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The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之一)(组图)

SPEAKER: Our first order of business...

  SIMMS: And our last if we vote a levy...

  SPEAKER: Order! Order! Mr. Simms, you do not have the floor.Ourfirst order of business will be an address by Colonel HarryBurwellof the Continental Army. Colonel Harry Burwell.

  BURWELL: You all know why I am here. I am not an orator and Iwillnot try to convince you of the worthiness of our cause. I amasoldier and we are at war. From Philadelphia we expectthedeclaration of independence. Eight of the thirteen colonieshavelevied money in support of a Continental Army. I ask SouthCarolinato be the ninth.

  SIMMS: Massachusetts and Virginia may be at war, butSouthCarolina is not.

  CROWD: Here!

  BURWELL: It is not a war for the independence of one ortwocolonies but for the independence of one nation.

  WITHINGTON: And now yes, what nation is that?

  HOWARD: An American nation.

  WITHINGTON: There is no such a nation, and if you speak ofone,that is treason.

  HOWARD: We are citizens of the American nation and our centersarebeing threatened by a tyrant three thousand miles away.

  MARTIN: Would you tell me, please, Mr. Howard, why should Itradeone tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousandtyrants onemile away? An elected legislature can trample a manscenters aseasily as a King can.

  BURWELL: Captain Martin, I understood you to be a Patriot.

  MARTIN: If you mean by Patriot, am I angry about thetaxationwithout representation? Yes Im. Should the Americancoloniesgovern themselves independently? I believe they can andtheyshould. But if youre asking me am I willing to go to warwithEngland, then the answer is most definitely no.

  MIDDLETON: This from the same Captain Benjamin Martin whosefurywas so famous during the Wilderness Campaign?

  MARTIN: I was intemperate in my youth.

  MIDDLETON: Temperance can be a convenient disguise for fear.

  BURWELL: Mr. Middleton, I fought with Captain MartinunderWashington in the French and Indian War. Theres not a man inthisroom, or anywhere, for that matter, to whom I would morewillinglytrust my life.

  CROWD: Here!

  MARTIN: There are alternatives to war. We take a case beforetheking. We plea with him.

  BURWELL: Yes we tried that.

  MARTIN: Oh then we try again and then again if necessary toavoida war.

  BURWELL: Benjamin, I was at Bunker Hill. The Britishadvancedthree times and we killed over seven hundred of them atpoint blankrange and still they took the ground. That is themeasure of theirresolve. If your principles dictate independence,then war is theonly way. It has come to that.

  CROWD: Here!

  MARTIN: I have seven children. My wife is dead. And whos tocarefor them if I go to war?

  BURWELL: Wars are not fought only by childless men.

  MARTIN: Granted. But mark my words: this war will be fought notonthe frontier or on some distant battlefield. But amongst us,amongour homes. Our children will learn it with their own eyes.And theinnocent will die with the rest of us. I will not fight.Because Iwill not fight, I will not cast a vote that will sendothers tofight in my stead.

  BURWELL: And your principles?

  MARTIN: Im a parent. I dont have the luxury of principles.


  1. have the floor

  这个片语的意思可不是有地板,而是“有发言权”,做动词用,例如:Mr. Nixon has thefloor.尼克松先生发言。


   影片对白 Would you tell me, please, Mr. Howard, why shouldItrade one tyrant three thousand miles away for threethousandtyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample amanscenters as easily as a King can.

  我观之我见 Before they were soldiers, they werefamily.Before they were legends, they were heroes. Before there wasanation, there was a fight for freedom.

  考考你 现学现卖

  2. Mark my words

  Mark 在这里的意思是“留心,注意”,比如:You should mark the change that hastakenplace. Mark my words 这里表示“留心听着,记住我的话”,例如:Mark my words,youllregret this later on.

  3. Cast a vote

  Cast a vote 表示“投票”,例如:I cast a vote of proposal. 同样的意思还可以用castones vote 来表达。
4. In ones stead

  “替代、接替(职位、身份、作用)等”的意思,例如:While the chief is away, anotherdirectorwill act in his stead.


  The Patriot:电影背后的故事






   影片对白 Would you tell me, please, Mr. Howard, why shouldItrade one tyrant three thousand miles away for threethousandtyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample amanscenters as easily as a King can.

  文化面面观 The Patriot:电影背后的故事

  Before they were soldiers, they were family. Before theywerelegends, they were heroes. Before there was a nation, there wasafight for freedom.

  这是 The Patriot这部电影的tagline。ThePatriot是一个美国式的“逼上梁山”的故事,梅尔·吉布森在影片中不太情愿地成为了一位为自由而战斗的父亲。节选的这个片断发生在南卡莱罗纳参战前夕,人们召集会议讨论要不要参战。参加会议的代表们各怀心思,独立派和保皇派唇枪舌剑,即使是独立派内部也存在分歧,一些人希望和国王谈判来取得独立,另一些人则认为只有通过战争才能获得独立。从中我们可以窥见美国民主的渊源。





  The devil wears Prada《时尚女魔头》(精讲之六)考考你参考答案

  1. 这不是他们自己的主意,有人鼓动他们这么做。

  They didnt think of it on their own; someone put them uptoit.

  2. 老板说了算。

  Its up to the boss to call the shots.


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