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Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之二)(组图)

Lincoln: Its great to see your face.

  Veronica: I think its time you quit the charade, dont you?

  Lincoln: What?

  Veronica: Its starting to ruin peoples lives. Michaels inherebecause he thinks youre innocent.

  Lincoln: He told you.

  Veronica: He hasnt told me anything, but I know, Lincoln. Iknowwhat hes planning. Call him off. If you love him, Call himoff. Isaw the tape.

  Lincoln: Whats on the tapes not how it went down.

  Veronica: I know what I saw.

  Lincoln: I know what I saw. I was there, remr? I got highthatnight. I had to. It was the only way I could go through withit. Inever pulled the trigger. The guy was already dead.

  Veronica: Yeah, I know. Youve told me a thousand...

  Lincoln: Then listen! I was set up! I went there that nighttoclear a debt. Crab Simmons was on my ass for the 90 grand Iowedhim. He told me the mark was some scumbag drug dealer and if Itookit, wed be clean. I never pulled the trigger. All I know isthatsomebody wanted me in the same garage as Terrence Steadmanthatnight.

  Veronica: Why would somebody want to set you up?

  Lincoln: It wasnt about me. It was about him.

  Veronica: Steadman?

  Lincoln: Yes!

  Veronica: The guy was like a saint. All the charity work,theenvironmental progress his company was making... About theonlyperson in this entire country who had motive to kill himwasyou.

  Lincoln: You came all the way down here to tell me how guiltyIam?

  Veronica: I dont know why I came here.

  Lincoln: You have your life now I know that but if what wehadbefore meant anything to you, youd find out the truth.

  Veronica: Maybe all this is the truth. Maybe they gotitcenter.

  Sucre: Badge! Open up, Badge!

  C.O.: You talking again?

  Sucre: Its my girls birthday.

  C.O.: Happy birthday to her, then.

  Sucre: Well, you gotta let me call her! Please! Ill give youamillion dollars, if you let me use the phone.

  C.O.: Ive seen your kicks, Sucre. You got something like 40centsto your name.

  Sucre: Please! God, no!


  1. Call off

  Call off 的本意是“to take away; to cancel (something) that hadbeenplanned for a certain date”,这里的“callsomeoneoff”意思是“告诉某人不要再做某事”,但事实上,call off 这个短语很少用在与人有关的场合,常常是callitoff,call the game off等等。
比如狗冲着来访的女士一直叫,女士对狗的主人说:Call offyourdog.

  2. Get high

  这里的意思是using drugs (吸毒),例如:Andy got high last night, althoughhewont admit that.

  3. set up

  这里的意思是“冤枉,诬陷”,例如:Im not to blame; Ive been set up.


   影片对白 You came all the way down here to tell me howguiltyI am?

  我观之我见 LincolnBurrows是一个有前科的人。通常人们都不会认为前科累累的惯犯会改正做好人……

  考考你 小试牛刀

  4. Be on someones ass

  意思是bother someone,“Crab Simmons was on my ass for the 90 grandIowed him.”意思就是“因为我欠他九万块钱,Crab Simmons一直烦着我。”

  5. Ive seen your kicks, Sucre. You got something like 40 centstoyour name.

  Kicks 在这里是shoes的一种俚语叫法,You got something like 40 cents toyourname. 并不是说真的只有四十美分,意思其实是“Youre poor.”整句话解释一下就是:Ive seenyourshoes, Sucre. Theyre worn, old-looking and cheap. Yourepoor.


  Prisons in the United States

Prisons in the United States are operated by the Federalgovernment,as well as by each of the state governments.Incarceration (监禁) isone of the main forms of punishment for thecommission of felonyoffenses in the United States. Less seriousoffenders, includingthose convicted of misdemeanor offenses, maybe sentenced to a shortterm in a local jail or with alternativeforms of sanctions such ascommunity corrections (e.g. halfwayhouse), probation, and/orrestitution. In the United States,prisons are operated at variouslevels of security, ranging fromminimum-security prisons thatmainly house non-violent offenders toSupermax facilities that housewell-known criminals and terroristssuch as Terry Nichols, ZacariasMoussaoui, and Richard Reid.

  The national (federal) government, states, counties, andmanyindividual cities have facilities to confine people.Generally,prison refers to facilities for holding convictedfelons (i.e.,crimes where the sentence is more than one year).Individualsawaiting trial, and those convicted of misdemeanors(crimes whichcarry a sentence of less than one year), are generallyheld incounty jails. In most states, cities operate jails, usedonly forvery short-term incarceration--usually a day or so, untiltheprisoner comes before a judge for the first time. Somestatesoperate unified systems, where the state operates all thejailsand prisons.

  Many of the smaller county and city jails do notclassifyprisoners (that is, there is no setion by offense type andotherfactors). While some of these small facilities operate asclosesecurity facilities, to prevent prisoner-on-prisonerviolence andincrease overall security, others may put manyprisoners into thesame cells without regard to the criminalhistories of theprisoners. Other local jails are large, and havemany differentsecurity levels. For example, one of the largestjails in theUnited States is Cook County (located in Chicago). Thisfacilityhas eleven different divisions (including one medical unit,and twofor women prisoners), each classified at a differentsecuritylevel, ranging from dormitory style open housing tosuper-securelock-down.
Security levels

  Prisoners reside in different facilities that vary bysecuritylevel, especially in security measures, administration ofinmates,and weapons and tactics used by corrections officers. Boththefederal government and the state Prisons in the United Statesuse anumbered scale from one to six to represent the securitylevel.Level six is the most secure, while level one is theleast.


  Supermax prison facilities provide the highest level ofprisonsecurity. These prisons house the most dangerous of inmates.Theseinclude serial killers, inmates who have committed murders inlesssecure prisons, and high-profile criminals such asTheodoreKaczynski, Terry Nichols, Zacarias Moussaoui and (formerly)TimothyMcVeigh.

  Maximum security

  All have individual cells with sliding doors controlled fromasecure remote control station. Often prisoners are confinedintheir cells 23 hours a day, but in some institutions, prisonersareallowed out of their cells for most of the day. When out oftheircells, prisoners remain in the cellblock or an exteriorcage.Movement is tightly restricted using restraints and escortsbycorrectional officers.

  Close security

  Prisons have individual cells operated from a remotecontrolstation. Each cell has its own toilet and sink. Inmates mayleaveof their cells for work assignments or correctional programs.Thefences are generally double fences with watchtowers, housingarmedguards.


   影片对白 You came all the way down here to tell me howguiltyI am?

  文化面面观 Prisons in the United States 美国的监狱
Medium security

  Prisoners that fall into the medium-security group may sleepindormitories on bunk beds with lockers to store theirpossessions.They may have communal showers, toilets and sinks.Dormitories arelocked at night with one or more correctionalofficers supervising,there is less supervision over the internalmovements of prisoners.The perimeter is generally double fenced andregularlypatrolled.

  Minimum security

  Prisoners in minimum-security facilities are considered toposelittle physical risk to the public, and are mainlynon-violentwhite collar criminals. Minimum Security prisonerslive inless-secure dormitories, which are regularly patrolledbycorrectional officers. As in medium security facilities, theyhavecommunal showers, toilets, and sinks. Martha Stewart wasaminimum-security inmate at Camp Cupcake in West Virginia.

  A minimum-security facility generally has a single fence thatiswatched, but not patrolled by armed guards. At facilities inveryremote and rural areas, there may be no fence at all. Prisonersmayoften work on community projects, such as roadside littercleanupwith the state Department of Transportation. Many states nowallowpersons in minimum-security facilities access to theInternet.





  1. 我没有偷东西,我是被冤枉的。

  2. 大卫一直烦着我,因为我欠他的钱。

  3. 您既然不能降价,那这笔交易不如就拉倒吧。

  Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之一)考考你 参考答案

  1. Rarely in the case of armed robbery do we hear a plea ofnocontest.


  2. Hes beginning to get that anybody he attaches himself toisgonna end up in prison.


  3. Then will you please tell me whats going throughyourhead?



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