one million people lined the streets of London tosaygoodbye to Princess Diana at her funeral. A further 2.5billionpeople worldwide watched the Princess Diana funeral ontelevision.
Princess Diana"s funeral began at 11 a.m. The Princess Dianafuneralwas held at Westminster Abbey and was attended by wellknowndignitaries, celebrities, royalty, the rich and the poor.

  The service was broadcast over a public address systemlinkedthroughout the city. Tens of thousands of people gathered inHydePark to watch the service on huge television screens.

  Princess Diana"s coffin was draped with the RoyalStarndard-TheWindsor Family Flag, and covered with white lilliesand a floralarrangement.

  There was a card with just one word written on it-"Mummy".Beforeher casket was carried out of the Abbey the nation paused foroneminutes silence.

  The coffin was borne on a horse drawn carraige. An honour gaurdofBritish soldiers served as pallbearers for PrincessDiana`sfuneral.

  Princess Diana"s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry,herbrother, Prince Charles and the Queens husband, Philipwalkedbehind the coffin for the last mile. Mourners stood insilence,others tossed flowers or cried during the funeral ofPrincessDiana.



  With business closed, Heathrow airport traffic held up,thecountry came to a standstill as the bells of the Abbey rangforDiana. Princess Diana"s body was taken to her family"scountryestate where she was buried on an island within theestate.




  1. 人生有得意时也有失意时。

  2. 每当谈到我开车违章判罪问题时,我妻子忍不住要以此事当面责备我。

  3. 说到底,你的安全才是至关重要的。

  The Queen《女王》(精讲之四)考考你 参考答案

  1. Well, my advisors have been taking the temperature amongpeopleon the streets, and..., the information I"m getting is thatthe moodis quite delicate.


  2. I doubt there is anyone who knows the British people morethanI do, Mr Blair, nor who has greater faith in their wisdomandjudgment.


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