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Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之二)(组图)

Mary Alice Young: Susan awoke that night alone and parched. Andasshe gazed out her window, she saw the tall drink of watersheneeded to quench her thirst.

  Julie: Dear Diary. Mike doesn"t even know I"m alive.

  Susan: Shut up.

  Julie: If you want to date him, you"re gonna have to askhimout.

  Susan: I keep hoping he"ll ask me out.

  Julie: How"s that going?

  Susan: Shouldn"t you be making brownies for yournerdyfriends?

  Julie: I can"t find the measuring cup. Have you seen it?

  Susan: The measuring cup?

  Julie: Yeah.

  Susan: Hmm. I, uh, well, it"s gotta be here somewhere. Justkeeplooking.

  Carlos: I know you"re awake.

  Gabrielle: I know you"re a jerk.

  Carlos: Dinner with Tanaka ran long. I"m sorry.

  Gabrielle: You know, Carlos, I didn"t marry you so I havedinnerby myself 6 times a week. You know how bored I was today. Icamethis close to actually cleaning the house.

  Carlos: Don"t be that way. I got you a gift.

  Gabrielle: Nope. No, no, no, no. You"re not gonna buy your wayoutof this one.

  Carlos: It"s a good gift.

  Gabrielle: Is that white gold?

  Carlos: Yeah. Put it on. And then make love to me.

  Gabrielle: Not in the mood. But, we could stay up and talk.

  Carlos: When a man buys a woman expensive jewelry, there aremanythings he may want in return. For future reference,conversationain"t one of them. Hey, that was a joke.

  Gabrielle: Yeah, center.

  Carlos: What the hell is wrong with you?

  Gabrielle: Let go of me.

  Carlos: You"ve been acting like a nightmare for a month.

  Gabrielle: Stop!

  Carlos: What"s wrong? I can"t fix it unless you tell me.

  Gabrielle: It"s not exciting anymore, Carlos.

  Carlos: So what am I supposed to do?

  Gabrielle: I dunno. Be the way you used to be. Surprise me.Takemy breath away.

  Carlos: Okay. Okay!

  Mike: Hey, Susan.

  Susan: Mike!

  Mike: What"s wrong?

  Susan: I didn"t realize anybody was going to be out here. Ijustsort of rolled out of bed.

  Mike: I"m sure you look fine.

  Mike: Bongo, Bongo, Bongo. No, no... Behave. Sorry. Hescareseasy.

  Susan: No, it, it, it"s fine. I get it.

  Mike: I didn"t mean to disturb you. I"ll see you later.

  Susan: Did you want to have dinner with me?

  Mike: Just the two of us?

  Susan: Well, and Julie. Uh, it"s a thing we do when somebodynewmoves into the neighborhood, we invite them over for ahome-cookedmeal. It"s sort of a tradition.

  Mike: I thought you said you were a lousy cook.

  Susan: Well, I order take-out.

  Mike: Oh. You invite them over for home-cooking and you give"emtakeout.

  Susan: Yeah, it"s, it"s, uh, it"s sort of a new tradition.I"mworking out the kinks.

  Mike: I"ll tell you what. How "bout I cook. And you guys comeoverto my place?

  Susan: Oh! Great.

  Mike: Friday night at six?

  Susan: I"ll be there.

  Mike: Alcenter.

  Susan: Bye, Bongo.


  1. nerdy 书呆子式的,书呆子气的

nerdy是指“书呆子式的,书呆子气的”,它的名词形式是nerd(书呆子)。例如:Didyou see his pocketprotector? What a nerd! 你看到他用的口袋保护袋了吗?真是呆死了!

  2. it"s gotta be here somewhere.


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   影片对白 When a man buys a woman expensive jewelry, therearemany things he may want in return.


  考考你 一展身手

  3. Don"t be that way. 别这样。

  这也是一个非常生活化的句子。恐怕很多男女朋友吵架的时候都会说到:你不要这样子好不好?就是这个 Don"t be thatway了。

  4. buy your way out of this one


  5. Behave 规矩点

  在国外,如果小孩子淘气,做妈妈的经常会说Behave!意思就是“规矩点”。当然这个词不只是对小孩子用的,也可以用来威胁人,比如:Behave! Or I"ll kickyour ass!规矩点,不然我就踢你!

  6. He scares easy. 他容易受惊。

  Scare 除了我们常讲的“惊吓,使恐慌”的意思外,还有不及物动词的用法:受惊,比如:That childscareseasily. 那个孩子容易受惊。

  7. order take-out 叫外卖

  知道“叫”外卖怎么说吗?就是 order take-out,和在餐馆点餐一样,比如你可以这样问:Can Iordertake-out here? 你们这儿有外卖吗?


  Take-out VS doggy bag

  Take-out (in American and Canadian English), carry-out(inScottish and American English), parcel (in Indian English)ortake-away (in Australian and British English) is food purchasedata restaurant but eaten elsewhere. The restaurant may or maynotprovide table service. In the United States, food ordered thisway(especially in fast food) is ordered to go, and in theUnitedKingdom is sometimes ordered to eat out, as opposed to eatingin.
Take-out food is often fast food, but not always so. Whereasfastfood carries the connotation of a standardized product fromaglobalized chain or franchise, take-away outlets are oftensmallbusinesses serving traditional food, which can be of highquality.Examples include the neighborhood fish and chip shops inthe UK,Australia or New Zealand; the sandwiches sold by delis inthe U.S.;and the wide range of sausage-based snacks (andincreasinglykebabs) sold from stalls in German cities.

  Food that is delivered by a restaurant to a customer (oftencalleddelivery) is also sometimes called take-out; although itmight bemore properly labeled bring-in, it never is. Theestablishment thatsells take-out exclusively (not providing tableservice) is called atake-out restaurant, take-out joint or atake-away.

  Certain types of food that are normally served insit-downrestaurants are commonly available as take-out. Pizza isoneexample. While certain pizzeria chains specialize in take-out(ordelivery) to such an extent that they actually have nofacilitiesfor dining on-site (just a kitchen), most have tables andwaitstaff. Even these establishments, however, offer the optionofordering by phone (or, increasingly, by Internet) and takingthefood home (or to whatever other location is desired). Insuchcircumstances, the food and the procedure is commonlycalledcarry-out. Another U.S. classic take-out food isWestern-styledChinese food. Ordering Chinese take-out has reachednear ritualstatus in certain segments of the US population, as wellas theUnited Kingdom, especially college
students. In the past few decades as immigrants from more andmoreAsian countries immigrate to the US, more and more types ofcuisineare being treated in a similar manner: Japanese, Thai,Korean,Vietnamese, etc. In the UK, Indian food is also a popularform oftake-away.

  Some businesses have taken a cue from the everincreasingpopularity in take-out, and have created franchises todeliver foodfrom restaurants not normally associated with take-outor delivery.In some areas it is also possible to place orders fortake-out overthe internet.

  If it is possible to choose, the choice is between "totakeout"/"to take away" and "to eat in" in the UK and Australia; or"togo" and "for here"/"to stay"/"dine in" in North America.

  Doggy bag

  Take-out from a sit-down restaurant may be purchased to go ormayconsist of centerovers from a meal eaten at table; the containerusedfor centerovers is called a doggie bag (or doggy bag). Insomecountries doggie bags are uncommon, and centerovers usually goto thedump, with the exception of pizza places who will usually putthecenter over pizza in a box at your request.

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   影片对白 When a man buys a woman expensive jewelry, therearemany things he may want in return.

  文化面面观 Take-out VS doggy bag









  1. 我不想和那个书呆子约会。

  2. --我的钢笔不见了。


  3. 我不想做饭了,想叫个外卖。

  Desperate Housewives1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之一)考考你参考答案

  1. I won"t even dignify your navy bean suggestion.


  2. That would explain why you"re always locked inthebathroom.


  3. Seeing that you"re the head of this household, I wouldreallyappreciate you saying something.


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