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70天攻克考研英语词汇 DAY 50

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  近义词词组同义词Day 50

  review/ v.

  She was left one week to review her lessons.

  猜一猜 A. 复习B. 预习C. 浏览D. 准备



  词义扩展 n. ① 回顾,复习After a careful review of the past year, she decided to retire from her position. 仔细对过去一年做了一番回顾后,她决定退休。② 评论He was deeply hurt at the review of his latest novel. 对他的最新小说的评价深深伤害了他。

  revolve/ v.

  There is something wrong for the bike for the wheels fail to revolve when in motion.

  猜一猜 A. 旋转B. 启动C. 运转D. 滑动



  同义词 spin, rotate

  rise/raiz/ v.

  The smoke rose from that direction.

  猜一猜 A. 蔓延B. 升起C. 飘荡D. 熄灭




  同义词 raise

  词义扩展 v. ① 起立,起床He rose to fetch the refreshments for the guests.他起身为客人端水果糕点。 ② 上涨,增高In those years the cost of living has kept on rising. 在那些年里,生活费用不停地上涨。 ③ 起义,奋起The Hebrews rose in rebellion against Egyptian federals. 希伯来人起义反抗埃及法老。

  n. ① 上涨,增高The rise and fall of the temperature owes to the wind. 温度的升高和降低是风造成的。 ② 起源,发生The divorce often has its rise in quarrels about trivias. 离婚通常是为琐事的争吵而引发的。

  词组 give rise to 引起,使发生,造成The great depression gave rise to the widespread unemployment.经济大萧条造成大面积的失业。

  rival/ n.

  He eliminated his rivals in a brutal struggle for power.

  猜一猜 A. 朋友B. 支持者C. 对手D. 选手


  词义扩展 v. 竞争,对抗Cassette recorders can not rival the sound quality of CDs. 卡带在音质上竞争不过CD。

  a. 竞争的They are rival in study.他们在学习上是竞争对手。

  同义词 opponent, adversary


  Well furnished robbers broke into a bank through a hole in the vault.

  猜一猜 A. 警察B. 暴民C. 强盗D. 流浪汉



  robbery/ n.

  He was sentenced to five years for robbery with violence.猜一猜 A. 谋杀B. 贿赂C. 诈骗D. 抢劫




  rock/ n.

  The hills above the valley are bare rocks.

  猜一猜 A. 草地 B. 果树 C. 泥土 D. 石块,岩石



  词根rock “岩石”

  词义扩展 v. 摇,动摇Her body rocked from side to side to the sway of the car. 她的身体随着车子的晃动摇来摇去。

  rocket/ n.

  Another rocket was launched successfully yesterday.

  猜一猜 A. 航天飞机 B. 载人飞船 C. 火箭 D. 卫星



  rope/ n.

  He tied the rope to his waist.

  猜一猜 A. 腰带B. 绳索C. 管子D. 丝绸




  rouse/rauz/ n.

  He tiptoed upstairs so that he would not rouse any body.

  猜一猜 A. 惊起B. 打扰C. 麻烦D. 恳求


  词义扩展 n. 唤起,唤醒The speaker tried to rouse the audience from the lack of interest. 听众兴致不高,演讲人试图唤起听众的注意力。

  同义词 stir, disturb

  spite/spait/ n.

  I didnt say that out for spite but she did misunderstand me.猜一猜 A. 嫉妒B.恶意C.埋怨D.羡慕



  词义扩展 n. 怨恨He holds great spite towards his parents for not allowing his marriage with that girl. 他父母不同意他和那个女孩的婚事,他因此十分怨恨他们。

  词组 in spite of 不管,不顾In spite of the harsh weather, they went out for a walk. 尽管天气恶劣,他们仍然坚持散步。

  近义词 malice,maliciousness

  splash/ v.

  People are going to splash water over each other when the festival comes.

  猜一猜 A. 倒B.泼C.敬D.冲




  词义扩展 n. 溅,飞溅声He fell into the river with a splash when making efforts to pass it across the narrow bridge. 他试图过河上的小桥时,扑通一声掉了下去。

  resume/rizjum/ v.

  Less than a month, the critics resumed their attacks to the latest best seller.

  猜一猜 A. 开始B. 再继续C. 发动D. 撤销



  同义词 recommence

  词义扩展 v. ① 重新占用,再用She resumed her maiden name after divorce. 她离婚后重新使用娘家姓。 ② 恢复He resumed his possession of his title. 他恢复了他的头衔。

  n. 简历A wellwritten resume is the first step toward a success. 一份好的简历是成功的第一步。

  jewel/ n.

  There is no need to worry about the jewel, as they are kept in the safe.

  猜一猜 A. 钱财B. 黄金C. 宝石D. 白银


  jewelry/ n.

  She borrowed some jewelry to wear for attending the evening party.

  猜一猜 A. 花朵B. 蝴蝶结C. 钱D. 珠宝


  fear/ v.

  The Black Death was greatly feared in the Middle Ages.

  猜一猜 A. 欢迎B. 惧怕C. 竞争D. 致敬


  fearful/ a.

  The fearful train accident haunted her for months.

  猜一猜 A. 催人泪下的 B. 丰饶的 C. 可怕的 D. 赏心悦目的


  fault/ n.

  Its not his fault to have left the criminal go.

  猜一猜 A. 优点B. 责任C. 过失D. 法律


  词义扩展 n. 缺点,毛病Dont be fussy about his minor faults. 别对他那些小毛病太苛刻。

  词组 find fault 埋怨,挑剔Shes difficult to deal with for she likes finding fault of others. 她这人很难伺候,因为她喜欢挑人家的错。

  mechanic/ n.

  The mechanic was busy repairing the machine.

  猜一猜 A. 工人B. 机修工C. 师傅D. 木匠


  大头巧记 mechan(machine机器)+ic(表示人的名词词尾) → 机修工

  mechanical/ a.

  She doesnt understand anything mechanical.

  猜一猜 A.  机械的B. 工具的C. 技术的D. 科技的


  词义扩展 机械似的,呆板的He is too mechanical in doing this work, and it wasted a lot of time. 他做这件事太机械了,浪费了很多时间。

  mechanism/ n.

  The professor explained how the mechanism works.

  猜一猜 A. 机构B. 机制C. 仪器D. 机械装置

  翻译 教授解释了一下这个机械装置是怎么工作的。

  词义扩展 n. 机构,机制The mechanism of government is different in different countries. 不同的国家政府机构不同。

  membership/ n.

  He made up his mind to apply for membership in the Party.

  猜一猜 A. 成员B. 位置 C. 成员资格D. 职位




  method/ n.

  I consider it the greatest privilege to have been permitted to study your method of working.

  猜一猜 A. 过程 B. 方法 C. 效率 D. 技巧

  翻译 能够学习你的工作方法,我感到无比的荣幸。

  ore/ n.

  Lots of gold ore was found in Florida.猜一猜 A. 矿石B. 开设C. 压迫D. 天然物


  register/ v.

  Foreign visitors must register with the state officials on entering the country.

  猜一猜 A. 驳斥B. 要求 C. 登记,注册D. 保留


  分析 re+ gister

  回 + 带,送 → (记下…以备)送回(而有案可籍)

  词义扩展 v. (仪表等)指示,自动记下,把(邮件)挂号 The speedometer registers 50 metres per hour. 记速器显示每小时50米。

  n. 登记,注册a register office 登记处

  近义词 record

  reverse/ n.

  The result was just the reverse of what he expected.

  猜一猜 A. 相同B. 相反C. 答案D. 结果


  联想记忆 前缀re回,词根verse “旋转”,即“往相反的方向拉”。

  词义扩展 n. 背面,后面On the reverse of the painting is the painters signature. 在油画的背后是画家的签名。

  v. 颠倒,倒转,(使)倒退He suddenly changed his mind and reversed his car to the main road. 他突然改变主意把车倒回到主车道上。

  同义词 opposition

  reward/ n.

  He received a gold watch as a reward for his bravery.

  猜一猜 A. 表彰B. 奖赏C. 礼物D. 馈赠



  词义扩展 v. ① (for)酬劳,奖赏Miners feel they are inadequately rewarded for their dangerous work. 矿工认为他们的报酬和他们危险的工作不相符。 ② 酬谢,报答,奖酬How can I reward you kindness? 我怎么报答你的恩情呢?

  同义词 prize

  accordingly/ ad.

  She was asked to leave the city and accordingly she did.

  猜一猜 A. 相应地B. 顺从地 C. 痛苦地D. 机械地

  翻译 有人叫她离开城市,于是她就走了。

  account/ n.

  The accounts show we have spent more than we received.

  猜一猜 A. 数目B. 账目C. 开支D. 收入


  分析 ac + count

  to + count → 计算,计数用于记账,账目

  词义扩展 n. 叙述,说明an exciting account of the match 对这场比赛激动人心的叙述

  v. 说明,解释How can you account for the mistakes? 你怎么解释这错误呢?

  词组 on account of 因为,由于He is angry on account of what you said over dinner about his wife. 他对你在晚餐时所说的关于她妻子的话非常气愤。

  take into account 考虑I hope my teacher will take the fact into account that I was ill just before the exams when she marks my paper. 我希望我的老师在判卷时能考虑到我在考试前生病这一情况。

  analog/analogue/ n.词义 类似物;模拟

  大头例句 They didnt have the special material, but they managed with an analog.他们没有那种特殊的材料,但他们用一种类似物应付过来了。

  近义词 simulation模拟,仿真;simulacrum模拟物

  analogy/ n.词义 n. 比拟,类比大头例句 He draw an analogy between human body and society. 他将人体和社会作了类比。

  词组 by analogy 用类推的方法This problem can be simplified by analogy. 这个问题通过类推能够简化。

  ascend/ v.

  Years after the presidents taking assume, the country ascended to the leading position in world politics.

  猜一猜 A. 上升,攀登B. 汲取 C. 呈现D. 拥有


  分析 a + scend → ad,

  to + climb爬

  近义词 arise, lift, climb

  article/ n.

  The articles on this fashion magazine are all superficial.

  猜一猜 A. 文章B. 题词C. 摘要D. 续集


  词义扩展 n. ① 物品,商品articles of value 贵重物品 ② 项目,条款an account consisting of many articles 有多条内容的叙述 ③ 冠词


  He is articulate about everything in the field of economics, but he is void of anything practical.

  猜一猜 A. 口是心非的B. 善于表达的 C. 目瞪口呆的D. 哑口无言的


  大头巧记 [熟] circle环绕 → [生] circulate循环

  [熟] article文章 → [生]articulate表达

  词义扩展 v. 明确有力地表达Suppose you articulate the specifics of your problem so that we may deal with it more accurately. 你把你的问题细节讲出来,怎么样?这样我们可以更快更准地解决它。

  artist/ n.

  A number of outstanding artists emerged at the beginning of the century.

        猜一猜 A. 人文主义者B. 艺术家 C. 思想家D. 手工艺人



  Althought not striking in appearance, she inheritaged an artistic temperament from her mother.

  猜一猜 A. 欣赏的B. 艺术家的 C. 惟美的D. 纯粹的


  chorus/ n.

  Everyone in our class has joined in the chorus.

  猜一猜 A. 活动B. 社团C. 组织D. 合唱团


  词义扩展 v. ① 异口同声地说,随声附和All of the medias chorused the praise of the young man who rescued a boy in the fire. 所有的媒体一致称赞那个从大火里救出小男孩的年轻人。

  词组 in chorus 一齐,一致,共同“Look out!” we cried in chorus. “小心!”我们齐声大叫起来。

  chronic/ a.

  Her mother has been suffering from the chronic disease for several years.

  猜一猜 A. 严重的B. 晚期的 C. 慢性的D. 无法医治的


  大头巧记 chron(time 时间) + ic形容词词尾=长时间的

  词义扩展 a. ① 积习难改的He couldnt get rid of the chronic alcohol habit. 他怎么也改不掉喝酒的老毛病。 ② 严重的,坏的I have heard the play is absolutely chronic. 我听说这部戏剧很差。

  Asia/ n.

  The oriental is equivalent to the Asia in the western world.

  猜一猜 A. 亚洲B. 非洲C. 海洋D. 内陆


  Asian/ei()n/ n./adj.

  The majority of the Russian territory belongs to the Asian sphere geographically.

  猜一猜 A. 亚洲(人)的B. 全球的 C. 领土的D. 远东地区的


  research/ v.

  In fully order to study the theory thoroughly, we had to research into the economic situation of Wuhan City.

  猜一猜 A. 研究,调查B. 学习 C. 描述D. 改革


  分析 re+ search

  重新 + 搜索 → 研究,调查

  词义扩展 n. 研究a research into eyesight of children 一项儿童视力调查

  resent/ v.

  He resents being called a fool because he is a sensitive person.

  猜一猜 A. 骄傲B. 不满 C. 大发雷霆D. 对……表示愤恨,怨恨

  翻译 他对别人叫他傻子感到愤恨,因为他是一个敏感的人。

  分析 re+ sent

  反 + 感觉 → 反感,愤恨,怨恨

  report/ v.

  The weather bulletin reported the road clear of snow.

  猜一猜 A. 得知B. 报告,汇报 C. 告诉D. 解释


  分析 re+ port

  回 + 带 → 把消息带回来报告



  词义扩展 n. 传说,传闻Dont believe it too much, for it is just a report of the event. 不要太相信它,它只是事情的传闻。

  v. 报告,汇报,报到report the news 报告新闻

  近义词 account

  reporter/ n.

  He is a reporter of Xinhua News Agency.

  猜一猜 A. 报告人,通讯员B. 编辑 C. 播音员D. 主持人


  分析 report+ er

  报告,汇报 + 人 → 报告人,通讯员



  reputation/ n.

  She has a reputation for being amusing.

  猜一猜 A. 爱好B. 感觉 C. 特点D. 名声,名望


  分析 re + put + ation

  回 +想 + 名词词尾 → 人们对……回想起的印象,即在社会上流传的评价

  近义词 fame

  repair/ v.

  Can you repair the bike for me?

  猜一猜 A. 修理,修补B. 借 C. 租D. 出售


  分析 re+ pair

  回复 + 同 → 回复到与原来等同的状态,这个过程就是修理,修补


  v. 补救,纠正repair a fault 纠正一次过失

  近义词 mend

  circuit/ n.

  The pop star made a circuit of performing in the mainland.

  猜一猜 A. 连续B. 巡回C. 精彩D. 公益


  大头巧记 circu(circum,around 绕行) + it(to go 走)=走圆形

  词义扩展 n. 电路,路线There must be something wrong in the circuit. 电路出问题了。

  circular/ a.

  The children are sitting around a circular table and waiting for their lunch.

  猜一猜 A. 正方形的B. 长方形的 C. 椭圆形的 D. 圆形的


  词义扩展 n. 传单,通报Dont put up the circulars on the wall. 不要在墙上张贴传单。

  近义词 round 圆的;spherical 球形的,圆的

  circulate/ v.

  As we know, blood circulates around the body.

  猜一猜 A. 形成B. 循环C. 转换D. 吸收



  circul(e)(圆) + ate动词词尾=使成圆状

  词义扩展 v. (使) 流通Money circulates as it goes from the bank to the consumers then to the bank again. 钱是通过从银行到消费者再到银行而流通的。

  citizen/ n.

  The American citizens enjoy highlevel social welfare.

  猜一猜 A. 人民B. 公民,市民,平民 C. 白种人 D. 上等人


  大头巧记 cit(城市) + izen名词后缀=住在城市里的人

  conspicuous/ a.

  Dont wear conspicuous clothes when you walk alone at night.

  猜一猜 A. 暴露的B. 显眼的 C. 贵重的D. 漂亮的


  分析 con+ spic + uous

  thoroughly + to see → 完全能看得见的,显眼的

  近义词 noticeable, prominent


  Your constant chattering almost drove me mad.

  猜一猜 A. 恐吓的B. 重复的 C. 大胆的D. 毫无根据的


  分析 con+st+ ant

  together + to stand + 形容词词尾 → 始终不变的站在一块,坚定的,永恒的

  词义扩展 a. 坚定的,永恒的A constant companion is of great help when you are in trouble. 在困难的时候,忠实的伴侣有着极大的帮助。

  n. 常量,衡量The given constant is wrong. 所给的常数是错误的。

  domestic/ a.

  He is able in dealing with his business but fails to handle the domestic troubles properly.

  猜一猜 A. 严重的B. 棘手的 C. 家里的D. 众多的

  翻译 他做生意很能干,但却未能很好的处理家庭纠纷。

  词义扩展 a. ① 本国的The domestic automobile industry is facing fierce competition. 国内的汽车行业正面临着激烈的竞争。 ② 驯养的 Horses, cows, and sheep are domestic animals. 马、牛、羊是家畜。

  export/ v./n.

  Most products of this joint venture corporation are exported to the international market.

  猜一猜 A. 进口B. 销售C. 出口D. 生产


  大头巧记 前缀ex出去;词干port搬运,运输或港口,运输出去或出港口,即为输出,出口。

  词义扩展 n. 输出,出口,出口商品There is a rapid increase in the countrys export in the first quarter of the year. 今年第一季度国家的出口大幅增长。

  faculty/ n.词义 n. 才能;学院,系;(学院或系得)全体教学人员

  lubricate/ v.

  Youd better lubricate your engine so that the car can move faster.

  猜一猜 A. 加油B. 修理C. 润滑D. 检查



  lube润滑油+cate(构成动词) → 润滑

  extent/n.词义 n. 广度,宽度,长度;程度,限度

  大头例句 The heavy debt has compelled him to the extent of despair.沉重的债务已将他逼迫到了绝望的境地。

  lorry/ n.

  Look! Theres a lorry coming!

  猜一猜 A. 自行车B. 小车 C. 卡车D. 公共汽车


  loss/ n.

  He was suffering from loss of blood.

  猜一猜 A. 放弃B. 丢失C. 亏损D. 困惑


  词义扩展 n. 损失,亏损Their losses had been enormous. 他们的损失不计其数。

  词组 at a loss 困惑,不知所措Her statement left me completely at a loss. 他的陈述让我不知所措。

  mold/mould/ n.

  The melted metal was poured into a mould.

  猜一猜 A. 例子B. 典型C. 模子D. 容器


  词义扩展 v. 塑造Children molded figures out of clay. 孩子们用泥巴捏成各种形状的东西。

  prevent/v. (from)

  We must prevent SARS from spreading.猜一猜 A. 保护B. 防止C. 流行D. 击败


  近义词 stop

  inland/ a.

  To develop our economy, we must explore inland market.

  猜一猜 A. 国内B. 中部C. 西部D. 国外


  词义扩展 ad. 向内地,在内地He was tired of the big city, and moved inland. 他厌倦了大城市的生活,搬到内地去了。

  Fahrenheit/ n./a.词义 n. 华氏温度计

  a. 华氏温标的

  contain/ v.

  The hole contains nothing except wilds and rocks.

  猜一猜 A. 生产B. 发现C. 包括D. 离开


  分析 con+ tain

  together + to hold → 包括,装有

  词义扩展 v. 等于,相当于His speech contains nothing. 他的话等于白讲。

  container/ n.

  A broken container couldnt hold water.

  猜一猜 A. 瓶子B. 篮子C. 容器D. 水壶


  分析 contain包括,装有+er名词词尾 → 容器

  词义扩展 n. 集装箱Send your luggage to container depots. 把你的行李运到货运站。

  port/ n.

  There is only one port along the rocky beach.

  猜一猜 A. 船坞B. 船C. 港口D. 小岛


  portable/ a.

  I have a portable computer.

  猜一猜 A. 台式的B. 手提的 C. 昂贵的D. 便宜的



  port拿+able能够的 → 可拿的,可携带的

  porter/ n.

  The porter took over luggage into the terminal.

  猜一猜 A. 搬运工B. 门房 C. 保膘D. 司机


  大头巧记 port 拿+er(…的人) → 拿东西的人 → 搬运工

  词义扩展 n. 门房The gate woman in the porter is very cruel to the students who come back late. 门房里守门的那个女人对那些回来晚的学生很凶。

  portion/ n.

  Her portion of inheritance amounted to 50,000 dollars.

  猜一猜 A. 财产B. 部分C. 继承D. 房屋


  portrait/ n.

  A portrait of his wife hung over the fireplace.

  猜一猜 A. 肖像B. 影子C. 照片D. 衣服


  prevalent/ a.

  SARS is prevalent all around the world during this spring.

  猜一猜 A. 流行的B. 战败的 C. 战胜的D. 击败的


  近义词 prevailing,popular

  hug/ v.

  He hugged me tightly.

  猜一猜 A. 捏B. 绕C. 抱D. 骂

  翻译他紧紧地抱着我。词义扩展 n. 热烈拥抱I gave my sister an affectionate hug. 我热烈的拥抱妹妹。

  illuminate/ v.

  The house is well illuminated and is as bright in the evening as in the day.

  猜一猜 A. 装修B. 设计C. 照明D. 建筑


  大头巧记 il(on,upon)+lumin(light)+ate(v) → 让光线落在…上面 → 照明

  illustrate/ v.

  Our teacher is good at illustrating difficult theories and therefore students can easily understand them.

  猜一猜 A. 化简B. 举例说明 C. 疑难解答D. 制造


  大头巧记 il(on)+lustr(bright)+ate(v) → 照在…上 → 使清晰 → (通过举例说明)使明了

  词义扩展 v. 图解This is a wellillustrated book. 这本书图解很详细。

  illustration/ n.

  Making this complex point clear through illustration is a good choice.

  猜一猜 A. 教育B. 独立思考 C. 鼓励D. 例证


  词义扩展 n. 图解Youd better make an illustration of this confusing subject. 你最好为这个令人困惑的题目做个图解。


  This is just an imaginary story;dont take it seriously.

  猜一猜 A. 过去的B. 理想的 C. 未来的D. 虚构的

  翻译这只是一个虚构的故事而已,你别当真了。大头巧记 imagine(想象) → imaginary(想象的) → 就是虚构的

  imaginative/ a.

  You must be an imaginative man since you have written so many successful science fictions.

  猜一猜 A. 富有想象力的B. 爱开玩笑的 C. 博学的D. 认真的


  imagine/ v.

  Can you imagine what will happen if you defy the teacher in public?

  猜一猜 A. 相信B. 反抗C. 想象D. 说出


  millimeter/ n.

  One hundred millimeters are equal to one meter.

  猜一猜 A. 毫米B. 厘米C. 分米D. 米





  He spent one million dollars on his new house.

  猜一猜 A. 万 B. 百万C. 千D. 百


  词组 millions of 无数Millions of stars are sparkling in the sky in the fine evening. 晴朗的夜晚,百万颗星星在天空中闪烁。

  preposition/ n.

  Prepositions are always put before nouns.

  猜一猜 A. 名词B. 副词C. 介词D. 连词


  press/pres/ v.

  Don’t press the button. It’s dangerous.

  猜一猜 A. 握 B. 踏C. 惹D. 按


  词义扩展 n. ① 压榨,压迫 ② 紧迫,催促,逼迫 ③ 报刊, 出版社, 通讯社There books were published by Wuda press. 这些书是由武大出版社出版的。 ④ 压榨机,压力机Look at that, a ciderpress is on sale. 快看,苹果榨汁机正在做特价。 ⑤ 压,按The book is crumpled and needs press. 书皱了需要压一压。

  pressure/ n.

  Many modern Japanese work at high pressure.

  猜一猜 A. 规则B. 工具C. 压力D. 庆祝


  词义扩展 强制,压迫,压强The balloon is hard, so I think you need to reduce the pressure inside. 气球已经很硬了,我想你应该放点气。

  priceless/praislis/ a.

  Peoples loyalty to their country is priceless.

  猜一猜 A. 不值钱的B. 无价的C. 重要的D. 值钱的


  近义词 invaluable

  imitate/imiteit/ v.

  It is said that monkeys are very good at imitating human beings

  猜一猜 A. 模仿B. 伤害C. 玩弄D. 使发笑


  分析 imi(i在通过m模仿i)+tat(e)(t通过a模仿t) → imitate模仿

  词义扩展 伪造This picture is not from the original artist — it is imitated. 这幅画不是出自真画家之手——它是伪造的。

  site/sait/ n.

  This is a secret military site for missile research.

  猜一猜 A. 武器B. 装备C. 基地D. 目标


  分析 site 在sit 的 基础上加了一个e的名词后缀变成名词的坐落



  近义词 position 位于,sitting—room n. 起居室

  situate/sitjueit/ v.

  Our school is situated in the skirt of the city.

  猜一猜 A. 建立B. 成立C. 位于D. 开始


  分析  sit+u+ate


  situation/ n.

  The situation outside is very tense.

  猜一猜 A. 市场B. 局势C. 政治D. 物资


  分析  sit+u+ation


  词义扩展 ① 位置,场所We are in a strange situation. 我们在一个陌生的场所。 ② 职位,职务She got a high situation in the company. 她在公司里的职位很高。

  近义词 condition 情况

  symphony/ n.

  He has been talking about symphony for over an hour.

  猜一猜 A. 和弦B. 乐器C. 同情D. 交响乐


  词义扩展 (色彩等的)和谐,协调 Symphony can mean the harmony of sound. “symphony” 有“声音调和”的意思。

  大头例句 出自希腊语 sumphonia ← sum: together,phone: sound 有“音,声协和”之意。

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