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Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之六)(组图)

Mary Alice Young: Of the many suburban rituals, none is quitesocherished as the neighborhood yard sale. The shoppers come tosiftthrough the discarded belongings of someone they dont reallyknow,in the hopes of finding bargains they dont really need, eachsodetermined to save a few pennies, they often misshiddentreasures.

  Susan: Hey, Paul.

  Paul: Hi, Susan.

  Susan: I got to say, I was a little surprised to see MaryAlicesaward for sale. She got it for doing charity work, from theChamberof Commerce.

  Paul: Zach and I are moving. We dont need to carry any morewithus than is absolutely necessary.

  Susan: That makes sense. Still, I just want to make sureyoudidnt want to keep it, for Zach, something to remr hismotherby.

  Paul: Zach doesnt need a piece of glass to remr his mother.Imout of newspaper. Here, lets call it ten bucks foreverything.

  Susan: Great. Speaking of Zach, I havent seen himaroundlately.

  Paul: Hes been a bit depressed. I thought he could use achangeof scenery, so I sent him to stay with relatives.

  Susan: Oh, which ones?

  Paul: You dont know them.

  Susan: So, howd you get the fat lip?

  Paul: The usual way. Asking too many questions.

  Gabrielle: Find out where Zach is?

  Susan: No, but I can tell you this much. Hes not stayingwithrelatives.

  Carlos: Its driving me crazy, mama. It could be any one oftheseguys shes having the affair with.

  Mama Solis: No worry about it. Im not letting her out ofmysight.
Carlos: Now, who the hell is that? And look at the wayshestouching him. You think thats the guy shes having theaffairwith?

  Mama Solis: Carlos, dont be stupid. A guy she talks to inpublicisnt someone youre gonna worry about.

  Carlos: So its someone that she doesnt talk to. What do Ihaveto do? Beat up every guy in town?

  Mama Solis: Marriage takes work!

  Lynette: Im not surprised that hes playing it close to thevest.Paul knows were on to him.

  Bree: Zach said Mary Alice killed herself because ofsomethingthat he had done, something bad. Is there anyone elsewhod knowwhat he was talking about?

  Susan: No. Thats why we have to find him. Its the only waywellknow the truth.

  Bree: It just doesnt make any sense. Zach is such a sweet kid.Icant imagine him doing anything that terrible.

  Gabrielle: Well, he did break into your house. I mean, the kidisobviously troubled in some way.


  1. Make sense

Make sense有两种意思,一种是“可理解的,合理的”,通常用否定形式,例如:Thisexplanation doesnt make sense.这个解释不合理。

  另一个意思是“可行,说得通,合理的”,比如:It makes sense to find out first howmanywill attend the conference. 先确定一下有多少人会参加会议比较可行。

  在片断中,That makes sense.的意思是“有道理”。

  2. Have an affair with

  常用来形容“韵事”、“关系不长久的恋情”,在文中可理解为“与……有染”、“婚外性关系”。如:Joni feels thatherhusband has an affair with some woman. 琼尼感觉到丈夫和别的女人有染。

  3. Play close to the vest


  比如:The thief plays close to the vest no matter how hard thepolicethreaten him. 不管警察怎么威胁,小偷就是不肯把秘密说出来。

  4. Be on to

  有两种意思,一种是be aware of or have information about,比如:Youllneverdeceive us again; were on to you.你再也不能欺骗我们了。我们知道你的伎俩。另一个意思是discover something important orprofitable,比如:The researchers claimthey are really on to somethingbig. 研究者们声称他们发现了一些重要的东西。


   影片对白 Of the many suburban rituals, none is quitesocherished as the neighborhood yard sale. The shoppers come tosiftthrough the discarded belongings of someone they dont reallyknow,in the hopes of finding bargains they dont really need, eachsodetermined to save a few pennies, they often misshiddentreasures.


  Chambers of Commerce

As early as the 1780s, businessmen realized they needed acommercialand trade organization to represent their interests inthe widercommunity. Voluntary associations of local businessleaders, usuallyculled from the service professions, Chambers ofCommerce consider awide variety of business, cultural, andcommunity challenges. Inaddition to leadership development andfraternal aspects, Chambersof Commerce often focus on issues thatdirectly involve localbusiness leaders, such as zoning ordinances,property taxes,commercial development, and public relationsefforts at promotingthe business interests of the local area.

  Chambers of Commerce

  in the United States are modeled after similar organizationsinEngland. Many chambers in older American cities evolved fromtwopreceding associations: the Board of Trade and theCivicAssociation. While most chambers tackle a broad range ofinterests,many still cling to their roots and heavily promote tradeand civicinterests. Chambers of Commerce also have an emphasis oncharitywork and raise money for the local community.

  In 1912, a group of business leaders from local andregionalchambers and trade associations founded the Chamber ofCommerce ofthe United States. These leaders realized that theyneeded anorganization in Washington, D.C., that would representtheirinterests regarding public policy issues. In 1926, they builtaheadquarters in the nations capital in a building designed bythefamous architect Cass Gilbert. By 1929, the chamber had morethan16,000 affiliated business organizations. The group workedcloselywith the government during World War I, organizing more than400War Service Committees to help coordinate business involvementinthe war effort. The group remained supportive of thegovernmentuntil the New Deal. Like other business interests, theychallengedPresident Franklin D. Roosevelts policies, particularlyoversocial security and public welfare. However, during World WarII,the chamber once again rallied to aid the nations efforts.Afterthe war, the chamber once again fought expansion of thefederalgovernment and became a powerful lobbying force.

  In 2002 there were 3 million businesses represented bythechamber, consisting of 3,000 state and local chambers, morethan800 business associations, and ninety-two American ChambersofCommerce overseas. Keeping with its tradition of representinglocalbusiness leaders, 96 percent of its mrs were small businesseswith100 or fewer employees.



  1. I thought he could use a change of scenery, so I sent himtostay with relatives.

  2. Howd you get the fat lip?

  3. Marriage takes work!

  Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之五)

  1. 别再对那家伙抛媚眼了。他是不会在乎你的。

  Dont bat your eyes at that guy. Hell just blow you off.

  2. 这是新的工程计划,别再搞糟了。

  This is the new project plan. No more screw-ups.

  3. 你穿那件紧身衣服很好看。

  You look beautiful in the form-fitting dress.


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