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Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之八)(组图)

T-bag: Been doing a little, uh, thinking. I"m gonna need a PIcard,aren"t I? I mean that"s where this whole thing is happening,isn"tit?

  Abruzzi: It"s on its way.

  T-bag: You"re slow-walking me, aren"t you?

  Abruzzi: Why would I do such a thing?

  T-bag: You think Bellick"s gonna pop me for shanking thatC.O.Bob. Maybe you"ll take a little walk and tell him foryourself,center? Then, I"ll be out of your hair for good. Well, Igot newsfor you. If I go down for killing Bob, believe me, I"mgonna take alittle walk of my own. Tell them about that hole yougot behindyour toilet. So... how about that PI card?

  L.J.: I don"t know if you remr, but that summer beforefifthgrade, when I stayed with you a couple weeks, and you thoughtIbroke your glass coffee table...

  Lincoln: Uh-huh.

  L.J.: And when you came home, I denied it. But you told meyoucould care less about the coffee table. You just didn"t wantmelying to you. And you said I"d feel a lot better if I just toldyouthe truth. And you promised not to be angry.

  Lincoln: I remr.

  L.J.: Well, I broke it.

  Lincoln: I know.

  L.J.: You know, if there"s anything that you want to get offyourchest, you can tell me. And I promise I won"t get angry.

  C.O.: What the hell are you doing here?

  Abruzzi: Clean up detail.

  Michael: We thought this was storage.

  C.O.: This look like storage to you, you idiot? It"s arestrictedarea! It"s the C.O."s break room. Now back it up! Back itup,now!

  Abruzzi: Sorry. Won"t happen again.

  Sucre: Frickin" break room. Are you kidding me?

  Michael: They must have changed it since the retrofit.

  Sucre: The bulls are camped out in there. They"ll neverleave.

  Abruzzi: You got a backup plan?

  Michael: There isn"t one. It"s the only room sitting on topofthat pipe. It"s the only way out, and we"ve gotta get backinthere.

  Michael: That"s impossible, Fish.

  Lincoln: Maybe not. Check it out.

  Sucre: I don"t get it. How come they let him to theguard"sroom?

  Lincoln: He"s a trustee, ones with a high security clearance.

  Sucre: Why him?

  Lincoln: He can be trusted.

  Michael: How does one become a trustee?

  Lincoln: Just have a spotless record for the last 30 years.

  Sucre: Pretty much count"s all of us out.

  Michael: Which means we"ve gotta get him on board.

  Lincoln: Forget it. The guy"s a Boy Scout.

  Michael: Mr. Westmoreland?

  Westmoreland: Hey, Michael.

  Michael: Have you found your cat yet?

  Westmoreland: Still M.I.A.

  Michael: You can always get another.

  Westmoreland: I don"t want another. Besides, it"s a mootpoint.She was grandfathered. Once she"s gone, no more pets.

  Michael: Wouldn"t be an issue if you were on the outside.

  Westmoreland: Still tugging on that leash, eh?

  Michael: Yup. And this is the part where I extend aformalinvitation.


  1. Out of one"s hair

  想要了解这个片语,我们需要先看另一个片语:be in one"s hair,它的意思是“烦扰某人”,例如:Shewasconstantly in my hair, overseeing everything I did.

  作为in one"s hair的反义词,out of one"shair的意思就是“不再烦扰某人”,这个片语通常用于命令语气的祈使句,例如:Get out of my hair!

  2. Get off one"s chest

  意思就是“Relieve one"s mind by confessing or saying something thathasbeen repressed”,例如: I"ve got to get this off my chest--I can"tstandhis parents.


   And this is the part where I extend aformalinvitation.

  幽默时刻 Prison Break 之幽默中文译名大比拼

  考考你 一展身手

  3. On board

  这个短语通常的意思是“在车/船或其它交通工具上”,在这里的意思是“成为某一组织/队伍的成员”,例如:If we wanttowin the game, we must get Jack on board.

  4. Boy Scout

  Boy Scout 有两种意思,一是指 BoyScouts这个组织的成员,另一个意思是“天真、幼稚的人”,这是它的俚语用法。

  5. M.I.A.

  “Missing in action”的首字母缩略写法。


  世界上规模最大的青少年运动--童子军(the Scouts)

  The logo of BSA



  Boy Scouts 男童军

  BSA "Strategic Plan Identity" emblem

  Boy Scouts, organization of boys 11 to 17 years old,founded(1907) in Great Britain by Sir Robert (later Lord)Baden-Powell. Itwas incorporated in 1910 in the United States,where its appearancewas connected with earlier organizations-theSons of Daniel Boone,organized by Daniel Carter Beard, and theWoodcraft Indians,organized by Ernest Thompson Seton. In the UnitedStates, James E.West was chief scout during the organization"searly years(1911-43). The movement spread throughout most of theworld, withthe organization and program basically the same in everycountry.Worldwide mrship is estimated at 25 million. Thefirstinternational gathering of Boy Scouts, called a jamboree, washeldin London in 1920. The Scouts are intended to be nonmilitaryandwithout racial, religious, political, or class distinctions.TheSupreme Court affirmed the organization"s center to limit mrshiptothose who believe in God in 1993 and its center toexcludehomosexuals in 2000, a policy that has been controversial insomeareas. Activities of the Boy Scouts aim at mental, moral,andphysical development, stressing outdoor skills and trainingincitizenship and lifesaving. The basic scout unit is a troopofabout 15 boys, under the leadership of an adultscoutmaster.Adjunct programs of the Boy Scouts include boys andyoung men 7 to20 years old.

  Girl Scout 女童军

The logo of GSUSA

  Girl Scouts, recreational and service organization founded(1912)in Savannah, Ga., by Mrs. Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927). Itwasoriginally modeled after the Boy Scouts and GirlGuides,organizations created in Great Britain by Sir RobertBaden-Powellduring the early 20th cent. The mrship is divided intofive agegroups-Daisies (5 to 6), Brownies (6 to 8), Junior GirlScouts (8to 11), Cadette Girl Scouts (11 to 14), and Senior GirlScouts (14to 17). Girls of every race, creed, color, nationalorigin, andeconomic group are eligible. Good citizenship andservice arestressed in their activities, which focus on such fieldsasscience, math, technology, physical fitness, the arts, andtheoutdoors. There are some 3.5 million scouts and adult volunteersinthe United States. The World Association of Girl Guides andGirlScouts (founded 1928) serves as the international federationforthe organizations of 136 countries.


   And this is the part where I extend aformalinvitation.

  文化面面观 世界上规模最大的青少年运动--童子军(the Scouts)


  Prison Break 之幽默中文译名大比拼

  有传言说央视要引进 Prison Break,于是网上惊现各种版本的中文译名,小编摘录了一些有代表性的版本,博大家一笑。






















































  《纹身 纸鹤和狱》















  1. 爸爸在工作,孩子们则在给他捣乱。

  2. 他承认他拿了钱,并且说很高兴把这事说出来。

  Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之七)考考你 参考答案

  1. 薪水可能不高,但不管怎样这也是份工作。

  It may not pay well, but at any rate it"s a job.

  2. 烈酒走私者得到风声说将对他们开展搜捕。

  The moonshiners had been tipped off that they were about toberaided.

  3. 泰德因为丢了行李而当众吵闹。

  Ted made a scene over losing his luggage.

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