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  二、完型填空CLOZE [15 MIN.]

  Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the correct choice for each blank on your answer Sheet.

  Our ape-men forefathers had no obvious natural weapons in the struggle for survi val in the open. They had neither the powerful teeth nor the strong claws of the big cats. They could not ( 26 ) with the bear, whose strengt h, speed and claws ( 27 ) an impressive ’small fire’ weaponry . They could not even defend themselves ( 28 ) runnin g swiftly like the horses, zebras or small animals. If the ape-men h ad attempted to compete on those terms in the open, they would have been ( 29 ) to failure and extinction. But they were (30) with enormous concealed advantages of a kind not possessed by any of the ir competitors.

  In the search ( 31 ) the pickings of the forest, the ape-men had ( 32 ) efficient stereoscopic vision and a sense of colour that the animals of the grasslands did not possess. The abili ty to see clearly at close range permitted the ape-men to study practical proble ms in a way that lay far ( 33 ) the reach of the original inh abitants of the grassland. Good long-distance sight was ( 34 )

  another matter. Lack of long-distance vision had not been a problem for fores t-dwelling apes and monkeys because the higher the viewpoint, the greater the ra nge of sight—so ( 35 ) they had had to do was climb a tree. Out in the open, however, this simple solution was not ( 3 6 ) . Climbing a hill would have helped, but in many places the gro und was flat. The ape-men ( 37 ) the only possible solution. They reared up as high as possible on their hind limbs and began to walk upright . This vital change of physical position brought about considerable disadvantages. It was extremely unstable and it meant that the already slow ape-men became slo wer still. ( 38 ) , they persevered and their bone structure gradually became ( 39 )猼o the new,unstable position that ( 40 ) them the name Homo erectus,upright man.

  26. A. match B. compare C. rival D. equal

  27. A. became B. equipped C. posed D. provided

  28. A. in B. upon C. by D. with

  29. A. driven B. doomed C. forced D. led

  30. A. bestowed B. given C. presented D. endowed

  31. A.for B. of C. on D. at

  32. A. progressed B.generated C.developed D.advanced

  33. A.from B.apart C. beyond D.above

  34. A. rather B.quite C. much D.really

  35. A. anything B.that C. everything D.all

  36. A. available B.enough C. sufficient D.convenient

  37. A. chose B.adopted C. accepted D.took

  38. A. However B.Therefore C. Meanwhile D.Subsequently

  39. A. accustomed B. familiarized C. adapted D. suited

  40. A. obtained B.called C. deserved D. earned



  26. 答案:A


  【详细解答】 rival意为“与…相匹敌;比得上”,常用的搭配是rival sb/sth for/in sth.;equal意为“比得上,和……相等”,常用的搭配是be equal to;match意为“和……相配;和……相称”,常用搭配为match with,意为“与……相匹敌”;compare意为“比较;对照”,常用的搭配有compare with,意为“与……相比较”。这里是说“他们无法与熊相比”,故根据句意和搭配,答案应选A。

  27. 答案:D


  【详细解答】became意为“成为;变为”;equipped意为“装备”,常用于be equipped with或equip sb.with sth.;posed意为“摆好姿势;造成”;provided意为“供给,提供”。这里是说熊的力量、速度和爪子为自身提供了很好的武器,故选项D最合题意。

  28. 答案:C


  【详细解答】defend…by doing sth.中的by表示方式、手段,意为“通过(做某事)”,后一般接动名词。这里是说“它们不能像马、斑马或其他小动物一样通过快速地奔跑来保护自己”。

  29. 答案:B


  【详细解答】be doomed to sth.(一般为death,failure等一类的词)表示“注定……”。be driven to后常接madness,sorrow等一类的词。lead to一般为主动式。这里是说“他们早就注定失败、灭绝了”,故答案选B。

  30. 答案:D


  【详细解答】 bestow表示“赠给”,常与on或upon搭配;give一般与to搭配;present表示“赠予”时一般与with搭配;endow表示“天生具有,赋予”,一般用被动式与with搭配。本句意为“他们却拥有其他任何竞争者所不具有的某种巨大而隐蔽的优势”,故答案选D。

  31. 答案:B


  【详细解答】 in the search of是固定搭配,意为“在寻找……的过程中”。这里是说“在寻找森林可采物的过程中”。

  32. 答案:C





  【详细解答】beyond the reach of为固定搭配,意思是“够不着;在……范围之外”,与其相对的短语是within the reach of(够得着;在……范围之内)。本句是说“猿人能在较近距离内看清目标”。






  【详细解答】本句中的so引导一个主语句子,这个句子缺少一个引导词,该引导词还是“they had to do”的宾语,只有选项D合乎条件。












  【详细解答】accustomed表示“习惯的,适应的”,常用结构为be accustomed to,意思是“习惯于……”;familiarized的常用结构为be familiarized with,意思是“与……相熟”;adapt表示“适应”时,常用adapt to sth.或adapt oneself to sth.结构,暗含作出某种变化以适应新的情况;be suited to sth.表示“适合……的”。这里是说“它们的骨骼渐渐适应了……”,故选项C为正确答案。



  【详细解答】 call后面可以接宾语加宾语补足语;obtain和deserve后跟单宾语;earn后既可以接单宾语,也可以接双宾语,接双宾语时表示“(为……)博得,使得到”。根据句子结构,答案应选D。


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