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  第一节: 语法和词汇知识(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


  21. --- Is Mr. Fan there? There is something I really need to talk to him about.

  --- No, he is out. _____?

  A. What’s that

  B. What do you want to say

  C. Can I take a message for him

  D. Can you trust me

  22. One spring, when I was _____ energetic young postgraduate, _____ undergraduate asked if she could work on a summer project with me. I accepted.

  A. an; an B. a; an C. an; the D. the; the

  23. There was a lot of fun at yesterday’s party. You _____ have come, but why didn’t you?

  A. must B. shouldn’t C. needn’t D. ought to

  24. Since 1999, the number of foreign students at German universities _____ from 113,000 to almost 200,000.

  A. has increased B. have increased

  C. are increased D. was increased

  25. --- Do you like traveling?

  --- Sure. I _____ to Australia six months ago, but I _____ anywhere since then.

  A. went; didn’t go B. have gone; haven’t gone

  C. went; haven’t gone D. went; hadn’t gone

  26. Anna was reading a piece of science fiction, completely _____ to the outside world.

  A. having been lost B. to be lost

  C. losing D. lost

  27. --- Watch!

  --- I _____ but I _____ anything unusual.

  A. watched; have watched

  B. have watched; see

  C. was watching; wasn’t seeing

  D. am watching; don’t see

  28. She told me she hadn’t enjoyed the film, but I decided to go and see it _____.

  A. after all B. in all

  C. all the same D. above all

  29. He called her names, so she won’t forgive him _____ he makes an apology to her.

  A. although B. once C. if D. unless

  30. His sudden look of fear made _____ clear that he had something to do with the matter.

  A. him B. this C. it D. that

  31. --- Is Tom still smoking?

  --- No. By next Saturday he _____ for a whole month without smoking a single cigarette.

  A. will go B. will have gone

  C. goes D. has been going

  32. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I _____ the cloth _____ well.

  A. have told; washes

  B. have been told; washes

  C. was told; washed

  D. have been told; is washed

  33. Today, when I think of my friend, I remember the way her face _____ when she saw the picture of a handsome fellow.

  A. cheered up B. shone up

  C. stood up D. lit up

  34. I couldn’t help but wonder how country life would change the funny, lazy Tom who had once put up a notice on the wall above his bed that _____, WAKE FOR FOOD.

  A. showed B. wrote C. spoke D. said

  35. --- She joined a football team last fall and was recently made captain.

  --- Never _____ she’d ever have that much energy.

  A. I had thought

  B. I would have thought

  C. could I have thought

  D. will I have thought

  第二节: 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  In January 2002, during the first weeks of a six-month stay at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for leukemia (白血病) treatment, Michael wandered over to his hospital window in search of distraction (散心). The 36 first-grader watched a construction crew 37 on a 10-story addition to the hospital. 38 Michael’s third-floor window, Ritchie, an iron-worker from the East Falls section of Philadelphia, 39 and saw “this kid with no hair 40 face was pressed up to the window. I waved, and he smiled and 41. I’ll never forget that,”says Ritchie, a father of three.

  As winter 42 spring, Michael watched, fascinated (着迷), as 3,000 tons of steel 43 formed the skeleton of the building. One day he colored a message for the crew and held 44 up to the window: Hi, Local Iron Workers. I’m Mike. Ritchie and the 45 crew messaged back. Over the 46 months, as his treatment continued, Ritchie and the crew 47 Michael up and cheered him with 48 signs like Be Strong Mike.

  49 the construction reached the third floor, Ritchie jumped across the 50 between the buildings and the two had a 51 chat. The hard hat with the tender heart wells up (涌出眼泪) when he thinks about it. “Michael 52 my life,” says Ritchie. “I was a real hard-core (顽固不化的) person without a lot of sympathy. But I’d 53 seeing this kid every day waving at me and excited about the construction. I look at life 54 thanks to him.” Today Michael is a 10-year-old third-grader in complete recovery. What does he hope to 55 when he grows up? “A construction worker,” he says.

  36. A. strange B. curious C. serious D. anxious

  37. A. playing B. studying C. living D. working

  38. A. Below B. Above C. Under D. Over

  39. A. watched out B. watched at

  C. looked up D. looked down

  40. A. whom B. whose C. which D. that

  41. A. came back B. came on C. waved back D. waved on

  42. A. went off B. went out C. turned into D. turned to

  43. A. gradually B. immediately C. successfully D. usually

  44. A. that B. it C. one D. itself

  45. A. hospital B. repair C. construction D. school

  46. A. first B. last C. long D. next

  47. A. cheered B. lighted C. called D. woke

  48. A. discouraging B. encouraging

  C. surprising D. interesting

  49. A. Before B. Since C. While D. When

  50. A. ground B. floor C. space D. story

  51. A. face-to-face B. hand-in-hand

  C. neck-and-neck D. step-by-step

  52. A. gave B. changed C. saved D. took

  53. A. pay attention to B. get down to

  C. be used to D. look forward to

  54. A. differently B. happily C. sadly D. excitedly

  55. A. have B. get C. be D. appreciate


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