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The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之四)(组图)

Andy: Hi.

  Nigel: Hi. All center. Turn around, darling.

  Andy: Oh, I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. The pieceiscalled "urban jungle", center?

  Nigel: Yes, the modern woman unleashes the animal within totakeon the big city. Good. Go. Sometimes I can"t believe I talkaboutthis crap all day. Bobby, come here.

  Andy: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

  Nigel: Let me see. Make sure Miranda gets these as soonaspossible.

  Andy: Mm-hmm.

  Nigel: And tell her I switched in the Dior for the Rocha.

  Andy: Oh, great. Can"t wait.

  Nigel: Excuse me. Can we adjust the attitude?

  Andy: I"m sorry.

  Nigel: Don"t make me feed you to one of the models.

  Andy: Sorry. It"s a busy day. My personal life is hanging byathread, that"s all.

  Nigel: Oh, join the club. That"s what happens when you startdoingwell at work, darling. Let me know when your whole life goesup insmoke. That means it"s time for a promotion.


  1. take on

  take on


  1) Undertake or begin to deal with,例如:I took onnewresponsibilities.

  2) Hire, engage,例如:We take on extra workers during thebusyseason.

  3) Oppose in competition,例如:This young wrestler was willingtotake on all comers.

  4) Acquire as, or as if, one"s own, 例如:He took on the look ofaprosperous banker.

  5) Display strong emotion, 例如:Don"t take on so.

  在本段中,take on使用的是第三种意思,意思是"这套时装设计是表示现代女性们用野性来对抗城市的禁锢"。

  2. Hang by a thread

  这个片语也写作hang by a hair,意思是"depend on a small thing or beatrisk",例如:

  His life now hangs by a thread. 他命悬一线。

  这个表达来自一个关于Damocles的传说。Damocles是Syracuse国王Dionysius的一个大臣。国王厌烦了Damocles的阿谀奉承,邀请他前来赴宴,并让他坐在仅用一根头发悬吊的利剑下面,来警示他所处地位的危险。Damocles"sword也成为一个表达,表示"即将到来的危险",例如:The likelihood of lay-offs has been aswordof Damocles over the department formonths.部门可能要裁员的消息让这几个月来每个人都提心吊胆。


   Oh, join the club. That"s what happens when youstartdoing well at work, darling. Let me know when your whole lifegoesup in smoke. That means it"s time for a promotion.

  我观之我见 工作上变得顺利的Andy在感情和亲情上却开始遭遇危机……

  考考你 一展身手

  3. go up in smoke

  想象一下,如果一个东西go up in smoke 会怎么样呢?这个东西就被完全毁坏了。Go up insmoke的意思就是"To be utterly destroyed (by fire)",它既指某物被火完全毁坏,例如:Thewholehouse went up in smoke. 也可以引申为"某事被彻底破坏",例如:All his plans havegoneup in smoke.

  这个表达也写做go up in flames。


  时装设计师 Christian Dior 和 John Rocha

  1. Christian Dior
Christian Dior (1905-1957) was a fashion designer who changedthelook of women"s clothing and gave the post-World War IIFrenchfashion industry a new feminine look.

  Christian Dior

  , son of a wealthy Norman manufacturer of chemicalsandfertilizer, wanted to be an architect, but his family insistedheenter the diplomatic service. He prepared for a diplomaticcareerat the Ecole des Sciences Politiques but abandoned diplomacyin1928 and became an art dealer. Illness forced him to give upthatbusiness in 1934, and when he returned to Paris a year later,itwas as a fashion illustrator - first of hats, later ofdresses.

  "The New Look"

  In 1946, when World War II cloth rationing was lifted, Dioropenedhis own salon. In the spring of 1947 the success of hisfirstcollection, called the "New Look," propelled him to the topof theFrench fashion industry. His idealized, ultrafemininesilhouettefeatured tiny waists; long, full skirts; padded busts;and roundedshoulders. Everything was made exquisitely of the bestmaterialsavailable. The New Look changed the shape of women"sclothing andlifted the French fashion industry out of thedoldrums. For thisfeat a grateful French government awarded himthe Legion ofHonor.

  Subsequent Designs

  His successive collections (including the "H-Line" in 1954 andthe"A-Line" in 1955) continued to be popular, and throughout the1950sthe fashion world looked to Paris and Dior for inspirationandstyle. He expanded his company into eight firms andsixteenassociate firms in twenty-four countries, reportedlygrossing some$20 million a year. His Dior label went on jewelry,scarves, men"sties, furs, stockings, gloves, and ready-to-wearclothing.

  After his death the House of Dior continued under otherdesigners,including his protégé Yves St. Laurent until 1960, thenMarcBohan.

  2. John Rocha
John Rocha (born 23 August 1953, Hong Kong) is an Irishfashiondesigner of Chinese and Portuguese descent. He moved toIrelandafter he graduated from the Croydon School of Art,London.

  Know for his hand-crafting, beading and apliquée togarments,Rocha first established a name for with his Chinatownlabel inDublin in the 1980s. In 1993 he was named British Designerof theYear at the British Fashion Awards.

  He currently runs his own "John Rocha", "John Rocha Jeans","RochaJohn Rocha" and "John Rocha Jewellery" labels alongside adiffusionclothing, homewear and accessories label for Debenhams.Rocha alsodesigned the interior of the Morrison Hotel inDublin.


   Oh, join the club. That"s what happens when youstartdoing well at work, darling. Let me know when your whole lifegoesup in smoke. That means it"s time for a promotion.

  文化面面观 时装设计师 Christian Dior 和 John Rocha

  工作上变得顺利的Andy在感情和亲情上却开始遭遇危机。为了给Miranda找到飞机,Andy不能陪爸爸享受一顿晚餐;为了Miranda的party,Andy要研究到会的客人而不能为自己的男友庆祝生日……为了做好工作,Andy牺牲了太多,她的生活开始遭遇危机。有可能事业和生活两全其美吗?对很多事业女性来说,这是一个不可能实现的目标,她们只能舍弃一个。就像Nigel所说的那样:That"swhathappens when you start doing well at work, darling. Let meknow whenyour whole lifegoes up in smoke. That means it"s time forapromotion.




  2. 我要和你较量一下网球。



  The devil wears Prada《时尚女魔头》(精讲之三)考考你参考答案

  1. 我把你设成呼叫保持以便接另一个电话。

  I"m putting you on hold to answer another call.

  2. --你到底感不感兴趣啊?

  Are you at all interested?


  No, not at all.

  3. 比尔决定先到那里,先采取行动。

  Bill determined to get there first and beat everyone else tothepunch.

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