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70天攻克考研英语词汇 DAY 52

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  Day 52

  inertia/ n.

  He always has a feeling of inertia and doesnt want to do anything

  猜一猜 A. 苦恼B. 自卑 C. 不屑一顾D. 不活动


  大头巧记 in(在……状态中)+ertia(谐音:饿下) → 在饿下的状态中不想活动

  词义扩展 惯性Because of inertia, a fast moving object can not stop immediately. 由于惯性,快速运动的物体不能一下子停下来。

  locomotive/ n.

  The locomotive of the train strayed from the rail.

  猜一猜 A. 引擎B. 火车头 C. 方向盘D. 机箱


  词义扩展 a. 运动的,移动的,运载的The earth is constantly locomotive. 地球不断地在运动。

  naught/nought/ n.

  The game came to naught in the end.

  猜一猜 A. 全面B. 辉煌 C. 终点D. 零,失败


  once/ ad.

  I have seen her once only.

  猜一猜 A. 很多B. 从未C. 一次D. 踊跃


  词义扩展 conj. ① 曾经I once loved him very much. 我曾经很爱他。 ② 一旦…(就…)Once the water begins to boil, the temperature will never rise. 一旦水开了,水温就不会再升高了。

  n. 一次Perhaps just this once, I will satisfy all your hopes. 也许就这么一次,我能满足你所有的愿望。

  词组 all at once 突然,同时,马上All at once it begins to rain heavily. 突然下起了倾盆大雨。

  at all 立刻,马上You must start out at once. 你必须马上动身。

  all (and) for all 一劳永逸,限此一次He closed his shop for all and once and retired. 他永远地关上了店门,退休了。

  once more 再一次,又一次Tell me the story once more, please. 请再给我把故事讲一遍。

  naive/ a.

  You can never take his naīve remarks serious.

  猜一猜 A. 停止B. 天真的C. 淘气的D. 澎湃的


  大头巧记 nai + ive

  出生,天生 + 形容词后缀,表示有…性质的

  precaution/ n.

  It is a wise precaution to lock your doors when you leave your house.

  猜一猜 A. 安全B. 预防C. 措施D. 避免



  pre+caution, 在...之前+谨慎 → 预防

  phenomenon/ n.

  Can you accompany me to see the rare phenomenon of moon eclipse?猜一猜 A. 现象B. 体积C. 调节D. 体验


  prolong/ v.

  Because of some unexpected situation, they prolonged the exam in order that students could finish their papers.

  猜一猜 A. 取消B. 延长C. 重新开始D. 继续


  分析 pro+ long

  向前 + 长的 → v.拉长,延长


  rotary/ a.

  He bought a rotary printing machine for her.

  猜一猜 A. 昂贵的B. 快捷的C. 旋转的D. 先进的


  serious/ a.

  Dont be so serious, I am just kidding.

  猜一猜 A. 傻傻的B. 严肃的C. 无聊的D. 生气的


  分析 词根seri是严肃的意思,ous是形容词词尾,原意为“非友好的”,逐渐发展为“严肃的”意思。

  词义扩展 ① 重要的serious problem 重要的问题 ② 严重的,危急的“Is her disease serious?”she asked the doctor. “她的病很严重吗?”她问医生。 ③ 认真的He is serious about this decision. 他很认真地对待这个决定。

  remark/ n.

  We have nice remark from customers on what we are doing.

  猜一猜 A. 评语,评论B. 批评C. 感谢D. 表示


  大头巧记 red是红色的, mark是记号,red+mark=remark, 红色的记号就是作的评语

  词义扩展 v. ① (on) 评论,谈论The difference between the twins has often been remarked on. 人们经常提到孪生子的区别。 ② 注意到,觉察到I remarked the change of his behavior this term. 我注意到了这学期他行为的变化。

  近义词 comment

  remarkable/ a.

  Yang Liwei, Chinas first astronaut in space, is a remarkable person in history.

  猜一猜 A. 异常的B. 著名的C. 伟大的D. 值得注意的


  分析 remark+ able

  评论,注意 + 形容词词尾 → 值得注意的

  大头巧记 值得注意的评论(remark)能够(able)产生异常的效果

  词义扩展 显著的,异常的,非凡的They have made remarkable progress on the diplomatism of the two countries. 他们在两国的外交上取得了显著的成就。

  Portuguese/ a.

  Portuguese accent is very difficult to understand.

  猜一猜 A. 葡萄牙的B. 西班牙的C. 印度的D. 比利时的


  词义扩展 n. 葡萄牙人,葡萄牙语Portuguese is one of the most difficult languages in the world. 葡萄牙语是世界上最难的语言之一。

  peak/ n.

  We got to the peak of Huang Mountain before sunset.

  猜一猜 A. 山脚B. 山腰C. 山顶, 最高点D. 山谷


  词义扩展 n. 山峰, 峰precipitous peak 陡峭的山峰

  a. 高峰的, 最高的peak point of the mountain 山的最高点

  orbit/ n.

  How many satellites have been put into orbit round the earth?

  猜一猜 A. 规定B. 古代C. 轨道D. 港口


  词义扩展 v. (使)沿轨道行How many spacecrafts have orbited the moon? 有多少艘太空船绕月球轨道运行?

  opaque/ a.词义 不透明(光)的

  intercourse/ n.

  No one can avoid human intercourse in our daily life as long as we live in society.

  猜一猜 A. 生活琐事B. 家务事C. 交际,往来D. 失望


  大头巧记 inter + course. → 内部的+做法 → 人们之间的相互关怀等做法是他们间的交际

  idle/ a.

  These tools should be packed up — they have been laid idle for several weeks.

  猜一猜 A. 有用的B. 快速的C. 闲置的D. 效率高的


  词义扩展 a. ① 无用的Her sharp remarks are just idle threats. 他严厉的话语只是无用的威胁而已。 ② 懒散的Chinese people are wellknown for being hardworking, few of them are idle. 中国人以勤奋著称——很少中国人是懒散的。

  v. 空费,虚度During this endless dull summer, I just idled away the hours watching TV. 在这个漫长无聊的夏季,我就是以看电视来虚度(打发)时间的。

  immediate/ a.

  The dangerous situation requires immediate action.

  猜一猜 A. 暴力的B. 最好的C. 立即的D. 长久的


  大头巧记 im(not)+medi(middle)+ate(adj) → 没有间隔的 → 立即的

  词义扩展 直接的,最接近的The immediate cause of the big forest fire has been made clear. 森林大火发生的直接原因已经搞清楚了。

  golf/ n.

  Golf is one of the sports for the rich.

  猜一猜 A. 海湾B. 金子C. 高尔夫球D. 狂笑


  gallop/ v./n.

  The hero is galloping over prairie alone.

  猜一猜 A. 掠过B. 奔驰, 飞跑C. 游玩D. 私奔


  heritage/heritid/ n.

  These ancient building is a part of our culture heritage.

  猜一猜 A. 艺术B. 遗产C. 工艺D. 宝藏


  词义扩展 传统Celebrating Spring festival is a national heritage. 庆祝春节是民族传统。

  大头巧记 her(她) +it (它)+ age (年纪) 联想:她得到它是因为年纪小=继承

  lesser/ a.

  The lesser propability is that he went out for holiday.

  猜一猜 A. 较小的B. 每可能的C. 意想不到的D. 离奇的


  词义扩展 a. ① 较少的It is better to complete the task with less money. 最好是用较少的钱就能完成任务。 ② 次要的One of the masters lesser works is still popular among people. 该大师的一部次要著作在群众中仍很受欢迎。

  join/ v.

  She joined us in our talking about the plan for picnic.

  猜一猜 A. 选入B. 竞争C. 比赛D. 参加


  近义词 participate:参加,参与(某活动)

  词义扩展 v. 连接,接合We are supposed to join together to fight against pollution. 我们应该联合起来与污染作斗争。

  insert/ v.

  He inserted his own comment in the margin.

  猜一猜 A. 夸大B. 忽略C. 删除D. 插入


  大头巧记 in +sert → into+to join → 加到里面去:插入,嵌入

  file/fail/ n.

  Dad asked me to buy a round file for him.

  猜一猜 A. 礼物B. 铁钉C. 香烟D. 锉刀


  词义扩展 文件,档案Put the letter in the main file. 把这信放入文卷总档中。

  freedom/ n.

  All the people has united to fight for their freedom.

  猜一猜 A. 自由 B. 权利 C. 义务 D. 民主


  expedition/ n.

  China has dispatched an expedition to the North Pole.

  crew/ n.

  The crew of Titanic all died

  猜一猜 A. 船员B. 水手C. 生物D. 设备


  commence/ v.

  The conference commenced at eight oclock and lasted for an hour.猜一猜 A. 推迟B. 开始C. 结束D. 推举


  分析 commence是由法语词commencer演变而来,意思也是开始。

  近义词 begin, start

  cook/ n.

  Too many cooks spoil the broth.

  猜一猜 A. 炊事员,厨师B. 仆人C. 调料D. 烹饪


  词义扩展 v. 烹调,煮,烧My mother has no appetite for food, so I cook some special dish for her. 我母亲没有胃口,所以我专门为她做了饭。

  conservation/ n.

  Conservation of our limited resources is an urgent task.

  猜一猜 A. 保护B. 节约C. 消耗D. 购买


  分析 Con+ serv + ation

  Together + to keep → 共同保存

  词义扩展 守恒,不灭The conservation of energy is a basic principle in physics. 能量守恒是物理上一个基本定律。

  conservative/ a.

  Most old people are conservative enough to reject young peoples life style.

  猜一猜 A. 顽固的B. 鄙视的C. 保守的D. 放纵的


  分析 Con+ serv + ative

  together + to keep → 共同保存的,保守的

  词义扩展 n. 保守主义者Conservatives hardly exist in this modern club. 这个时髦的俱乐部里几乎没有保守主义者。

  delay/ v.

  He was delayed by the heavy rain and was punished by his teacher.

  猜一猜 A. 进行B. 耽搁,延迟C. 淋湿D. 衰落


  词义扩展 n. 耽搁,延迟Do it without any delay.立即去做。

  近义词 postpone:推迟,延期put off:推迟

  flag/ n./v.

  In the square, the national flag flapped in the wind.

  翻译 在广场上,国旗迎风摆动。

  jury/ n.

  The jury has declared that the prisoner is guilty.

  猜一猜 A. 陪审团B. 警察C. 军官D. 政府


  词义扩展 n. 全体评审员The jury all approve of the new law. 全体评审员都赞成这个新法案。

  geometry/ n.

  It is difficult for me to cultivate the interest in geometry.

  猜一猜 A. 代数B. 几何 (学)C. 生物(学)D. 化学


  ecology/ n.

  With the development of economy, ecology gains more and more public attention.

  猜一猜 A. 心理学B. 物理学C. 经济学D. 生态学


  大头巧记 词干eco(环境,生态)+后缀logy(…学,论),即为生态学。

  diet/ n.

  Too rich a diet is not good to your health.

  猜一猜 A. 饮食,食物B. 差异C. 矛盾D. 紧张


  词组 be on a diet 节食I must not have chocolate, because I am on a diet. 我不能吃巧克力了,因为我在节食。


  Mum made a canvas bag from old clothes.

  猜一猜 A. 粗布B. 帆布C. 丝绸D. 棉布


  词义扩展 油画布,油画Most of Van Goghs canvases were invaluable. 梵高的大部分油画都价值连城。

  bottle/ n.

  The milk bottle should be returned to the milkman.

  猜一猜 A. 瓶子B. 杯子C. 宴席D. 家事


  词义扩展 v. 装瓶bottle cheap whiskey as some advanced alcohol 把廉价威士忌装瓶冒充高档酒

  born/ a.

  He is a born actor.

  猜一猜 A. 自我的B. 天生的,出生的C. 成熟的D. 青春期的


  分析 bear(生育)的过去分词

  近义词 inherent, produced

  Australia/ n.

  Australia is a great isolated continent in the south sphere.

  猜一猜 A. 澳大利亚B. 奥地利C. 荷兰D. 瑞士


  Australian/ n.

  Some Australians life style is extremely enviable as the ideal pastoral life.

  猜一猜 A. 奥地利的B. 本土的C. 澳大利亚(人)D. 异域的



  ① 澳洲的 ② 澳大利亚人的

  blanket/ n.

  The only blanket he has is rugged.

  猜一猜 A. 毛毯B. 垫子C. 棉被D. 烫板


  cart/ n.

  Carts were the main vehicles during the 18th century.

  猜一猜 A. 火车B. 轮船C. 马车,手推车D. 货车


  caution/ n.

  You should exercise extreme caution when crossing the road.

  猜一猜 A. 方向B. 谨慎C. 路标D. 人行道


  大头巧记 cau(se)(原因) + tion名词词尾=警惕引起事件的原因,谨慎

  词义扩展 n. 警告,告诫The boss gave his employees a caution and then left. 老板给了员工们一个警告然后离开了。

  v. 警告The little child was cautioned not to scrawl on the white wall. 这个小孩被警告不能在雪白的墙上涂鸦。

  cautious/ a.

  She has been very cautious about spending her money.

  猜一猜 A. 经济的B. 节约的C. 吝啬的D. 谨慎的


  大头巧记 cauti(on)(谨慎) + ous 形容词成为=谨慎的

  近义词 alter:警惕的,谨慎的;attentive:当心的,注意的;careful:小心的,仔细的

  chew/ v.

  The rice is so tough that my grandma can hardly chew it.猜一猜 A. 下咽B. 吞食C. 咀嚼D. 消化


  近义词 bite:咬;crunch:咀嚼,嚼碎

  词义扩展 v. 思量He was standing in front a famous painting and chewing over it. 他站在一幅名画前仔细思量着。

  contempt/ n.

  He held deep contempt towards crooked politicians.

  猜一猜 A. 敬仰B. 热爱C. 憎恶D. 鄙视


  近义词 disdain, condescension, disrespect

  cite/sait/ v.

  The professor cited a series of statistics to support his view.

  猜一猜 A. 调查B. 统计C. 引用D. 预测


  近义词 quote 引用

  词义扩展 v. 引证,举例She cited a proverb to conclude her speech. 她引用了一句俗语来结束她的讲话。

  cripple/ n.

  He is a cripple but not a coward.

  猜一猜 A. 超人B. 强者C. 残废人D. 懦夫


  词义扩展 v. 使跛,使残废The accident crippled that hopeful guy. 这场事故让一个颇有前途的人变成了残废。

  rotten/ a.

  Half of the oranges are rotten.

  猜一猜 A. 成熟的B. 青涩的C. 腐烂的D. 香甜的




  同义词 putrid

  seaman/ n.

  All the seamen on this ship have been trained for nearly five months.

        猜一猜 A. 宇航员B. 海员,水手C. 船长D. 乘客


  分析 sea + man

  海+ 人 → 在海上工作的人是海员,水手

  skate/skeit/ v.

  Do you like to skate with me tomorrow?

  猜一猜 A. 散步B. 滑冰C. 跳舞D. 唱歌



  n. 冰鞋a pair of skate shoes 一双冰鞋

  slit/slit/ v.

  The doctor slit her stomach to get out the stone.

  猜一猜 A. 抚摸B. 切开C. 敲打D. 拍照


  近义词 cut 切

  词义扩展 n. 细长裂缝,狭长开口a slit in the boat 船上的裂缝

  sponge/ n.

  Sponge is a kind of absorbent material, which can be used to sweep the floor.

  猜一猜 A. 拖把B. 海绵C. 吸水纸D. 抹布




  switch/ n.

  He found the switch in the dark.

  猜一猜 A. 开关B. 钥匙C. 电筒D. 灯光


  近义词 alternate:交替interchange:交换

  词义扩展 n. ① 转换The switch in study method made him succeed. 他转变学习方法后成功了。 ② 枝条,鞭子The father whipped his child with a switch. 父亲用鞭子抽打他的孩子。

  v. 转换She switched the conversation from one subject to another. 她转变话题。

  词组 switch off 关断Switch off the computer when you leave. 你走之前把电脑关掉。

  switch on 接通Switch on the electric light, please. 请扭开电灯。

  author/ n.

  Dickens is my favorite author.

  猜一猜 A. 考古B. 秘密C. 作者D. 场面


  词义扩展 创始人As the author of the scheme I cant really comment. 我作为这一计划的创始人是不便置评的。


  She now has the authority over those who used to order her.

  猜一猜 A. 预感B. 活动C. 道理D. 权力,权威




  词义扩展 pl. ① 有权威性的典籍,权威者What is your authority for that statement? 你的说法出处何在? She is an authority on economics. 她是经济学方面的权威。 ② 当局,官方The authorities are crushing down upon the students demonstration. 当局正在大力镇压学生游行。

  近义词 jurisdiction, power, sovereignty

  brave/breiv/ a.

  His appearance impressed others as a brave warrior.

  猜一猜 A. 勇敢的B. 激动的C. 嘹亮的D. 俗不可耐的


  bravery/ n.

  His excellent performance in the fire deserved a medal for bravery.

  猜一猜 A. 高尚B. 冷静C. 勇敢D. 幽默


  trick/trik/ n.

  I suspect some trick here .猜一猜 A. 玩笑B. 欺骗C. 诡计,骗局D. 作用


  词义扩展 n. ① 恶作剧Dont play tricks on me! 别给我耍花招! ② 诀窍,窍门You should learn the tricks of the trade. 你应该学学做买卖的诀窍。

  v. 欺骗,哄骗He was tricked out of his money. 他被别人骗了钱。

  unit/ n.

  Yuan is the monetary unit of China.

  猜一猜 A. 面额B. 单位,单元C. 货币D. 证券


  词义扩展 n. ① 部件,元件Pay attention to the tiny units; never miss anyone. 注意那些小部件,千万不要丢失。 ② 机组,装置a power unit 动力机组

  unite/ v.

  Unite to win still greater victories.

  猜一猜 A. 结合B. 扩大C. 团结,联合D. 联系


  词义扩展 v. 统一,合并The two big companies decided to unite together. 这两家大公司决定要合并起来。 the United Kingdom (=UK) 联合王国 the United States(=US)美国 the Unite Nations (=UN) 联合国

  unity/ n.

  Unity is strength.

  猜一猜 A. 团结B. 整体C. 一致性D. 共同


  词义扩展 n. 统一,一致,整体We must ensure the unity of motive and effect. 我们必须保证动机和效果的统一。

  trivial/trivil/ a.

  A trivial mistake might cause serious loss.

  猜一猜 A. 无用的B. 愚蠢的C. 琐碎的D. 轻微的


  词义扩展 a. 无足轻重的Dont waste time on trivial things. 不要在无关紧要的事情上浪费时间。

  tax/tks/ n.

  How much income tax do you have to pay?

  猜一猜 A. 收拾B. 税C. 收入D. 汽车


  词义扩展 v. 对…征税,使负重担Reading in the sunlight taxes the eyes. 在阳光下看书累眼睛。

  近义词 duty:税,关税 levy:征税,派款 due: 税;费用

  tear/te(r)/ v.

  He tore the letter from his girl friend.

  猜一猜 A. 细看B. 收藏C. 扔D. 撕


  近义词 split:劈开,裂开。

  词义扩展 n. 眼泪His speech moved us to tears. 他的演说使我们感动得流泪。

  词组 in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭He was so stonehearted that he still went away when she was in tears to plea him. 他是那么的铁石心肠,她流着泪求他,他仍然甩头就走。

  近义词 moan:悲叹,哭。


  We can lay a trap for the enemy .

  猜一猜 A. 埋伏B. 计谋C. 圈套,陷阱D. 诱惑


  词义扩展 v. 诱捕,使中圈套He was trapped into taking drug. 他被诱骗吸毒。

  tile/tail/ n.

  Please cover the wall in tiles.

  猜一猜 A. 砖头B. 墙纸C. 瓷片、瓷砖D. 壁画


  swamp/ n.

  A young man gave us directions to the swamp.

  猜一猜 A. 树林B. 河流C. 沼泽D. 湖泊


  近义词 fen:沼泽marsh:沼泽,湿地。

  segment/ n.

  He tried to revise a small segment of the painting.

  猜一猜 A. 全部B. 反面C. 背景D. 部分


  分析 seg这个词根有分割的意思,ment是名词词尾的标志。

  relieve/ v.

  He relieved his headache by taking two aspirin.

  猜一猜 A. 减轻,解除B. 抽取C. 蒸发D. 缩写


  分析 re+ lieve

  加强意义 + 上升,轻浮 → 缓解了痛苦后变轻松

  词义扩展 换班,换岗She is not to be relieved until tomorrow morning. 直到明天早上她才能换班。

  近义词 alleviate

  punctual/ a.

  He has never punctual in answering letters, and so she is always late.

  猜一猜 A. 准确的B. 适应的C. 准时的D. 最初的


  分析 punct + ual

  点+ 形容词词尾 → 正点的,准时的


  phrase/freiz/ n.

  It is a phrase rather than a sentence.

  猜一猜 A. 句子B. 短文C. 单词D. 短语


  nitrogen/ n.

  Nitrogen is a gas without color, smell or test.

  猜一猜 A. 图片B. 氮气C. 情景D. 器具


  impetus/ n.

  The teachers praise has given the little boy great impetus to study.

  猜一猜 A. 推动力B. 目的C. 主成部分D. 信心


  大头巧记 im(not)+pet(宠爱)+us → 不宠爱我们,(我们哪来的推动力)

  pit/pit/ n.

  There is a big pit on the road.

  猜一猜 A. 垃圾B. 油漆C. 路障D. 坑


  词义扩展 煤矿,矿井We found an abandoned pit in the valley. 我们在山谷中发现了一座废弃的矿井。

  同义词 cavity,crater,hole

  irrespective/irispektiv/ a.

  All people, irrespective of age, are equal before the law.

  猜一猜 A. 限制B. 即使C. 无论D. 不考虑


  近义词 regardless


  It is a relatively effective way to reduce the product of cigarettes for the government to increase the tax of tobacco industry.

  猜一猜 A. 抽烟B. 戒烟C. 吸毒D. 烟草、烟叶


  quiz/kwiz/ n.

  Every two weeks we will have an English quiz to test our progress.

  猜一猜 A. 小型考试,测验,问答比赛B. 晚会C. 野餐D. 竞赛


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