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Little Miss Sunshine《阳光小美女》(精讲之一)(组图)

Sheryl: So what happened with Stan Grossman?

  Richard: Hes in Scottsdale.

  Sheryl: Why didnt he call?

  Richard: Will you let me worry about this, please?

  Sheryl: Dwayne, can you check on Frank? Tell him itsdinnertime.Olive! Dinnertime!

  Olive: Coming!

  Frank: What? Dinner? What, you dont talk anymore? Why not?Youcan talk. You just choose not to? Is that Nietzsche? Youdontspeak because of Friedrich Nietzsche. Far out.

  Sheryl: Frank, you can sit here next to Dwayne. Heres thesalad,and Im gonna run and get Sprite for everyone. Olive, comeon!Dinnertime!

  Olive: Okay.

  Frank: So who do you hang out with? No one? What aboutyourfamily?

  Richard: Frank! Hey!

  Frank: Richard.

  Richard: Good to... see you. Let me get Olive. Olive? Dad?

  Sheryl: You guys, go on and start.

  Grandpa: Lets go!

  Olive: Were coming.

  Sheryl: Frank, some Sprite?

  Frank: Yes.

  Sheryl: And I want everyone to have at least a little salad.

  Frank: Thanks, Sheryl.

  Sheryl: Honey.

  Frank: So, Sheryl, I couldnt help noticing Dwayne hasstoppedspeaking.

  Sheryl: Oh, yeah, hes taken a vow of silence.

  Frank: Youve taken a vow of silence?

  Sheryl: Yeah. Hes gonna join the Air Force Academy, become atestpilot and hes taken a vow of silence until he reachesthatgoal.

  Frank: Youre kidding?

  Olive: Hi, Uncle Frank.

  Frank: Oh, hey, Olive. Wow, youre gettin big. Almost like arealperson.

  Olive: What happened to your arms?

  Sheryl: Olive.

  Frank: Thats all center. I had a little accident. Im okay.

  Richard: Hows the, uh, routine coming, honey?

  Olive: Its good.

  Richard: Yeah? When are you gonna show it to us?

  Olive: I dont know. Its up to Grandpa.

  Grandpa: A couple of days. Still needs work. Whats that?Chicken?Every night its the fuckin chicken! Holy God Almighty!Is itpossible just once-

  Richard: Dad!

  Grandpa: We could get something to eat for dinner aroundherethats not the goddamn fucking chicken?

  Richard: Hey, Dad!

  Grandpa: Im just sayin-

  Richard: Dad!

  Grandpa: Christ.

  Richard: When you ever want to start cooking your own food,youremore than welcome.

  Grandpa: At Sunset Manor, you know-

  Richard: If you like Sunset Manor, you shouldnt have gotyourselfkicked out. center?

  Grandpa: For Gods sakes.


  1. check on

  本意是to investigate, scrutinize, orinspect检查,察看,这里是看一下。
这个片语也写作check up on,check over,我们来看个例子:Illcheck on the brakes and makesure theyre all center.

  2. Far out

  Far out


  His sense of humor is Far out.

  His political opinions are Far out.

  Johns taste of art was considered Far out.

  此外,Far out 还可以用作感叹词,表示 great,cool:All he could say when he wonthelottery was Far out! 这也是在本电影片段中的意思。

  3. Take / make a vow of

  发誓,立誓的意思,例如:The subjects take a vow of loyalty to the king.

  4. Kick out

  这里的意思是逐出(由指不光彩地),例如:George said theyd been kicked out ofthecountry club.


   影片对白 So who do you hang out with? No one? What aboutyourfamily?


  Little Miss Sunshine 阳光小美女

  Little Miss Sunshine is a 2006 Academy Award-winningdramaticcomedy film about a dysnal familys road trip to a childbeautypageant. The film, which was directed by the husband-wifeteam ofJonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, was nominated for aGolden Globeand won the Best Feature - World Cinema Audience Awardat the 2006Sydney Film Festival. Produced by IMPACTS Entertainmenton a budgetof $8 million, distribution
centers for the film were bought by Fox Searchlight Pictures for$10million, which is reported to have been one of the biggestdealsever made in the festivals history. The movie was released intheUnited States on July 26, 2006, and had its continentalEuropeanpremiere on August 12 at the 2006 Locarno InternationalFilmFestival.

  The film was nominated for four Academy Awards includingBestPicture and won two: Best Original Screenplay for Michael ArndtandBest Supporting Actor for Alan Arkin. It also won theIndependentSpirit Award for Best Feature.

  Plot summary

  Little Miss Sunshine is the story of the Hoovers, afictionaldysnal family from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The charactersareintroduced in the opening sequences: Sheryl Hoover (ToniCollette),a stressed and over-worked mother of two, picks up herbrotherFrank (Steve Carell) at a hospital after the depressed, gayProustscholar has recovered from a failed suicide attempt. RichardHoover(Greg Kinnear) is a manic go-getter striving to sellhismotivational nine-step technique to becoming a winner. Dwayne(PaulDano), is an angst-ridden, avowedly mute,Nietzsche-readingteenager who has dedicated his life to joining theAir ForceAcademy in order to become a test pilot. Richards father,Edwin(Alan Arkin), recently evicted from a retirement home forsnortingheroin, is shown to have a strong bond with hisseven-year-oldgranddaughter Olive (Abigail Breslin), and coachesher to performin a child beauty pageant.

  After an expository dinner sequence, Olive learns shehasqualified for the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant thatisbeing held in Redondo Beach, California in two days. Olive isaskedto be in Little Miss Sunshine after placing second inanotherbeauty pageant. As soon as Olive hears the news she gets upfromthe table and starts screaming with joy, hurrying down stairstokeep practicing her routine that her grandpa has been teachingher.While Olive is partying downstairs her parents are forced toplanhow they are going to get there. Since their relatives are outoftown and the family cannot afford other alternatives, thefamilyrealizes they must pack all six family mrs into theiryellowVolkswagen Type 2 mini-bus for a two-day road triptoCalifornia.

  The familys tensions play out on the highway and at stopsalongthe way, amidst the aging VW vans mechanical problems.Thecharacters suffer setbacks: Richards hopes for hismotivationaltechnique business sputter out; Frank encounters hisex-boyfriendwho is now dating Franks scholarly rival; Grandpa diesfrom aheroin overdose during the familys overnight stay at amotel;Dwayne discovers that he is color-blind, which means hecannotbecome a pilot (this causes him to speak his first line ofthemovie - fuck); and Sheryls obsessive manner impels hertoattempt to keep everyone, including herself, calm and sane.Amidstall this, the family races to get to the pageant on time,travelingin the VW van with a broken clutch (requiring them topush-start itafter every stop) and a faulty horn that wont stophonking on itsown.

  The finale takes place at the pageant, in which 6- to7-year-oldgirls model swimsuits and evening wear, as well asperformingelaborate dance numbers. Olive is out-classed by theother girlsemulation of Barbie dolls, but the family reluctantlyallows her tocontinue the competition and pursue her dream. In thetalentportion, Olive scandalizes and horrifies the audience andpageantjudges with a striptease-style burlesque performance (to thetuneof Rick James Super Freak), taught to her by Grandpa, whichsheperforms unaware of its risque nature. When her family risestodefend her from the pageant organizers and shield her fromthehumiliation of being removed from the stage, the ensuingchaosbrings the dysnal family together in a shining moment oftriumphover all of the many obstacles that littered theircollectivejourney spanning time and interstate highways. By dancingon stagetogether they find what is really important in life;eachother.

  To placate the irate pageant organizers, the family gladlyagreesto their demand that Olive never ever participate in anotherbeautypageant in the state of California. They return to theirvan,push-start it, jump one by one into the side door, and headhomesmiling.



  1. 把眼睛蒙起来作画,这可真够前卫的。

  2. 他们又吵又闹,餐馆的主人把他们撵了出去。

  3. 我们得不时检查一下他的工作。

  A Walk in the Clouds《云中漫步》(精讲之三)考考你 参考答案


  The whole matter boils down to the fact that you two dontlikeeach other.


  I hope youll stick around till the end.


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