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  Word  List 4

  一、 词汇自测: 请写出下列单词的汉语意思。

  151. accurate 152. accuse 153. alternative

  154. altitude 155. bomb 156. bond

  157. cheat  158. cheerful  159. collection

  160. collective  161. compound  162. comprehensive

  163. destination  164. destroy 165. dynamic

  166. edition  167. effective  168. efficient

  169. evaporate 170. even  171. finance

  172. fine  173. grand 174. grand

  175. immense  176. immigrant  177. layer

  178. leak  179. means  180. meanwhile

  181. noticeable  182. novel  183. pause

  184. payment 185. prejudice  186. preliminary

  187. rebel188. recall  189. salary

  190. sale 191. simplify 192. sincere

  193. temper  194. temporary 195. type

  196. typical  197. underground  198. underline

  199. witness  200. worship

  二、 词汇过关: 熟记下列单词的汉语意思及其用法。

  accurate a. 准确的, 精确的

  an ~ watch 一块走时准确的手表

  accuse vt. ①指责 ②指控

  ~ someone of having broken his words 指责某人不守诺言

  ~ someone of smuggling arms指控某人走私军火

  alternative n. ①供选择的东西 ②取舍, 抉择

  the ~ of going to the picnic or going to the museum两种选择: 去野餐, 或去博物馆

  have no other ~ 别无选择

  a. 两者择一的, 供选的

  the ~ plans of giving a dance or going to the opera 举行舞会或去听歌剧的可供选择的计划

  altitude n. 高度, 海拔

  fly at an ~ of 40 000 feet飞行高度为40 000英尺

  bomb n. 炸弹

  a ~ explosion 炸弹爆炸

  vt. 轰炸, 投弹于

  ~ some Chechen strongholds轰炸车臣的一些据点

  bond n. ①公债, 债券 ②联结, 联系

  sell ~s to get money for a new airport 出售债券来为新机场筹资

  the strong ~ of their friendship 他们之间牢固的友谊

  cheat vt. 欺骗, 骗取

  ~ someone out of his money骗走某人的钱

  vi. 行骗, 作弊

  ~ in the race 在赛跑中投机取巧

  n. ①欺骗, 欺诈行为 ②骗子

  a shameful ~ 见不得人的欺骗勾当

  a place where ~s cant survive for long 一个骗子难以长久存身的地方

  cheerful a. 愉快的, 高兴的

  wear a more ~ expression than usual露出不同寻常的高兴表情

  collection n. ①收集, 采集 ②收藏

  stamp ~ 邮票收集

  have a rich coin ~ 收集很多硬币

  collective a. 集体的, 共同的

  make a ~ effort全体共同努力

  n. 团体, 集体

  the workers ~ 全体工人

  compound n. 化合物, 混合物

  a ~ of hydrogen and oxygen 氢氧化合物

  a. 化合的, 复合的

  a ~ word 复合词

  comprehensive a. 广泛的, 综合的

  a ~ ecological nature reserve 综合性生态自然保护区

  destination n. 目的地, 终点

  arrive at the ~ 到达目的地

  destroy vt. ①破坏, 毁灭 ②消灭

  a city ~ed by an atomic bomb被一颗原子弹毁坏了的城市

  beat and ~ the enemy 打败并消灭敌人

  dynamic a. ①有活力的 ②动力的, 动态的

  a ~ and capable man一个有活力、 有能力的人

  the ~ current of air动态气流

  edition n. 版, 版本

  the first ~ of “Robinson Crusoe” 《鲁滨孙漂流记》 第一版

  effective a. 有效的, 生效的

  take ~ measures 采取有效措施

  efficient n. 效率高的, 有能力的

  an ~ typist 效率高的打字员

  evaporate v. (使)蒸发, (使)挥发

  ~ the sea to form clouds 蒸发海洋中的水形成云

  even a. ①均匀的 ②平的, 平坦的 ③相等的, 均等的 ④双数的,


  ~ breathing 均匀的呼吸

  the ~ surface of the table 表面很平的桌子

  ~ scores 得分相等

  ~ numbers 偶数

  finance n. 财政, 金融

  the Ministry of Finance 财政部

  v. (为……)筹措资金

  ~ the trip to Boston 筹措去波士顿的旅费

  fine n. 罚金, 罚款

  pay a ~ of 200 dollars付200美元的罚金

  vt. 处……以罚金

  be ~d 100 dollars for speeding 因超速开车而被罚100美元

  grand a. ①宏伟的, 壮丽的 ②重大的, 主要的 ③豪华的

  a ~ cathedral宏伟的大教堂

  the ~ entrance of this building 这幢大楼的主要入口

  live in a ~ style过着豪华的生活

  grant n. 拨款

  ~s from the local government 当地政府的拨款

  vt. 授予, 同意, 准予

  ~ someone permission to drain the swamp 准许某人排干沼泽

  immense a. 广大的, 巨大的

  gaze at the ~ sea 凝视着无边无际的大海

  immigrant n. 移民, 侨民

  blame ~s for rising unemployment把失业率上升归咎于住在该国的移民

  a. (从外国)移来的, 移民的

  be hostile to the ~ population 对移民不友好

  layer n. 层, 层次

  a board with four ~s有四层的木板

  leak vi. ①漏, 渗 ②泄漏, 走漏

  a tap ~ing badly漏水很厉害的水龙头

  ~ out news泄漏消息

  n. ①漏洞, 裂缝 ②泄漏, 漏出量

  a ~ in the pipe 管道的裂缝

  gas ~ 煤气泄漏

  means n. 方法, 手段

  take all possible ~ 采取一切可能的方法

  ~ of transportation 交通工具

  meanwhile ad. 与此同时

  ~, his wife prepares supper与此同时, 他的妻子准备晚饭

  noticeable a. 显而易见的

  a ~ difference明显的不同

  novel n. (长篇)小说 adj. 新颖的, 新奇的

  prefer detective stories to ~s不喜欢长篇小说而喜欢阅读侦探小说

  a ~ appearance新颖的外形

  pause vi./n. 暂停, 中止

  ~ for breath停下喘口气

  a ~ in the match 比赛中的暂停

  payment n. ①支付, 付款 ②支付的款项

  demand immediate ~ of the debt 要求立即还清债款

  make ten monthly ~s of 20 pounds分10个月付款, 每月付20英镑

  prejudice n. 偏见, 成见

  ~ against foreigners 对外国人的偏见

  preliminary a. 预备的, 初步的

  pass the ~ examinations 通过初试

  rebel n. 反叛分子, 反对者

  a ~ army 叛军

  vi. ①反叛, 造反 ②反对, 不服从

  ~ against the dictator反抗独裁者

  ~ against army discipline 不服从军纪

  recall vt. ①回忆, 回想 ②召回, 撤消, 收回

  ~ the childhood 回忆童年

  ~ an ambassador from abroad 从国外召回大使

  salary n. 薪金, 薪水

  receive a ~ of 500 pounds a month 每月工资500英镑

  sale n. ①卖, 出售 ②廉价出售 ③(常pl.) 销售额

  cash ~ 现金买卖

  a ~ on TV sets电视机大减价

  today's satisfactory ~s今天令人满意的销售额

  simplify vt. 简化

  ~ approval procedures简化审批手续

  sincere a. 诚挚的, 真诚的, 诚恳的

  have a ~ desire to help 真心诚意地想帮忙

  temper n. 脾气, 情绪

  in a bad ~ 情绪不好

  temporary a. 暂时的, 临时的

  ~ address 临时住址

  type n. ①类型, 种类, 品种 ②铅字

  various ~s of car 各种型号的车

  print a book in large ~ 用大号字体印刷一本书

  vt. 用打字机打

  ~ a contract 打一份合同

  vi. 打字

  ~ very well 打字打得很好

  typical a. 典型的, 有代表性的

  the mountain scenery ~ of Guilin桂林很有代表性的山景

  underground a. ①地(面)下的 ②秘密的, 不公开的

  ~ passage地下通道

  ~ organizations 秘密组织

  ad. ①在地(面)下 ②秘密地

  spend most of someone's time ~ 在地下度过大部分的时间

  pass on news ~ 秘密传播消息

  n. 地铁

  go by ~ 乘地铁

  underline vt. ①强调 ②在……下面画线

  ~ several points in ones talk 在讲话中强调几点

  ~ the unnecessary words 在多余的词下面画线

  witness n. ①目击者 ②证人, 见证人

  ~es of the accident 事故目击者

  a ~ summoned to appear in court一位被传唤出庭的证人

  vt. ①目击, 注意到 ②做……的证人

  ~ the robbing of the bank 目睹银行抢劫

  ~ the truth of one's statement 证明某人的陈述真实

  worship n./vt. ①崇拜, 崇敬 ②敬奉, 信奉

  ~ Bill Gates 崇拜比尔•盖茨

  ~ God 膜拜上帝

  三、 词汇验收: 从A、 B、 C、 D四个选项中选出正确的单词来完成句子(如未能选对, 请回到 “词汇过关” 部分继续熟记该词)。

  1. The teacher lost his just because that student was ten minutes late.

  A. mood B. temper  C. passion  D. mind

  2. Scandinavian countries are   welfare states, where taxes are high and many social services are free.

  A. tropical  B. typical C. obvious D. transparent

  3. For three successive years, the annual  of increase has been over 9%.

  A. rate B. pace C. step D. ratio

  4. My son was practicing on an old typewriter.

  A. typing B. counting C. sewing D. writing

  5. He was engaged at a   of 100 000 dollars a year.

  A. savings B. salary C. deposit D. commission

  6. Henry bought a telescope to   the stars.

  A. worship B. observe C. witness D. measure

  7. We have an   amount of work to do if we want to finish it on time.

  A. exact B. exclusive  C. immense  D. intensive

  8. He is good at answering that   of questions.

  A. variety B. trial C. figure D. type

  9. We'd like to   a table for five for dinner this evening.

  A. grant B. reserve  C. retain  D. occupy

  10. The President   Congress of the delay in passing his bill.

  A. scolded  B. criticized  C. scared  D. accused

  11. You should hire a more   manager than the one you currently have.

  A. sufficient  B. effective  C. efficient  D. respective

  12. It is quite  of beginners to forget to use an article before a noun.

  A. specify B. modest C. typical D. vigorous

  13. The mountain is of 2 000 metres above sea level.

  A. height B. altitude C. attribute D. dimension

  14. This is a public holiday—there is no   of rubbish today.

  A. combination B. separationC. collection D. assembly

  15. Bronze is a   metal made of copper and tin.

  A. complex B. compound C. fluid D. dynamic

  16. This medicine is against cancer.

  A. effective B. efficient C. evident D. remarkable

  17. The daughter went shopping; , her mother cooked.

  A. once in a whileB. from time to timeC. rarely D. meanwhile

  18. The old building was surrounded by an enormous garden.

  A. grant B. grand C. utmost D. ultimate

  19. After a   he continued his story.

  A. process B. trial C. pause D. ratio

  20. Paul strongly denied that he was guilty of innocent customers.

  A. robbing B. deriving C. grasping D. cheating

  21. We should make every effort to develop  energy sources.

  A. dense B. favourable C. preferable D. alternative

  22. The building is said   in a fire two weeks ago.

  A. to have destroyed  B. that was destroyed

  C. to have been destroyed  D. to be destroyed

  23. A man   her for £80 by selling her a watch which did not work.

  A. concealed B. revealed C. cheated D. exposed

  24. She was   in spite of her illness.

  A. satisfactory B. cheerful  C. cheering  D. content

  25. We won the game through a   effort.

  A. collective  B. personal  C. staff D. private

  26. To spend one night at one of those   hotels in the downtown area will cost you more than $100.

  A. extra   B. brilliant C. royal D. grand

  27. A paperback of a book is much cheaper than a hardback edition.

  A. edition B. copy C. version D. type

  28. Qingdao, being a famous summer , is very crowded in summer.

  A. resort B. region C. spot D. bond

  29. The statistical figures in that report are not . You should not refer to them.

  A. direct B. precise C. accurate D. perfect

  30. Petrol is very light, and it   easily.

  A. spreads B. scatters C. spills D. evaporates

  31. The ship was badly and they had to return to the port.

  A. leaking B. leaning C. penetrating D. spreading

  32. Most train tickets arefor two to five days,depending on the distance you travel.

  A. legal B. efficient  C. suitable  D. valid

  33. We will settle the dispute by peaceful  .

  A. means B. manners  C. rules D. paths

  34. When the federal government refused this request, the Southern states  .

  A. rebelled B. roused C. aroused D. awoke

  35. The government   them permission to leave the country.

  A. supplied B. granted C. allowed D. admitted

  36. I shall   my order for a new coat because my wife has bought me one from abroad.

  A. stress B. stretch  C. recall D. retire

  37. He was one of the of the accident.

  A. arrivals B. giants C. witnesses  D. receivers

  38. In some parts of the world, goats, rather than cows, serve as a vital   of milk.

  A. resource B. fountain C. source D. outcome

  39. The storage   of this reservoir is two million cubic meters.

  A. sale B. facility  C. quantity D. capacity

  40. Farming demands   forecasts of the weather.

  A. definite  B. accurate C. approximate D. positive





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