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[同步测试]Unit13 Integrating Skills

LEARNING.SOHU.COM    2005年7月29日11:28    来源:[ 英语周报 ] 
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  Man is a land animal, but it is also closely tied to the sea. Throughout history, the sea has served the needs of man. The sea has provided man with food and a convenient way to travel to many parts of the world. Today, experts estimate(估计) that nearly two-thirds of the world’s population live within 80 kilometers of the sea coast. In the modern technological world, the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive. Resources on land are beginning to grow less. The sea, however, still offers hope to supply many of man’s needs.

  The riches of the sea yet to be developed by man’s technology are impressive. Oil and gas explorations have existed for nearly 30 years. Valuable quantities of minerals, such as manganese(锰), iron, nickel and copper exist on the ocean floor ready to be mined. Fish farming promises to be a good way to produce a large quantity of food. The culture of fish and shellfish is an ancient skill practiced in the past mainly by oriental (东方的) peoples.

  Besides oil and gas, the sea may offer new sources of energy. Experts believe that warm temperature of the ocean can be used in the way similar to the steam in a steamship. Ocean currents and waves offer possible use as a source of energy such as hydro-electric power.

  Technology is enabling man to explore even deeper under the sea. The new under-sea technology is providing divers with diving suits and under-sea chambers that are kept at sea-level pressure. The development of strong new materials has made this possible.

  The technology to harvest the sea continues to improve. By the year 2010, experts believe that the problems to explore the food, minerals and energy sources of the sea will be largely solved.

  56. According to the experts, which of the following is probably TRUE?

  A. The world’s population lives within 80 kilometers of the sea.

  B. Almost two-thirds of the world’s people live along the sea coast.

  C. Nearly 30 million people live along the sea coast.

  D. Nearly 2,000 million people live along the sea coast.

  57. According to the passage, what is man still unable to do under the sea?

  A. Mineral-mining. B. Petroleum-mining.

  C. Fish-farming. D. Shellfish culturing.

  58. _______ is (are) the most important to harvest the sea.

  A. Strong new materials. B. New technology.

  C. Diving suits. D. Under-sea chambers.

  59. What’s the best title for the passage?

  A. Man and Oceans B. Exploring Gases

  C. Diving Technology D. Source of Energy


  The Atlantic Ocean

  The Atlantic Ocean is one of the oceans that separate the Old World from the New. For centuries it kept the America from being discovered by the people of Europe.

  Many wrong ideas about the Atlantic made early sailors unwilling to sail far out into it. One idea was that it reached out to “the edge of the world.” Sailors were afraid that they might sail right off the earth. Another idea was that at the equator (赤道) the ocean would be boiling hot.

  The Atlantic Ocean is only half as big as the Pacific, but it is still very large. It is more than 4,000 miles (6,000 km) wide where Columbus crossed it. Even at its narrowest it is about 2,000 miles (3,200 km) wide.

  Two things make the Atlantic Ocean rather unusual. For so large an ocean it has very few islands. Also, it is the world’s saltiest ocean.

  There is so much water in the Atlantic that it is hard to imagine how much there is. But suppose no more rain fell into it and no more water was brought to it by rivers,it would take the ocean about 4,000 years to dry up. On the average, the water is a little more than two miles (3.2 km) deep, but in some places it is much deeper. The deepest spot is near Puerto Rico. This “deep” measures 30,246 feet ─ almost six miles ( 9.6 km).

  One of the longest mountain ranges of the world rises from the floor of the Atlantic. This mountain range runs north and south down the middle of the ocean. The tops of a few of the mountains reach up above the sea and make islands.

  Several hundred miles eastward from Florida there is a part of the ocean called the Sargasso Sea. Here the water is quiet, for there is little wind. In the days of sailing vessels (船) the crew were afraid they would be becalmed (can’t move) here. Sometimes they were.

  Today the Atlantic is a great highway. It is, however, not always a smooth and safe one. Storms sweep across it and pile up great waves. Icebergs float down from the far North across the paths of ships.

  We now have such fast ways of traveling that this big ocean seems to have grown smaller. Columbus sailed for more than two months to cross it. A fast modern steamship can make the trip in less than four days. Airplanes fly from New York to London in only eight hours and from South America to Africa in four!

  60. What caused people to be unwilling to explore the Atlantic?

  A. There were no ships big enough to get across the Ocean.

  B. Sailors were afraid of being lost in the Ocean.

  C. The Atlantic Ocean was very unusual because it has few islands and the saltiest water.

  D. Many incorrect ideas such as “the edge of the world”, “the equator with boiling hot water”made people think the Ocean was full of danger.

  61. What is the main idea of the fifth paragraph?

  A. How deep the water is.

  B. How to measure the water in the Atlantic Ocean.

  C. How much water the Ocean holds.

  D. How rain affects the Ocean water.

  62. We can learn from the text that _______.

  A. the Atlantic is the largest ocean on the earth

  B. one of the longest mountain ranges lies in the Atlantic

  C. the Atlantic has a lot of islands in it

  D. sailing on the Atlantic Ocean is always quiet, smooth and safe

  63. What does the underlined word “highway” mean?

  A. High road. B. Broad way.

  C. Fast road. D. Main water way.

  64. Why does the writer think “this big ocean seems to have grown smaller”?

  A. The water in the ocean is becoming less.

  B. We have more and more advanced traveling tools now.

  C. The distance between the ocean and us is shorter.

  D. The steamship has a higher speed.


  With his standard Mandarin pronunciation, practiced skills on Chinese expressions and special humor with a Peking accent, Dashan has become a household name across China.

  People have always wondered how the 36-year-old Canadian can be so skillful in the Chinese language even though it is considered by many as one of the most difficult languages in the world. But to Dashan, the great challenge was a piece of cake due to his deep interest, proper method and the excellent environment he created for himself.

  “Interest is the best teacher.” That is a universal principle. Even if he hadn’t fully realized what attracted him to the Chinese department at the University of Toronto in Canada, he was already deeply interested in Chinese culture when he decided to have further study in Beijing.

  Entering the Chinese department of Peking University in 1988, Dashan felt like a duck in water. Study is always a hard job, no matter how much interest you have. Therefore, effective ways are necessary to improvement. “Learn for life and learn in life” is Dashan’s belief.

  As a freshman at the University of Toronto, the student did study the textbooks. They did help him build a solid (扎实的) foundation.

  However, that’s far from enough to grasp the Chinese language. Starting in his junior year, Dashan began to read original Chinese novels, Chinese newspapers and even the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping. “Only the material for Chinese native readers could give me a proper sense of the language,” he said.

  That the language is the daily means of communication is the principle that Dashan always keeps in his mind. What you have really learned depends on what you can use, not necessarily your mastery of textbooks.

  To learn in daily life requires a favourable language environment, which is also necessary for improvement. Dashan admits it is hard for Chinese English learners to be brought into a good English speaking environment, but he insists, “To listen and speak as much as possible does help.”

  65. Dashan could learn Chinese very well because of _______.

  A. his interest, method and study environment

  B. practiced skills on Chinese expression

  C. his cleverness

  D. special humour with a Peking accent

  66. The sentence “Learn for life and learn in life” here means “_______”.

  A. learn things in our daily life, otherwise it will not last long

  B. we should study in practice all our lives

  C. life is difficult, so we’d better learn more to lead a better life

  D. language is the necessary part of our daily life, so we must practise it frequently

  67. The underlined phrase “a piece of cake” here refers to “_______”.

  A. 吸引人的事情 B. 容易的事情

  C. 很难的事情 D. 富有刺激性的事情

  68. Dashan read the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping because _______.

  A. he admired the former leader of the government

  B. he hoped to learn more of the spirits of it

  C. he wanted to give himself a proper sense of the Chinese language

  D. it is very popular in modern times


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  69. The passage above is intended for _______.

  A. the children who are ready to school

  B. the parents whose child will go to school

  C. early childhood educators

  D. all readers who might read it

  70. According to the passage, the children’s educational program has the following advantages EXCEPT that _______.

  A. it’s full of fun

  B. it can develop children’s early skills

  C. it must be ordered beforehand

  D. it is created and designed by early childhood educators

  71. This passage is likely from _______.

  A. a newspaper B. a magazine

  C. a notice D. the Internet


  Who are these people rushing by you in the street? More than 215 million people now call America “home”, but most of them can trace their families back to other parts of the world. If you look at the names on shop windows, you will see that Americans come from many different lands. The idea that these people, who once were strangers to the United States, have lost the customs and cultures of their original countries and have become “American” is really not true.

  In fact, what exists in America is more often a kind of “side-by-side” living in which groups of people from other countries often have kept many of their customs and habits. They join the general American society only in certain areas of their lives?such as schools, businesses, and sports?but they keep many of their own native customs and manners socially and at home. This “side-by-side” living has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it may cause disagreements to develop between groups whose ways of life are very different from each other. However, there are also great advantages that come from the variety of cultures brought by settlers from other lands. There is great freedom of choice among ideas and dress, food and social customs in America. Everyone can find some part of his or her familiar world in the United States, in churches, music, food, national groups, or newspapers.

  72. More than 215 million people call America “home”because _______.

  A. they have their houses there

  B. they want to make their home there

  C. they have settled there now

  D. they like that land very much

  73. “Side-by-side” living style means “_______”.

  A. to keep their own customs while sharing American ones in certain areas

  B. to make friends with native people

  C. groups of people live near each other

  D. they get closer to American society

  74. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  A. People from other countries don’t want a change.

  B. The advantages coming from the variety of cultures make life in America colourful.

  C. People from other countries face the society they are not familiar with.

  D. “Side-by-side” living style is not good for the development of the country.

  75. Which might be the best title for this passage?

  A. Advantages and Disadvantages

  B. Different Customs and Cultures

  C. America?Home for the People

  D. “Side-by-side” Living Style in America



  Dear Editor,

  I’d like to tell you anything about the trouble I 76. ________

  was facing in buying furnitures. The other day, I ordered 77. ________

  a set of furniture at an furniture exhibition. The week 78. ________

  before last they sent me the furniture. So I found the 79. ________

  color and the sizes of some pieces were not what I had been 80. ________

  ordered. What’s more, one leg of the desk is broken. 81. ________

  I asked them to take back the furniture and gave 82. ________

  back money, but they refused. I wrote to the 83. ________

  director of the factory but there was no answer. 84. ________

  I hope where you will publish my letter on the newspaper 85. ________

  and help me solve the problem.





[Unit 13]Assessment Integrating Skills of Unit 13 The water planet  

  注意:1. 故事须包括所有图画的内容,可以适当增加细节,使故事连贯;

  2. 词数:100左右。

  参考词汇: 吐痰 spit (spat, spat); 卫生 hygiene; 执行 enforce


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