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Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之七)(组图)

Tom: Wow, honey, look, this place looks spotless!

  Lynette: Thanks.

  Tom: Listen, I have come up with this killer idea for theSpotlessScrub campaign.

  Lynette: Great! You wanna run it by me?

  Tom: No. I"m good. But, thanks.

  Lynette: Okay.

  Tom: Well, that"s the thing. You know how whenever I pitch intheboardroom at work, how Kennesey always tears my ideas down infrontof the partners?

  Lynette: Yeah?

  Tom: I invited the partners and their wives over so I couldpitchto them here. And I thought we could make a formal dinner forsix.We could sit, we could...

  Lynette: And when exactly would this formal dinner takeplace?

  Tom: Uh... day after tomorrow!

  Lynette: Tom!

  Tom: Yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know I know it"sshortnotice.

  Lynette: You think? How am I supposed to pull off a formaldinnerwith no warning?

  Tom: I don"t know. Bree Van de Kamp does this kind of thingallthe time...

  Lynette: What did you say?

  Tom: Well, I"m sorry, I didn"t mean it like that. That"s -youknow what, forget it. I"ll call and I"ll cancel. Don"t worryaboutit.

  Lynette: No, no. Let"s, let"s do it.

  Tom: Really?

  Lynette: Yeah, it"s good for your career. I"ll pull it off.

  Tom: Yes. Honey, thank you. So much. You know what, I promise.Iland this account, and I"m gonna buy you somethingawfulpretty.

  Mary Alice Young: Luckily for Tom, Lynette had a recipeforsuccess... unfortunately for her, she was missing thesecretingredient.

  Principal Stark: Mr. and Mrs. Van de Kamp. So, your son decidedtoentertain some of his friends yesterday by shoving a freshman"sheadinto a locker.

  Bree: This was the Johnson boy?

  Principal Stark: Yes. He broke the boy"s nose. Because of ournotolerance policy, your son may face expulsion.

  Rex: You"re going to ruin his whole future over a littleroughhousing?

  Bree: Rex, this was practically assault.

  Rex: Mrs. Stark, what Andrew did was clearly wrong, but inhisdefense, his mother and I are going through severemaritalproblems.

  Bree: Is that relevant?

  Rex: Our marriage is disintegrating. Of course Andrew isactingout. He has every center to be angry.

  Bree: If Andrew is angry about you moving out of the house,thenperhaps he should shove your head into a locker!

  Rex: All I"m saying, is that we need to take some oftheresponsibility here.

  Bree: So does Andrew! Blaming his actions on ourproblems...whichare not so serious... does not help him.

  Rex: Our problems are serious!

  Bree: Mrs. Stark, you handle this however you see fit.

  Rex: Bree, I"ve gone to an attorney. You"re gonna to beservedwith divorce papers later today.

  Bree: You went to an attorney?

  Rex: Yeah! And a good one too!

  Bree: Well he better be good, because when I"m finished withyou,you won"t have a cent to your name!

  Rex: Bring it on!

  Principal Stark: Perhaps detention is the way to go.

  Susan: Hey, Edie!

  Edie: Wow! Get a load of you! You look so pretty. Ihardlyrecognize you.

  Susan: Oh this? Well, I have a date. center now. With Mike.Wekissed. FYI. Ooo, love that jacket. Good choice.

  Mike: Um, look, Susan, I"m really sorry, but I"ve got to cancel.Ihave an -unexpected house guest.

  Kendra: Coming through! Oh, sorry. Hi, I"m Kendra.

  Susan: Susan.

  Kendra: I"m gonna run to the car and get my stuff.

  Mike: I know how this looks, but there is nothing betweenus.Kendra is just an old friend.

  Susan: Old friend?

  Mike: Yeah, you know...

  Susan: Yeah. Yeah. No, actually no, I don"t know. So, byoldfriend, do you mean college pal, bowling buddy, saved youfromdrowning?

  Mike: It"s hard to explain.

  Susan: Could you give it a shot?

  Kendra: Mike, I"m going to go upstairs and take a shower.

  Mike: Look, I promise, I"ll make this up to you. And youlook...amazing.

  Kendra (calling from inside): Mike, where are the towels?

  Susan: Thanks.

  Edie: Hey, how was your big date?

  Susan: Mike had to reschedule.

  Edie: Oh. Because of the hot girl? With the suitcase? Overthere?Gosh, how devastating for you. FYI.


  1. pitch in

  “To set to work vigorously. 努力/使劲投入工作”。
比如:If I really pitch in,Imay be able to finish the paper before thedeadline.如果我确实努力工作的话,我应该可以在截止日期前完成论文。


   影片对白 Well he better be good, because when I"mfinishedwith you, you won"t have a cent to your name!

  我观之我见 中国人有句老话叫“家丑不可外扬”。Bree 忠实地实践了这一点。

  考考你 一展身手

  2. tear down

  这里的意思是to vilify or denigrate,贬低,诋毁。我们来看个例子:He"s alwaystearingdown someone or other. 他总是诋毁别人。

  3. short notice

  提前很短时间通知某人要做某事,可能来不及准备,这样的通知就叫做 short notice。Shortnotice常和on/at连用,意思是“在短时间内”,例如:They told us to be ready to move outonshort notice. 他们告诉我们准备好在短时间内搬出去。

  4. pull off

  “Succeed in something,成功;努力实现;赢得”,例如 pull off a coup / deal/scoop 做好一件漂亮事/做成一笔生意/抢先获得独家新闻。Eg. I"ll pull off theplan.我会努力实现这个计划的。

  5. land this account

  "To get the business done successfully." Tom这里的意思是:After I getthebusiness done successfully, I"ll buy you something.

  6. Bring it on


  7. get a load of

  "Look at or listen to". 比如:

  Get a load of Mike feeding the baby. 看,迈克在喂孩子呢!

  Through those thin walls we really got a load of theirfight.这墙壁很薄,我们能听到他们吵架的声音。

  8. FYI

  "For your information",意思就是“知会你一下,你知道怎么回事就可以了(不用你有什么反应)”。

  9. shot

  Shot 在这里的意思是“努力/试图(做……)”。例如:

  Let me have a shot at it. 让我试试看。

  He"s having a shot at cooking the dinner. 他在试着做饭。














   影片对白 Well he better be good, because when I"mfinishedwith you, you won"t have a cent to your name!

  文化面面观 离婚在美国




  (节选自:东方网 作者:丁雨 )




  1. Of course Andrew is acting out. He has every center tobeangry.

  2. Mrs. Stark, you handle this however you see fit.

  3. Well he better be good, because when I"m finished with you,youwon"t have a cent to your name!

  The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之六) 考考你 参考答案

  1. 婚礼的事让他们忙得不可开交。

  They have been swamped by the pretion work for the wedding.

  2. 在今天的足球赛中这个球员的表现简直好极了!

  In today"s football game, the performance of this playerwasstunning.

  3. -我听说你今天要约珍妮出去。


  -I heard that you plan to take Jenny out today.

  --You can say that again.

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