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Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之一)(组图)

Sid: Thats it. Can I just, you know, look at it for a minute?

  Michael: Youre an artist, Sid.

  Sid: Youre telling me youre just gonna walk out of here andImnever going to see it again.

  Michael: Theres a good chance of that, yes.

  Sid: Most guys, you know, for the first one, they startwithsomething small. Mom, girlfriends initials, something likethat.Not you. You get a full set of sleeves, all in a couple ofmonths.Takes guys a few years to get the ink you got.

  Mike: I dont have a few years. Wish to hell I did.

  Michael: The vault. Open it.

  Woman: We cant. The branch managers not here.

  Michael: Where is he?

  Woman: Its lunchtime. Hes at White Castle.

  Michael: White Castle?

  Woman: Its a fast food restaurant. They serve those littlesquareburgers.

  Michael: I know what it is. Im not playing games . Open it.

  Woman: Sir, you have a half a million dollars cash in yourbag.Dont you think it would be better...?

  Police: This is the police. You are completely surrounded.Putdown your weapon. Put down your weapon now.

  Judge: Rarely in the case of armed robbery do we hear a plea ofnocontest. Are you sure about this, Mr. Scofield?

  Michael: Im sure, Your Honor.

  Veronica: Your Honor, wed like to recess if we could. Myclientsa bit confused at the moment.

  Michael: Im not, Your Honor.

  Veronica: He is, Your Honor.

  Judge: Perhaps you should heed your representations advice,takesome additional time to consider your response.

  Michael: Ive already done that, Your Honor.

  Judge: Ill retire to my chambers to determine sentencing.Courtsrecessed until 1:30.

  Policeman: Lets go.

  LJ: Uncle Mike?

  Michael: I didnt want you to come. Go home, LJ. I didnt wantyouto see this. Hes not gonna take this well.

  Veronica: Can you blame him? Hes your nephew. Hes beginningtoget that anybody he attaches himself to is gonna end up inprison.And hes not the only one whos starting to feel that way,Michael.Will you give us a minute?

  Policeman: One minute.

  Veronica: Dont you understand? You just put the book inthatwomans hand and shes gonna lob it at you like a grenade.Justiceand punishment are the same thing to her.

  Michael: I know.

  Veronica: Then will you please tell me whats going throughyourhead?

  Michael: Weve been over this.

  Veronica: Ive known you my entire life. You dont have aviolentbone in your body , and I know you didnt need themoney.

  Michael: Veronica.

  Veronica: Why wont you let me help you?


  1. a good chance

  “很可能”,例如:Theres a good chance he will fail. 他很可能会失败。

  2. a full set of sleeves

  Have tattoos all the way around the arm from the shoulders tothewrist, like a shirtsleeve.


   影片对白 This is the police. You are completelysurrounded.Put down your weapon. Put down your weapon now.


  考考你 小试牛刀

  3. ink


  4. play games

  意思是“to act in an evasive, deceitful, manipulative, ortriflingmanner in dealing with others”,例如:Dont play games withme-I wantto know if you love me or not!别和我绕弯子了-我想知道你爱不爱我!片段中的这句话Im notplaying games. 意思是“我不是闹着玩的”。

  5. Someone doesnt have a ___ bone in his body.

  这是一个习惯说法,意思是“某人并没有某种特征”,例如:Andy doesnt have a lazy bone inhisbody. 意思就是Andy一点都不懒(工作得非常努力)。注意:这个习惯用法只有否定形式,绝不可以用someone has a___bone in his body 来表示“某人有某种特征”。

  The origins of Prison Break began as a concept (a mandeliberatelygetting himself sent to prison in order to break outagain) thatwas suggested to Paul Scheuring by female colleague,FrancetteKelley. Although Scheuring thought it was a good idea, hewasinitially stumped as to why someone would embark on such amissionor how he could develop it into a viable television show. Helatercame up with the story of the wrongfully accused brother, andtheconspiracy subplot. He then started work writing the plotoutlineand devising the characters. In 2003, he pitched the idea totheFox Broadcasting Company, but was turned down as Fox feltsomewhatnervous about the long-term possibilities of such a series.Hesubsequently showed the concept to other channels with no luck.Theshow was later considered as a possible 10-part miniseries,whichallegedly drew interest from big names in the film industrysuch asSteven Spielberg and Bruce Willis. However, the miniseriesnevermaterialized. Following the huge popularity of serializedprimetime television series such as Lost and 24, the Fox Networkhad achange of heart and backed the production in 2004.

  On October 24, 2006, it was reported by the Associated PressthatDonald and Robert Hughes filed a lawsuit against FoxBroadcastingCompany and the shows executive producer and creator,PaulScheuring for copycenter infringement, seeking unspecifieddamagesand other costs. They claimed that in 2001, they had sentFox theirmanut which was based on their own experiences of a prisonbreak ata juvenile facility. In the 1960s, Donald Hughes plannedandsuccessfully executed a prison escape for his brother,RobertHughes, who was wrongfully incarcerated.


   影片对白 This is the police. You are completelysurrounded.Put down your weapon. Put down your weapon now.

  《越狱》电视剧的起源 The origins of Prison Break began asaconcept (a man deliberately getting himself sent to prison inorderto break out again) that was suggested to Paul Scheuring byfemalecolleague, Francette Kelley.





  1. Rarely in the case of armed robbery do we hear a plea ofnocontest.

  2. Hes beginning to get that anybody he attaches himself toisgonna end up in prison.

  3. Then will you please tell me whats going throughyourhead?

  Desperate Housewives1《绝望主妇》1(精讲十二)考考你参考答案

  1. In those last moments, it occurred to her, in addition tobeingboring, life could also be very cruel.


  2. Uh, could we do a rain check? Edie and I are just lookingoverthe plans to rebuild her house.



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