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  21. For every course that he follows a student is given agrade,which is recorded, and the record is available for thestudent toshow to prospective employers.

  22. All this imposes a constant pressure and strain of work,butin spite of this some students still find time for greatactivityin student affairs.

  23. The effective work of maintaining discipline isusuallyperformed by students who advise the academicauthorities.

  24. Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wivesrealizewhat these energy cycles mean, and which cycle each mr ofthefamily has.

  25. Whenever possible, do routine work in the afternoon andsavetasks requiring more energy or concentration for yoursharperhours.

  26. We also value personal qualities and social skills, andwefind that mixed-ability teaching contributes to all theseaspectsof learning.

  27. They also learn how to cope with personal problems as wellaslearning how to think, to make decisions, to analyse andevaluate,and to communicate effectively.

  28. The problem is, how to encourage a child to expresshimselffreely and confidently in writing without holding him backwith thecomplexities of spelling?

  29. It may have been a sharp criticism of the pupil’stechnicalabilities in writing, but it was also a sad reflection ontheteacher who had omitted to read the essay, which containedsomebeautiful expressions of the child’s deep feelings.

  30. The teacher was not wrong to draw attention to the errors,butif his priorities had centred on the child’s ideas, anexpression ofhis disappointment with the presentation would havegiven the pupilmore motivation to seek improvement.

  31. Given the nature of government and private employers, itseemsmost likely that discrimination by private employers wouldbegreater.

  32. The release of the carbon in these compounds forrecyclingdepends almost entirely on the action of both aerobic andanaerobicbacteria and certain types of fungi.

  33. A spirited discussion springs up between a young girl whosaysthat women have outgrown thejumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-amouse era and a major who saysthat they haven’t.

  34. They are trying to find out whether there is somethingaboutthe way we teach language to children which in factpreventschildren from learning sooner.

  35. Mathematicians who have tried to use the computers to copytheway the brain works have found that even using the latestelectronicequipment they would have to build a computer whichweighed over10,000 kilos.

  36. Since different people like to do so many different thingsintheir spare time, we could make a long list of hobbies, takingineverything from collecting matchboxes and raising rare fish,tolearning about the stars and making model ships.

  37. They know that a seal swimming under the ice will keepabreathing hole open by its warm breath, so they will waitbesidethe hole and kill it.

  38. We may be able to decide whether someone is white onlybyseeing if they have none of the features that would markthemclearly as a mr of another race.

  39. Although signs of dishonesty in school , businessandgovernment seem much more numerous in years than in the past,couldit be that we are getting better at revealing suchdishonesty?

  40. It is not quite a matter of disagreeing with the theoryofindependence, but of rejecting its implications: that theromancesmay be taken in any or no particular order, that they havenocumulative effect, and that they are as sete as the works ofamodern novelist.





















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