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  aerobics 有氧操,body-building 健美,jogging 慢跑,judo 柔道,wresting 摔跤,ball games 球类运动,football 足球,basketball 篮球,tennis 网球,squash 壁球,rugby 橄榄球,volleyball 排球,golf 高尔夫球,table tennis 乒乓球,badminton 羽毛球,baseball 棒球,cricket 板球,hockey 曲棍球,billiard 台球,softball 垒球,ice hockey 冰球,aquatic sports 水上运动,country sports 乡间户外活动(如打猎, 钓鱼, 射击, 赛马等)

  a favourite sport 受人喜爱的运动项目,the school sports 学校运动会,sports extra 体育增刊,a sports meet [meeting] 运动会,a sports field 运动场,sportscast n., v.[美](播送)体育节目,sportscaster n. 体育节目广播员,sports-down n. [美]运动界,sports-minded adj. 关心体育的,sportswriting n.体育新闻的报道或写作,sports-wear n.运动服装,sports-writer 体育运动专栏作家,sportsdom [美]体育界


  amateur 业余运动员,爱好者,contestant, competitor, player 运动员,enthusiast, fan 迷,爱好者,guide 领队,instructor 教练,技术指导,linesman, touch judge (橄榄球)裁判,manager 经纪人 ,professional 职业运动员,referee, umpire (网球.棒球)裁判,trainer 助理教练,batsman 板球运动员,batter 击球运动员,men's singles 单打运动员,in the mixed doubles 混合双打

  足球运动员 a football player

  守门员 the goalkeeper

  运动员,田径运动员 an athlete / a sportsman / a sports-woman

  职业/ 业余运动员(球类运动员)a professional / amateur player

  教练 the coach 他的对手 his opponents / rivals


  sports stadium 露天运动场,football stadium 有看台的大型足球场,children's stadium 儿童运动场,ice stadium 冰场,swimming stadium 有看台的游泳场,football pitch足球场,rugby pitch橄榄球场,hockey pitch 曲棍球场,cricket pitch 板球场,swimming pool 游泳池,natatorium(室内游泳池),tennis court网球场,basketball court 篮球场,squash court 壁球场,volleyball court 排球场,badminton court 羽毛球场,golf course 高尔夫球场,exercise area 运动区,ice [skating] rink 溜冰场,ping pong tables 乒乓球案

  奥运会 the Olympic Games

  东道国 the host nation

  火把点燃仪式 the flame-lighting ceremony

  开幕式 / 闭幕式 the opening / closing ceremony

  发奖仪式 the prize-awarding ceremony

  (田径)比赛 a competition / contest

  锦标赛 a championship

  (球类)比赛 a match / game


  badminton羽毛球, basketball篮球, baseball棒球, football足球, handball手球, hockey曲棍球, tennis 网球, volleyball排球, canoeing划艇, diving跳水, rowing划船, swimming游泳, synchronised swimming 同游表演, water polo水球, high jump跳高, hurdles 跳栏赛跑, the high [low] 高[低]栏赛跑, long jump跳远, Marathon马拉松长跑, pole vault撑杆跳, 20 km and 50 km road walk, triathlon三项全能运动, Floor Exercises自由体操, gymnastics体操, balance bars平衡杆, horizontal bar单杠, parallel bars双杠, rings吊环, archery箭术, boxing拳击, cycling骑自行车比赛, discus 掷铁饼, equestrian骑马, fencing剑术, javelin投枪, judo 柔道, Pommel Horse鞍马, shooting射击, shot put推铅球, taekwondo跆拳道(亦作T-K-D), weightlifting举重, wrestling摔跤, track and field athletics田径赛, 田径运动

  favourite 可望取胜者 (美作:favorite),outsider 无取胜希望者,championship 冠军赛,锦标赛,champion 冠军,record 纪录,record holder 纪录创造者,ace 网球赛中的一分,Olympic Games, Olympics 奥林匹克运动会,Winter Olympics 冬季奥林匹克运动会 ,stadium 运动场,track 跑道,ring 圈,ground, field 场地,pitch (足球、橄榄球)场地,court 网球场,team, side 队


  skiing 滑雪,ski 滑雪板,滑雪橇,downhill race 速降滑雪赛,滑降,slalom 障碍滑雪,ski jumping competition 跳高滑雪比赛,ski jump 跳高滑雪,ice skating 滑冰,figure skating 花样滑冰,roller skating 滑旱冰,bobsleigh, bobsled 雪橇


  swimming pool 游泳池,changing room 更衣室,shower 淋浴,diving platform 跳台,diving pool 跳水池,non-swimmer's pool 浅水池,swimmer's pool 深水池,swimming lane 泳道,lifesaver, lifeguard 救生员,breaststroke 蛙泳,crawl stroke 爬泳,back stroke 仰泳,side stroke 侧泳,butterfly stroke 蝶泳,surfing 冲浪,surfboard 冲浪板,water ski 滑水橇


  cyclist 骑自行车者,bicycle, cycle, bike 自行车,cycle track 自行车赛车道,cycling 自行车赛,to ride a bicycle 骑自行车,hand signals 手势, tandem 双轮双座自行车,racing cycle 公路赛车,cycling stadium 自行车赛车场

  health n. 健康

  be in good health 健康良好

  be in poor health 健康不佳


  You are in great shape.你身体素质真好。


  Baseball is my favorite sport. What’s your favorite?

  My nephew is a baseball player. He is a catcher.

  When you played football, what position did you play?

  We played a game last night. The score was tired six-to-six.

  I went to a boxing match last night. It was a good fight.

  When I was on the track team, I used to run the quarter mile.

  I like fishing and hunting, but I don't like swimming.

  My favorite winter sport is skiing. I belong to a ski club.

  Would you be interested in going to the horse races this afternoon?

  The hardest thing to learn is to be a good loser.

  Be a good sport. Play according to the rules of the game.

  Our family went camping last summer. We had to buy a new tent.

  This afternoon we went to the gym for a workout. We lifted weights.

  My muscles are sore from playing baseball.

  Jogging early in the morning has improved her health.



  He was catching his breath after the 1000 meter race.



  I’ve had no exercise for ages;I’m really out of condition.



  Swimming is the best way to tone up your body.



  He has few peers in pennies.



  I like playing basketball and badminton.



  Did you watch the football game between Manchester United and Arsenal last night?


  The Sidney Olympics attracted more than one million new travelers into Australia.



  He is a big fan of the NBA games.



  African athletes are good at track and field events.



  The annual school sports meet is held in March.





  I’ve been cooped up in the house for the whole week.



  Let’s get out for some fresh air.



  I feel I have to get away from it all.

  Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine.上下楼梯可比什么健身器都要好。


  狂欢 painting the town red.

  I've got to start working out. 我必须开始做健身运动了。


  She runs everyday in order to lose weight.她每天都跑步是为了减肥。


  Going swimming should be a good way of letting your hair down after a hard day’s work.



  People not only keep fit or keep a good shape through doing more physical exercises, but also make many friends who have the similar interests. When I attended a basketball club, I knew my current best friends, Tom.



  Let your hair down 轻松一下,忘记工作和压力

  Keeping fit--or maybe getting in shape--is often high on the list of New Year's resolutions for Americans. In the past two decades, fitness has become a fad. Many Americans have joined health clubs to work out with professional equipment. Sports stores sell athletic shoes and clothing for every possible exercise situation. People can even buy weights and equipment and set up their own exercise center at home!



  President Bush has always loved the game of baseball. Mister Bush says that when he was a boy he wanted to grow up to be a baseball player. He said the game taught him to develop a strong resistance against critics. He said it also taught him to rise above minor problems and work instead on long-term goals.

  If our bodies are not strong, our spirit to do things will certainly be quite dull. And at the same time, we are lack of energy to study. Diseases will only attack the weak, but not the strong.



  Exercise helps us (to) strengthen our bodies and avoid disease. It also teaches us cooperation, for most exercise is played by team.



  China is called “table tennis kingdom”. Apparently, Ping Pang is the most popular sports.



  It depends. It’s lovely for an individual to spend time on what he or she prefers to do, but if he or she is too addicted, it might lead to excessive waste of time.



  In 21st century, more people concerns their physical health and when they are free, physical fitness is supposed to be their best choice. So I believe that the corresponding training like aerobics and yoga gets superheated.



  Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life.



  In order to insure good health we must pay attention to three things. They are—nourishing food, fresh air and proper exercise.



  Physical fitness and exercise are important for good physical and mental health. Exercise helps a person develop and maintain a strong self-image and a sense of emotional balance. As a person gets older, exercise becomes more important because after age 30 the heart’s blood pumping capacity declines at a rate of about 8 percent each decade.

  Exercise is also important for children. Vigorous physical activity helps a child’s overall development. Research shows that exercise can reduce the gathering of cholesterol on artery walls of children and adults. Too much cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. There is, however, no evidence that exercise prolongs life. Former athletes do not live longer than nonathletes, nor are they saved from heart disease. The benefits of exercise cannot be kept for more than a few months or years without continued exercise. Even Olympic-level athletes will go back rapidly to pre-training levels once they stop exercise. The amount of activity necessary for fitness varies from person to person. Age, physical structure, health, and gender are important factors.


  Soccer becomes part of European culture.

  To meet the fans in the stands at football games across Europe.

  They wear face paint, shout at the teams they love or hate and go crazy when talking about the players they think truly stink.

  In Europe, soccer has so long a history that it has become part of the culture. But each European country has its own “football culture”.

  Britain: British football is not necessarily the best in the world, but its football marketing is no doubt the most successful of all European counties.

  The English Premier League draws global television audiences, and Michael Owen and David Beckham have become worldwide superstars.

  Part of the reason comes from Briton’s love of the sports.

  Many British football fans enjoy gathering in pubs to talk about their favorite teams and players and to watch games together.

  The Winchester Hall Tavern in London is one of the most famous football pubs in Britain. The large old Victorian pub is equipped with five TVs and a big screen. It’s so large that it never gets packed.

  Partly due to the excessive drinking in the pubs, Britain also produces some infamous hooligans, who have become an increasing headache for police offices in Europe.

  Germany: According to 1996 report to the European parliament, German fans tend to come from the middle class of society, and can be divided into three broad types.

  The “consumer-oriented” fan will sit in the stands or seek a quite spot on the terraces and just wants to see good games.

  The “football-oriented” fan dressed in his team’s colours and badges, is a member of the supporter’s club, stands on the terraces and supports his club through thick and thin.

  The “adventure-oriented” fan will change his spot on the terraces from game to game and wants to see something happen, whether it has anything to do with football or not.

  Italy: Football culture is an extended form of town .

  France: Football in France has never attracted the numbers of live spectators, or inspired such passionate support, as in other European countries. Despite the current popularity of the sport, even major cities cannot have more than one team, and matches attract on average only a third of the spectators of their equivalents in Italy, England and Spain.

  The interest has increased largely due to the successes of French teams in international competition and accompanying large scale investment in the “promotion” of football.

  The revival of popular interest in football and the increase in attendance at football matches have led to a diverse group of fans.

  The majority of spectators are both from the working class and the middle class.

  Some have even described the fans in French as: “with the exception of the upper classes, all of society is found in the stadium”.

  Football craze

  In recent years more and more people have been drawn to football. Football fan clubs and associations have been set up across the country. In fact, football is becoming such a focus of interest that even football fans are becoming celebrities.

  Football fans, form a special informal social group and their emergence “boils down to people’s desire to belong to something”.

  Football satisfies this desire of belonging, as fans can organize themselves into groups to support a team through good times and bad.

  The reason that football had become so popular was that anyone could be a supporter. You do not have to take exams to be supporter; you even don’t have to be able to play football.

  The competitive nation of the game gives fans a sense that they are part of a special social group.

  With its fierce rivalry and mass participation, football is unique. It is the world’s No. One sport.

  The huge size of the field also gives a chance for the players to be creative and for the spectators to look on in awe.

  People can express themselves through football. And it’s quite easy to learn and play the sport: you need only a ball.

  Whilst in European counties people have always been aware of football’s power to make supporters react in such an intense and passionate way, this was the first time for the Chinese public to see such a response. The May 19 incident ironically had the effect of drawing more fans to the games rather than turning them away.

  The response contrasted to May 19, 1985, when after hearing that China had failed to get into the World Cup finals, fans went on a rampage and started burning cars and causing fires on the streets of Beijing.

  "One world, One Dream"—Slogan of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

  "One World, One Dream," is an embodiment of the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of people. It expresses the firm belief of a great nation, with a long history of 5,000 years and on its way towards modernization, that is committed to peaceful development, a harmonious society and people’s happiness.

  The slogan is simple, meaningful, inspiring, and easy to remember, read and spread.

  The Olympic Games are unique in their ability to attract the world’s attention, using sport to promote peace and understanding.




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