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  I. 生词考验


  1. You’d better have yourself e______ in a hospital as you don’t look well.

  2. More and more people have realized the importance of having a b_______ diet.

  3. P_______ it yourself if you want to have an apple.

  4. The drink the poor boy is drinking is only a m________ of soda and water.

  5. You should b_______ up your body yourself, if you want to be strong enough.

  6. The new cutting machine has more _______ (功能) than the old one.

  7. People eat different foods which change into _______ (能量).

  8. Potato chips, butter, cream and chocolate _______ (包含)a lot of calories.

  9. Fruits and vegetables are rich in _______ (纤维) and low in sugar and fat.

  10. Generally speaking, fat people don’t take enough _________ (锻炼).

  II. 单词活用


  1. habit

  A. 这孩子已经改掉了一到家就开电视的习惯。

  (get rid of the habit of)

  B. 他父亲年轻时就养成了酗酒的坏习惯。

  (get into the habit of)

  2. mean

  A. 这个短语有好几个意思。



  (mean to do)

  3. advise

  A. 英语老师经常建议我们课后尽可能多地练习口语。

  (advise sb. to do)

  B. 医生建议我爷爷马上戒酒。

  (advise + that clause)

  4. keep

  A. 昨晚他走得很急,结果电脑开了一晚上。

  (keep ... doing)

  B. 他对此事闭口不谈。

  (keep + adj.)

  C. 我不知道这种冷天气是否还会持续下去。

  (keep up)

  5. think

  A. 经理有好多事情要考虑。

  (think about/of)

  B. 我出差时经常想起生病的妈妈。

  (think of)

  C. 你需要一两天的时间考虑一下这个计划吗?

  (think over)

  III. 短语比拼


  base on part of go for in the right amounts ought to just the way

  1. If you do exercise ________, you’ll be always healthy.

  2. Since you are ill, you ________ work too much.

  3. The wonderful TV play is ________ an old tale of China.

  4. Though he had been told several times, he did it _______.

  5. Beibei works hard at her lessons. And the same _______ Jack.

  6. Welcome! You have been _______ our club.

  IV. 一句双译


  1. 他的左脚受伤了,现在还疼。

  A. _______________________ (hurt)

  B. ____________________ (in pain)

  2. 手机的种类很多,我难以选择。

  A. ____________________________(make a choice)

  B. _____________________(choose)

  3. 汤姆一直在节食,所以没有以前那么胖了。

  A. ____________________________ (no longer)

  B. ____________________________ (not ... any longer)


  I. 1. examined 2. balanced 3. Peel 4. mixture

  5. build 6. functions 7. energy 8. contain

  9. fibre 10. exercise


  1. A. The child has got rid of the habit of turning on the TV as soon as he gets home.

    B. His father got into the bad habit of drinking a lot when he was young.

  2. A. The phrase has several meanings.

  B. I meant to call you, but I forgot the number.

  3. A. Our English teacher often advises us to practice spoken English as much as possible after class.

    B. The doctor advised that my grandpa (should) give up drinking immediately.

  4. A. He left in a hurry yesterday evening, and kept the computer working all night.

  B. He keeps silent over the matter.

  C. I wonder whether the cold weather will keep up.

  5. A. The manager has a lot of things to think about/of.

  B. I often thought of my sick mother while I was away on business.

  C. Do you need one or two days to think the plan over?


  1. in the right amounts

  2. oughtn’t to

  3. based on

  4. just the way it was

  5. goes for

  6. part of


  1. A. His left foot was hurt and it still hurts now.

  B. He broke his left foot and it was still in pain.

  2. A. There are so many types of cellphones that I can’t make a choice.

  B. There are so many types of cellphones that I don’t know which to choose.

  3. A. Tom has been on a diet, and he is no longer as fat as before.

  B. Tom has been on a diet, so he isn’t as fat as before any longer.


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