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64届金球奖揭晓 《通天塔》获最佳影片奖(图)

  Helen Mirren won best actress as Britains priggishmonarchElizabeth II in The Queen

  Babel won best drama and Dreamgirls was named best musicalorcomedy at Mondays Golden Globes, establishing them aspotentialfront-runners for a showdown at the Academy Awards.

  I swear I have my papers in order, governor, I swear,Babeldirector Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu of Mexico jokedafterCalifornia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented the bestdramaprize for the sweeping ensemble drama that takes place onthreecontinents.

  Inarritus wisecrack was a highlight of an otherwise ho-humGlobesceremony, a show that failed to live up to its reputation asafreewheeling Hollywood soiree where stars sometimes cut loosewithamusing antics.

  The Globes for best dramatic performances were awardedforrenditions of two wildly different heads of state: Helen Mirrenwonbest actress as Britains priggish monarch Elizabeth II inTheQueen, while Forest Whitaker took best actor as magneticbutsavage Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in The Last KingofScotland.

  Mirren noted that at age 25 in 1952, Elizabeth walkedintoliterally the role of a lifetime, and I honestly think thisawardbelongs to her, because I think you fell in love with her, notwithme.

  Both Mirren and Whitaker have been regarded as Oscarfront-runnerssince their films debuted last fall.

  Mirren also won the Globe for best actress in a TV movieorminiseries as the current monarchs namesake of centuries agoinElizabeth I.

  The crowd-pleasing musical Dreamgirls also won acting honorsforEddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, its three prizespossiblypositioning it as the nominal favorite heading towardtheOscars.

  Babel, a tale of families around the globe linked bytragicevents in the African desert, won only best drama, leavingitsOscar prospects somewhat up in the air. Other dramas itbeat,including the crime saga The Departed and The Queen,stillcould challenge for the top Oscar.

  Murphy, previously a three-time loser in the best-actorcategoryat the Globes, finally won a major Hollywood honor after a25-yearcareer in which his fast-talking comic persona made him asuperstarwhile critical acceptance eluded him.

  As Hollywoods second-biggest film honors, the Globesaresomething of a dress rehearsal for the Oscars, whosenominationscome out Jan. 23. The Oscar ceremony will be on Feb.25.

  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association that presents theGlobeshas roughly 85 mrs, while about 5,800 film professionalsareeligible to vote for the Oscars.

  Yet the group has a strong history of forecasting eventualAcademyAwards winners and providing momentum for certain moviesand starsas Oscar voters begin to cast their ballots.

  Such Globe best-picture winners as Shakespeare inLove,American Beauty, Gladiator and Chicago went on to winthesame prize at the Oscars. Globe voters were off target the pasttwoyears, anointing 2004s The Aviator as best drama, a prizethatwent to Million Dollar Baby at the Oscars, and 2005sBrokebackMountain, which lost to Crash come Oscar night.

  But all four of 2005s acting recipients at the Oscars --PhilipSeymour Hoffman, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney and RachelWeisz-- also won Golden Globes.

  Nominations for the Oscars closed Saturday, so the outcome oftheGlobes cannot affect who gets nominated.






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