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Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之九)(组图)

Cherry: Help me. Please.

  T-bag: Youll have to forgive my boy. He has the, uh,propensityto be a bit gregarious when he shouldnt be. Fraternizingin theprison shower. Come on.

  Michael: Maybe you ought to cut the kid a break.

  T-bag: You wouldnt be meddling in my affairs now, wouldyou,Scofield? You cant be that stupid. Not when Im so fullyinvestedin your affairs.

  Michael: Whats between you and him... is between you andhim.

  T-bag: Thats what I thought you said.

  Cherry: Youve got to help me.

  Sucre: Looks like I got to find something else to callyounow.

  Michael: Why is that?

  Sucre: Cause you aint a fish no more. You aint the newest coninthe tank. No...

  Michael: I couldve done something.

  Lincoln: No. T-Bag had his hooks in that kid. There wasnothingyou couldve done.

  Michael: I couldve told the pope. He couldve transferred thekidto AdSeg. He wouldve been safe.

  Lincoln: Go easy, Michael. You didnt even know him.

  Michael: That makes it okay? I turned my back on him becauseIdidnt want to make waves. It was just... easier... to looktheother way... keep the plan safe.

  Lincoln: And you did.

  Michael: But at what price?

  Abruzzi: I give you permission to call to Philly? Hey, I askedyoua question, man.

  Gus: Listen, there, uh... theres been a restructuring. Thiscomesfrom Philly himself. You couldnt deliver Fibonacci... so ImTheMan in here now.

  Abruzzi: Hey, jelly wad... run to the commissary, get me a bagofchips, well pretend this never happened, center?

  Gus: Yeah, Im telling you, John. The sooner you face thesefacts,the better off we will all be.

  Abruzzi: I could kill you in a heartbeat.

  Gus: Somehow I doubt that. The sooner you face facts, thebetteroff we will all be. Youre yesterdays news, John.


  1. Cut someone a break

  Give someone a break 的另一种表达,意思是Give someone a chance orspecialconsideration,常常翻译成饶了某人,放过某人,给某人一个机会,例如:She begged theprofessorfor an extension on her term paper, saying Please give meabreak.

  另外,give me a break还可以用来表示感叹,要求对方stop trying to fool or upsetorbother me,例如:Dont tell me the partys been postponedagain--giveme a break!

  2. hooks

  在俚语中,hooks有hands or fingers的意思,例如:Get your hooks offthatcake!


   影片对白 That makes it okay? I turned my back on himbecauseI didnt want to make waves. It was just... easier... tolook theother way... keep the plan safe.


  考考你 一展身手

  3. Turn ones back on

  拒绝,忽略,背弃,抛弃的意思,例如:I cant turn my back on my own daughter,nomatter what shes done.

  4. Make waves

  (诘问,拒绝接受已存在的事实因而)挑起事端,引发争端的意思,例如:Weve finally settledourdifferences, so please dont make waves.

  5. in a heartbeat

  意为without hesitation,例如:Youd better think over what I said.Ican kill you in a heartbeat.

  6. Yesterdays news

  昨天的新闻会是什么样的新闻?从时效性上来说,当然是已经过时的、无关紧要的了。Yesterdays newsmeansirrelevant,Gus 的意思是 Abruzzi从此和监狱工厂再没有关系了。


  Prison industry in the U. S. 美国的监狱产业
  Prison labor has its roots in slavery. After the 1861-1865CivilWar, a system of hiring out prisoners was introduced inorder tocontinue the slavery tradition. Freed slaves were chargedwith notcarrying out their sharecropping commitments (cultivatingsomeoneelses land in exchange for part of the harvest) or pettythievery- which were almost never proven - and were then hiredout forcotton picking, working in mines and building railroads.From 1870until 1910 in the state of Georgia, 88% of hired-outconvicts wereBlack. In Alabama, 93% of hired-out miners wereBlack. InMississippi, a huge prison farm similar to the oldslaveplantations replaced the system of hiring out convicts.Thenotorious Parchman plantation existed until 1972.

  During the post-Civil War period, Jim Crow racial segregationlawswere imposed on every state, with legal segregation inschools,housing, marriages and many other aspects of daily life.Today, anew set of markedly racist laws is imposing slave laborandsweatshops on the criminal justice system, now known as theprisonindustry complex, comments the center Business Observer.
Who is investing? At least 37 states have legalized thecontractingof prison labor by private corporations that mount theiroperationsinside state prisons. The list of such companies containsthe creamof U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola,Microsoft,AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq,Honeywell,Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com,Intel, NorthernTelecom, TWA, Nordstroms, Revlon, Macys, PierreCardin, TargetStores, and many more. All of these businesses areexcited aboutthe economic boom generation by prison labor. Justbetween 1980 and1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31billion. Inmatesin state penitentiaries generally receive theminimum wage fortheir work, but not all; in Colorado, they getabout $2 per hour,well under the minimum. And in privately-runprisons, they receiveas little as 17 cents per hour for a maximumof six hours a day,the equivalent of $20 per month. Thehighest-paying private prisonis CCA in Tennessee, where prisonersreceive 50 cents per hour forwhat they call highly skilledpositions. At those rates, it is nosurprise that inmates find thepay in federal prisons to be verygenerous. There, they can earn$1.25 an hour and work eight hours aday, and sometimes overtime.They can send home $200-$300 permonth.

  Thanks to prison labor, the United States is once againanattractive location for investment in work that was designedforThird World labor markets. A company that operated amaquiladora(assembly plant in Mexico near the border) closed downitsoperations there and relocated to San Quentin State PrisoninCalifornia. In Texas, a factory fired its 150 workersandcontracted the services of prisoner-workers from theprivateLockhart Texas prison, where circuit boards are assembledforcompanies like IBM and Compaq.


   影片对白 That makes it okay? I turned my back on himbecauseI didnt want to make waves. It was just... easier... tolook theother way... keep the plan safe.

  文化面面观 Prison industry in the U. S.美国的监狱产业

  Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix recently urged Niketocut its production in Indonesia and bring it to his state,tellingthe shoe manufacturer that there wont be anytransportationcosts; were offering you competitive prison labor(here).
The prison privatization boom began in the 1980s, underthegovernments of Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr., but reached itsborder=1 Heightin 1990 under William Clinton, when Wall Streetstocks were sellinglike hotcakes. Clintons program for cutting thecutting thefederal workforce resulted in the Justice Departmentscontractingof private prison corporations for the incarcerationofundocumented workers and high-security inmates.

  Private prisons are the biggest business in the prisonindustrycomplex. About 18 corporations guard 10,000 prisoners in 27states.The two largest are Correctional Corporation of America(CCA) andWackenhut, which together control 75%. Private prisonsreceive aguaranteed amount of money for each prisoner, independentof whatit costs to maintain each one. According to Russell Boraas,aprivate prison administrator in Virginia, the secret tolowoperating costs is having a minimal number of guards forthemaximum number of prisoners. The CCA has an ultra-modern prisoninLawrenceville, Virginia, where five guards on dayshift and twoatnight watch over 750 prisoners. In these prisons, inmates maygettheir sentences reduced for good behavior, but foranyinfraction, they get 30 days added - which means more profitsforCCA. According to a study of New Mexico prisons, it was foundthatCCA inmates lost good behavior time at a rate eight timeshigherthan those in state prisons. (www.granma.cu)

  Abruzzi作为Fox River 监狱工厂的头目,享有者管理犯人、发放PIcard的特权。当然,他得向狱警Bellick缴纳巨额的好处费。当Abruzzi背后的黑帮不再支持他后,好处费的来源没有了,Abruzzi也就被赶下了头目的位置。


  Fish Cherry因为无法忍受T-bag的折磨,向Michael求救,Michael劝说T-bag不成,考虑到越狱的计划,拒绝了Cherry的请求。走投无路的Cherry万念俱灰,用床单上吊自杀了。这一幕无论是对Michael还是对观众触动都很大:在这个弱肉强食的世界里,生存不仅要靠技术和手段,还要有坚定的信念。无论是在监狱内外,这条道理都适用。



  1. 他直接拒绝了他们,再也没有重新考虑一下。

  2. 防止卷入办公室纠纷的最佳办法是不要挑起事端。

  Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之八)考考你 参考答案

  1. 爸爸在工作,孩子们则在给他捣乱。

  Dad was working, and the children were getting in his hair.

  2. 他承认他拿了钱,并且说很高兴把这事说出来。

  He admitted taking the money and said he was glad to get itoffhis chest.


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