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The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之一)(组图)

Kate Forster: Sixty degrees on Valentines Day. CantbeChicago.

  Mrs. Forster: The TV says its global warming. The icebergsstartmelting, water covers the Earth. Thank God we wont live toseeit.

  Kate: Whats this?

  Mrs. Forster: Oh. Thats nothing. Its one of your fathers.

  Kate: Dostoyevsky?

  Mrs. Forster: Oh, yeah. Its about a guy who breaks the neck ofapoor woman with an axe and, so far, keeps wanderingaroundregretting it. Hmm. This is good.

  Kate: Oh, yeah?

  Mrs. Forster: Yeah. Really good. What are you thinking?

  Kate: Nothing.

  Mrs. Forster: When your father passed away, it was hard. Itstillis hard. Holding his books, I feel like hes with mesomehow,knowing that he was once on the same pages reading thesamewords.

  Passenger: Oh, my God! Somebody call an ambulance!

  Kate: We need an ambulance at Daley Plaza. A man has beenstruckby a bus. Get an EMT crew here. Sir--

  Policeman: Get out the street. Get on the sidewalk. Onthesidewalk. Off the street.

  Driver: Sir?

  Policeman: Get on the sidewalk! Get on the sidewalk!

  Alex: Id like to get the foundation on number 17 dug today.

  Mulhern: I know youre kind of new around here, kid.

  Alex: What?

  Mulhern: I cant get to 17 until at least next week.

  Alex: Come on, Mulhern. Thats bullshit and you know it.TakeClemens and Rodriguez off of roofing. Jorge can run thebackhoetheyre not using on 14 and grab four or five of those otherguyswho are doing nothing on seven and 10. Paulie, Carlos,Frank,Danny, and whats his name, the tall guy?

  Mulhern: Rafael.

  Alex: Rafael. Lets go.

  Mulhern: Okay.

  Dr. Klyczynski: Hey.

  Kate: Hi.

  Dr. Klyczynski: I heard about Daley Plaza. EMT said youfoughthard for the guy.

  Kate: Yeah, really knocked myself out.

  Dr. Klyczynski: Kate, Im going to tell you what I telleveryyoung doctor. Hopefully, youll be the first to listen. Onyour dayoff, get as far away from this place as you can. Gosomeplace whereyou feel most like yourself.

  妙语佳句, 活学活用

  1. EMT

  这是一个缩写,全拼是Emergency Medical Technician 急诊医士

  有时也作为 Emergency Medical Treatment的缩写,意为“急救医疗”。

  2. knock oneself out


  e.g. 1) Dont knock yourself out looking for them. 别费劲找他们了。

  2)I really knocked myself out after doing the whole dayswork.工作了一整天我真是累坏了。

  3. Hopefully


  Absolutely! 绝对正确!

  Bravo! 棒极了!

  Easy! 别急!别发火!

  Fantastic! 太奇妙了



  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之六

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之五

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之四

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之三

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之一


   影片对白 On your day off, get as far away from this placeasyou can. Go someplace where you feel most like yourself.

  思想火花 The LakeHouse是改编自数年前的韩国电影《触不到的恋人》,一个发生在时空交错下偶然邂逅的爱情故事。

  考考你 一展身手


  Dostoyevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基
  Dostoyevsky, Feodor Mikhailovich, 1821-81, Russian novelist, oneofthe towering figures of world literature.

  Dostoyevsky was born and raised in Moscow by RussianOrthodoxparents. His father, a military surgeon and an alcoholic ofharsh,despotic temperament, was brutally slain (1839) by his ownserfs.This event haunted Dostoyevsky all his life and perhapsaccounts inpart for the preoccupation with murder and guilt in hiswritings.Dostoyevsky attended military engineering school in St.Petersburgand upon graduation entered government service as adraftsman. Hesoon abandoned this career for writing.

  Dostoyevskys first published work, Poor Folk (1846),whichbrought him immediate critical and public recognition, revealshischaracteristic compassion for the downtrodden. His secondnovel,The Double (1846), less favorably received, shows theprofoundinsight into human character that dominates his laterworks.

  At about this time Dostoyevsky became involved with a groupofradical utopians. The discovery of their illegal printingpressbrought about their arrest and condemnation. The prisonerswerereprieved but were forced to take part in a pre-executionceremonybefore the reprieve was read to them. Dostoyevsky wassentenced tofour years at hard labor in a Siberian penal colony.During thisharrowing period he suffered great physical and mentalpain,including repeated attacks of epilepsy. The prisonexperienceworked a profound change of heart in him. He abandonedhis beliefin the liberal, atheistic ideologies of Western Europeand turnedwholeheartedly to religion and to the belief thatOrthodox Russiawas destined to be the spiritual leader of theworld.
After several years of obligatory military service in Siberia,hewas allowed to return to St. Petersburg. With him was the widowhehad married in Siberia and her son. Dostoyevsky joined hisbelovedbrother Mikhail in editing the magazine Time, whichserialized TheInsulted and The Injured (1861-62) and the record ofhis experiencein the penal colony, The House of the Dead (1862). Hemade severaltrips to Western Europe. One result was Winter Notes onSummerImpressions (1863), reflecting his severelyanti-Westernattitudes.

  Financial troubles, combined with a turbulent love affair andapassion for roulette, led to a nightmarish period inGermany,partly described in the short novel The Gambler (1866). In1864 hisunhappy marriage ended with the death of his wife. The sameyearhis financial problems increased when his brother diedandDostoyevsky assumed responsibility for the remaining family.In1867 he married his young secretary, who gave himprofoundaffection and understanding and greatly enriched hislateryears.

  Notes from the Underground (1864), a detailed study ofneuroticsuffering, began the greatest period of Dostoyevskysliterarycareer. Crime and Punishment, a brilliant portrait of sin,remorse,and redemption through sacrifice, followed in 1866. Hisnext novel,The Idiot (1868), concerns a Christ figure, a meek,human epilepticwhose effect on those around him is tragic.
The Possessed (1871-72) is a violent denunciation of thecenteristsand revolutionaries that Dostoyevsky had previouslyadmired. In ARaw Youth (1875) he described decay within familyrelationships andthe inability of science to deal with the primaryneed of humanbeings: a purpose for living beyond the mere struggleforsustenance. Both of these themes are central to theenormouslycomplex plot and character development of hismasterpiece, TheBrothers Karamazov (1879-80), generally thought tobe one of thefinest novels ever written.

  A profound psychologist and philosopher, Dostoyevsky depictedwithremarkable insight the depth and complexity of the human soul.Hispowerful though generally humorless narrative style,hisunderstanding of the intricacies of character, especiallythepathological conscience, and his amplification of sinandredemption made him a giant among novelists and, in the realmofideas, a precursor of Freudian psychological analysis.Dostoyevskydied of a lung hemorrhage complicated by an attack ofepilepsy.

  (www.answers.com )


  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之六

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之五

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之四

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之三

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之一


   影片对白 On your day off, get as far away from this placeasyou can. Go someplace where you feel most like yourself.

  文化面面观 Dostoyevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基

  The LakeHouse是改编自数年前的韩国电影《触不到的恋人》,一个发生在时空交错下偶然邂逅的爱情故事。这一份偶然看似不可思议,却又那么真实,让观众愿意守候在湖畔,等待男女主角真正相遇的时刻。时空交错,并没有穿越古今。女生的现在,遇到了男生的过去。这之间只是相差了两年,短短的800多个日子。而交错点就是在收藏着两人各自回忆的一间湖边小屋,和那神奇的信箱。东方含蓄,内敛的情感被放置在西方风景秀丽的湖畔,依然可以动人心弦。我们的六个片段从ValentinesDay的情节开始,到似乎完全一样的ValentinesDay的场景结束,一方面和电影的浪漫主题一致,另一方面也有助于还没有完整看这部影片的观众或读者更容易理解影片中的时空交错。


  1. 请大家注意片段中标红的台词,非常有意义,有兴趣的读者不妨记下来。

  2. 请试着翻译下面两个句子:

  1) After the marathon race, Michael finally knockedhimselfout.

  2) Hopefully, we will get to the show on time.

  Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十八) 考考你 参考答案

  1. “你不想改变?”想和他在一起就用这样的烂理由!

  You dont want to change? What a lame excuse for stayingwithhim!

  2. 下周我们要去西班牙?不是开玩笑的吧?

  We are going to Spain next week? Is it for real?

  3.— 尼可·基德曼要生女儿了。

  — 你太离谱了!

  - Nicole Kidman is having a baby girl.

  - You are so off!

  4. 在简历中需要一点点吹嘘。但是吹的太厉害了将会是灾难性的。

  In your resume, you need just a little bluffing. But overdoingitwill be disastrous.


  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之六

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之五

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之四

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之三

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

  Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之一


  (英语点津 Annabel 编辑)


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