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Ron: Excuse me, do you mind? Every where else is full.

  Harry: Not at all.

  Ron: Im Ron by the way. Ron Weasley.

  Harry: Im Harry. Harry Potter.

  Ron: So, so its true! I mean, do you really have the, the...

  Harry: The what?

  Ron: Scar?

  Harry: Oh!

  Ron: Wicked!

  Woman: Anything off the trolley dears?

  Ron: No, thanks, Im all set.

  Harry: Well take a lot!

  Ron: Woah!

  Harry: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans?

  Ron: They mean every flavor! Theres chocolate and peppermintandalso, spinach, liver and tripe. George sweared he gotboogieflavored one once.

  Harry: These arent real frogs, are they?

  Ron: Its just a spell. Besides, its the cards you want.Eachpacks got a famous witch or wizard. I got about 500 meself.Watchit! Thats rotten luck. Theyve only got one good jump in themtobegin with.

  Harry: Ive got Dumbledore!

  Ron: Ive got about 6 of him.

  Harry: Hey, hes gone!

  Ron: Well you cant expect him to hang around all day, canyou?This is Scabbers by the way. Pathetic, isnt he?

  Harry: Just a little bit.

  Ron: Fred gave me a spell to turn him yellow. Want to see?

  Harry: Yeah!

  Ron: Ahem. Sun...

  Hermione: Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Nevilleslostone.

  Ron: No.

  Hermione: Oh, are you doing magic? Lets see then.

  Ron: Ahem. Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow Turn this stupid fatratyellow.

  Hermione: Are you sure thats a real spell? Well, its notverygood, is it? Of course, Ive only tried a few simple onesmyselfbut theyve all worked for me. For example: Oculus Reparo.Thatsbetter, isnt it? Holy cricket! Youre Harry Potter! ImHermioneGranger. And you are?

  Ron: Im Ron Weasley.

  Hermione: Pleasure. You two better change into your robes.Iexpect well be arriving soon. Youve got dirt on your nose bytheway. Did you know? Just there.


  1. Wicked


  本来是邪恶的的意思,但在这里它的意思是wonderful; great; masterful;deeplysatisfying,是它的俚语用法,例如:He blows a Wicked trumpet.

  此外,Wicked 在俚语中还可以表示very; really; totally,例如:That shirt isWickedcool.

  2. all set

  all set的意思是准备好,都准备妥当了,例如:Im all set to leave thecountry.

  有时, 你到超市买东西,买完要付账时,店员也会对你说Are you all set?。

  3. sweared, meself



   影片对白 Im Harry. Harry Potter.


  考考你 现学现卖

  4. Hang around

  意思是Spend time idly, loiter,例如:Every afternoon they couldbefound hanging around the mall.

  5. Pleasure

  幸会,和 nice to meet you意思一样,只不过更正式一些。从Hermione的这几句谈话中,我们就可以看出她是一个勤奋好学、受过良好家庭教育的人。


  什么是魔法 About magic

  Magic, in religion and superstition, the practice ofmanipulatingand controlling the course of nature by preternaturalmeans. Magicis based upon the belief that the universe is populatedby unseenforces or spirits that permeate all things. Becausethesesupernatural forces are thought to govern the course ofnaturalevents, control of these forces gives humans control overnature.The practice of magic is held to depend on the proper use ofboththe ritual and the spell. The spell, or incantation, is thecore ofthe magical ceremony; it unlocks the full power of theritual. Thepractice of magic, in seeking its desired end, maycombines withinits scope elements of religion and science. Inalchemy, forexample, the process of transmuting a base metal intogold requiresprecise weights and volumes of acids, bases, andcatalysts as wellas the reciting of holy passages and prayers.

  Anthropologists often distinguish between two forms of magic,thesympathetic and the contiguous. Sympathetic magic works ontheprinciple that like produces like. The Ojibwa of NorthAmericawould make a wooden image of an enemy and then stick pinsinto it.Because the doll represented the enemy, harm done to thedoll wasbelieved to harm the enemy. Contiguous magic operates onthe beliefthat things that have been in contact will continue toact on eachother after the physical contact has ceased. Theaborigines ofAustralia believe that they can lame a person byplacing sharppieces of quartz, glass, bone, or charcoal in thatpersonsfootprints. Sometimes both sympathetic and contiguous magicareused in conjunction; certain African tribespeople will build aclayeffigy around nail clippings, hairs, or bits of cloth belongingtothe enemy and roast the completed image slowly in a fire.

  Not all magic is performed in order to harm or destroy, andforthis reason a distinction is made between black magic andwhitemagic. White magic is characterized by those rites andspellsdesigned to produce beneficial effects for the community(seefertility rites) or for the individual, particularly in thosecaseswhere an illness is considered to be the result of evil demonsorof black magic.


   影片对白 Im Harry. Harry Potter.

  文化面面观 什么是魔法 About magic




  1. 我正准备离家外出,这时电话铃响了。

  2. 昨夜有人看见两个形迹可疑的人在校园里徘徊。

  The Queen《女王》(精讲之六)考考你 参考答案

  1. 她崩溃后,心理疗法帮她恢复了健康。

  Psychotherapy helped her get back on her feet afterherbreakdown.

  2. 如果你答应不告诉别人,我就告诉你。

  Ill tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

  3. 你一眼就能看到他对她的感觉,他都写在脸上了。

  You cant help but see how he feels about her; he wears hishearton his sleeve.


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