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  41. His thesis works relatively well when appliedtodiscrimination against Blacks in the United States, buthisdefinition of racial prejudice as “ racially-basednegativeprejudgments against a group generally accepted as a racein anygiven region of ethnic competition,” can be interpreted asalsoincluding hostility toward such ethnic groups as the ChineseinCalifornia and the Jews in medieval Europe.

  42. Gutman argues convincingly that the stability of theBlackfamily encouraged the transmission of and so was crucialinsustaining — the Black heritage of folklore, music, andreligiousexpression from one generation to another, a heritage thatslaveswere continually fashioning out of their African andAmericanexperiences.

  43. Even the folk knowledge in social systems on whichordinarylife is based in earning, spending, organizing, marrying,takingpart in political activities, fighting and so on , is notverydissimilar from the more sophisticated images of the socialsystemderived from the social sciences, even though it is builtupon thevery imperfect samples of personal experience.

  44. There are several steps that can be taken, of which thechiefone is to demand of all the organizations that exist withthedeclared tives of safeguarding the interests of animals thattheyshould declare clearly where they stand on violencetowardspeople.

  45. It was possible to demonstrate by other methodsrefinedstructural differences among neuron types, however, proofwaslacking that the quality of the impulse or its conductionwasinfluenced by these differences, which seemed instead toinfluencethe developmental patterning of the neural circuits.

  46. According to this theory, it is not the quality of thesensorynerve impulses that determines the diverse conscioussensations theyproduce, but rather the different areas of thebrain into which theydischarge , and there is some evidence forthis view.

  47. The result of attrition is that, where the areas of thewholeleaves follow a normal distribution, a bimodal distributionisproduced, one peak composed mainly of fragmented pieces, theotherof the larger remains.

  48. The Bible does not tell us how the Roman census takersmadeout, and as regards our more immediate concern, the reliabilityofpresent day economic forecasting, there are considerabledifferenceof opinion.

  49. A survey conducted in Britain confirmed that anabnormallyhigh percentage of patients suffering from arthritis ofthe spinewho had been treated with X rays contracted cancer.

  50. Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our mindsasours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vastandcool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes,andslowly and surely drew their plans against us.

  51. Even the doctoral degree, long recognized as a required“union card” in the academic world, has come under severecriticismas the pursuit of learning for its own sake and theaccumulation ofknowledge without immediate application to aprofessor’s classroomduties.

  52. While a selection of necessary details is involved inboth,the officer must remain neutral and clearly try to presentapicture of the facts, while the artist usually begins withapreconceived message or attitude which is then transmittedthroughthe use of carefully selected details of action described inwordsintended to provoke associations and emotional reactions inthereader.

  53. Articles in the popular press even criticize theGrossNational Production (GNP) because it is not such a completeindexof welfare, ignoring, on the one hand, that it was neverintendedto be, and suggesting, on the other, that with appropriatechangesit could be converted into one.

  54. Other experiments revealed slight variations in thesize,number, arrangement, and interconnection of the nerve cells,but asfar as psychoneuaral correlations were concerned, theobvioussimilarities of these sensory fields to each other seemedmuch moreremarkable than any of the minute differences.

  55. The Chinese have distributed publications to farmers andotherrural residents instructing them in what to watch for theiranimalsso that every household can join in helping topredictearthquakes.

  56. Supporters of the Star Wars defense system hope thatthiswould not only protect a nation against an actual nuclearattack,but would be enough of a threat to keep a nuclear war fromeverhappening.

  57. Neither would it prevent cruise missiles or bombers,whoseflights are within the Earth’s atmosphere, from hittingtheirtargets.

  58. Civil centers activists have long argued that one oftheprincipal reasons why Blacks, Hispanics, and other minoritygroupshave difficulty establishing themselves in business is thattheylack access to the sizable orders and subcontracts thataregenerated by large companies.

  59. During the nineteenth century, she argues, the concept ofthe“useful” child who contributed to the family economy gavewaygradually to the present day notion of the “useless” childwho,though producing no income for, and indeed extremely costly toitsparents, is yet considered emotionally “ priceless”.

  60. Well established among segments of the middle andupperclasses by the mid-1800’s, this new view of childhoodspreadthroughout society in the late nineteenth and earlytwentiethcenturies as reformers introduced child labor regulationsandcompulsory education laws predicted in part on the assumptionthata child’s emotional value made child labor taboo.






















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