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Norrington: Keep your guns on him, men. Gillette, fetch someirons.Well, well... Jack Sparrow, isnt it?

  Jack: CapTain Jack Sparrow, if you please, sir.

  Norrington: Well, I don"t see your ship...CapTain?

  Jack: I"m in the market as it were.

  Private1: He said he"d come to commandeer one.

  Private2: Told ya he was telling the truth. These arehis,sir.

  Norrington: No additional shots nor powder. A compass thatdoesntpoint north. And I half expected it to be made of wood. Youare,without doubt, the worst pirate I"ve ever heard of.

  Jack: But you have heard of me.

  Elizabeth: Commodore, I really must protest.

  Norrington: Carefully Lieutenant.

  Elizabeth: Pirate or not this man saved my life.

  Norrington: One good deed is not enough to redeem a man ofalifetime of wickedness.

  Jack: Though it seems enough to condemn him.

  Norrington: Indeed.

  Jack: Finally.

  Gov. Swann: No, no! Don"t shoot!

  Jack: I knew you"d warm up to me. Commodore Norrington,myeffects, please. And my hat. Commodore! Elizabeth, it isElizabeth,isn"t it?

  Elizabeth: It"s Miss Swann.

  Jack: Miss Swann, if you"d be so kind. Come, come, dear, wedon"thave all day. Now if you"ll be very kind. Easy on thegoods,darling.

  Elizabeth: You"re despicable.

  Jack: Sticks and stones, love. I saved your life, you savedmine,we"re square. Gentlemen, milady. You will always remr this astheday that you almost caught...CapiTan Jack Sparrow.

  Will: You"re the one they"re hunting. The pirate.

  Jack: You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatenedyoubefore?

  Will: I make a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates.

  Jack: Ah. Well, then it would be a shame to put a black markonyour record. So, if you"ll excuse me. Do you think this wise,boy,crossing blades with a pirate?

  Will:You threatened Miss Swann.

  Jack: Only a little. You know what you"re doing, I"ll giveyouthat. Excellent form. But how"s your footwork? If Istephere...Very good. Now I step again. Ta.


  1. in the market

  这里 Jack Sparrow 的意思是说他一直想有一条,而且以前他也有一条船(the Black Pearl)。
inthemarket 意为"Wanting to possess, eager tohave,seeking",表示想拥有的东西时,用for 接名词表示,例如:The crowd was in the marketformore enterTainment.

  2. Half expect

  Half expect 基本上是表示一种否定,和说话人所设想的情况的否定,例如:And I half expected ittobe made of wood. 我还以为它(剑)是木头的呢。

  3. warm up to

  Warm up 通常指在体育运动前的热身,但在这里的意思为"Become friendlier or morereceptivetoward",例如:I had a hard time warming up to mymother-in-law.


   Gentlemen, milady. You will always remr this as thedaythat you almost caught...Capitan Jack Sparrow.


  考考你 现学现卖

  4. Sticks and stones.


  这是一句很长的英文句子的开头,原话是这样的:Stick and stone may break my bones,butnames will never hurtme.意思是:石头和棍子能打断我的骨头,可是你的话一点也伤不到我。注意这里这个names的意思可不是名字。我们知道英语中骂人是callnames,这句话中的names就是取“骂人的恶语”的意思。

  5. Make a point of

  意为"Treat something as important or essential",例如:She made apointof thanking everyone in the department for their efforts.

  6. Ta



  The history of piracy 海盗们的“光荣”历史

  The flag of 18th-century pirate Calico Jack

  Because it is often the result of failure or laxity inpatrollingsea routes, piracy flourished in times of unrest, or whennaviesordinarily protecting commerce were engaged in war. Piratesfoundtheir most suitable base of operations in an archipelagothatoffered shelter together with proximity to trade routes.Piratespreyed upon Phoenician and Greek commerce and were so activein the1st cent. B.C. that Rome itself was almost starved bytheirinterception of the grain convoys.

  Pompey swept piracy from the Mediterranean, but with thedeclineof the Roman Empire it revived there and was prevalent untilmoderntimes. Muslim pirates infested the W Mediterranean; theVenetians,who ostensibly policed the E Mediterranean, preyed uponthemaritime trade of rival cities; and the Barbary States got muchoftheir revenue from piracy. In the North, the Vikings harassedthecommerce of the Baltic Sea and the English Channel. Emerging inthe13th cent., the Hanseatic League succeeded in curbing the piracyofits era.

  New trade routes opened during the Renaissance, e.g., theshipmentof precious metals from the Spanish colonies, the richtrade withthe East, and the development of the slave trade, thatmade piracyespecially lucrative. At this period no great stigmawas attached topiracy because maritime law had not beensystematized. This fact,together with the increasing colonialrivalry of the powers, ledstates to countenance those pirates whopromoted the national causeby attacking the commerce of rivalnations. With the tacit approvalof the provincial authorities, theWest Indies became a pirates"rendezvous, and the Englishbuccaneers of the Spanish Main in the17th and 18th cent., whodespoiled the Spanish treasure armadas andpillagedSpanish-American coast settlements, returned to England todividetheir spoils with the crown and to receive the royalpardon.


   影片对白 Gentlemen, milady. You will always remr this astheday that you almost caught...Capitan Jack Sparrow.

  文化面面观 The history of piracy 海盗们的“光荣”历史

  This image shows many of the characteristics commonlyassociatedwith a stereotypical pirate in popular culture, such as aparrot,peg leg, and eye patch.

  The development of national navies caused the decline ofpiracy.Beginning in 1803, the United States endeavored to crushthecorsairs of Tripoli. In 1815 and 1816 the United States,theNetherlands, and Great Britain wiped out the Barbary pirates,whohad exacted tribute under the threat of capturing shipsandimprisoning their crews. In 1816, Great Britain and theUnitedStates began operations against pirates in the WestIndies,particularly those on the Cuban coast, and in 1824 theUnitedStates sent David Porter to complete the task. The power ofthepirates along the Straits of Malacca and the China seas wasbrokenafter the Opium Wars in the late 19th cent. During theSpanishCivil War the major powers agreed (1937) at the NyonConference onan antipiracy pact after mysterious attacks onmerchant ships inthe Mediterranean. Small-scale piracy persists insome waters,particularly in Indonesia and SE and S Asia, in the RedSea and offthe Horn of Africa, off the Gulf of Guinea coast, andoffEcuador.





  1. 我确定他想再买一辆车。

  2. 不管怎么努力,我就是接受不了那个提议。

  《加勒比海盗》1(精讲之一)考考你 参考答案

  1. Jan welcomed the chance to speak her mind about abortion.


  2. In recent months, the several parents who had giventheirchildren an ultimatum have thrown the anxieties andfrustrations ofparenting into sharp reliefs.


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