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  Dreams: Journeys to the Inner Self 梦的解析:探索内心之旅

  Carl is greeted one morning by his older sister, Emma, a graduate student of psychology.

  Emma : You look rough2 this morning. Didn’t you sleep well? Carl : No! I keep having awful3 nightmares.4 Emma : Hmm. How’s your studying for next week’s big exam going? Carl : I haven’t started yet. Why? Emma : People often have nightmares when they are avoiding something. What happens in the dream? Carl : Something is chasing me, but I can’t see what it is. I always wake up before it catches me. Emma : Dreams of being chased are common. Whatever’s chasing you symbolizes a problem you’re running from. Carl : OK, so I’m a procrastinator. How can I put a stop to these nightmares? Emma : Next time you have the dream, turn around and confront5 whatever’s chasing you. Carl : I can’t control what happens in my dreams! Emma : Sure you can. It’s called lucid dreaming. Remember Alice in Wonderland? Right before Alice wakes up, she grows larger and feels unafraid because she knows she’s only dreaming. Carl : I don’t think that’ll work for me. Emma : Well, there is one other thing you could try. Carl : What’s that?


  艾玛:你今天早上看起来不太舒服,没睡好吗? 卡尔:嗯,我一直做可怕的恶梦。 艾玛:是喔,那你下礼拜的大考准备得如何? 卡尔:我还没开始念书,为什么这样问? 艾玛:通常人在逃避某些事情时就会做恶梦。梦里发生什么事了? 卡尔:有个东西一直在追我,但我看不清楚是什么。我总是在它抓到我之前就醒了。 艾玛:被追逐的梦是很常见的。不管追你的是什么,它都象征着你想逃避的问题。 卡尔:好啦,所以我是做事拖拖拉拉的人。那我要怎样才能不再做这些恶梦? 艾玛:下次再做这种梦时,转过身来面对那个追你的东西。 卡尔:我可没办法控制梦境! 艾玛:你当然可以控制,那叫做清晰梦境。记不记得《爱莉丝梦游仙境》?就在爱莉丝要醒来之前,她的身体愈变愈大,而且也不再害怕了,因为她知道自己只是在做梦。 卡尔:我不觉得这招会对我有用。 艾玛:这个嘛,你还可以试试另外一种方法。 卡尔:什么方法? 艾玛:赶紧念书去吧!

1. psychology n. the study of the mind and behavior 心理学 In psychology class, the teacher discussed the causes of depression. 老师在心理学课堂上探讨了引发抑郁症的原因。

2. rough adj. not feeling well or healthy 不舒服的 Maria has a cold, so she’s feeling a little rough today. 玛莉亚感冒了,所以她今天觉得不太舒服。

3. awful adj. terrible 可怕的;糟糕的 The awful smell in Oscar’s apartment was coming from a dead rat. 奥斯卡的公寓里那股可怕的气味来自一只死老鼠。

4. nightmare n. a frightening dream 恶梦 Jason’s nightmare frightened him so badly that he woke up screaming. 杰森做了一个恐怖的恶梦,吓得他醒来时大声尖叫。

5. confront v. to face and deal with a difficult situation 正视;勇于面对 In order to solve our problems, we must first confront them. 要解决我们的问题,首先必须面对问题。

  People have always been fascinated by dreams and have always sought to understand them. Long ago, Greek and Roman leaders had dream interpreters because dreams were seen as important messages from the gods. But in modern times, dreams came to be seen as messages from ourselves. Famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud believed that life in modern society forces people to suppress their desires. Dreams, Freud thought, are an arena in which people can safely act out hidden impulses.1 Like Freud, psychologist Carl Jung believed that dreams reflect2 the unconscious mind. But he also thought that by analyzing3 our dreams, we can solve our real-life problems. To analyze your own dreams, try to recall4 the people, places, and events that you dreamed about. It’s likely that these things represent aspects of your own life, such as your problems or emotions. Dreams reflect our true selves, and no one understands your true self better than you do.

  一直以来,人们深深地为梦所着迷,也试图了解梦的意涵。很久以前,希腊和罗马的领袖都有专属的解梦师,因为在当时,梦被视为来自众神的重要信息。如今,梦则渐渐被视作个人内心所传递出来的讯息。 著名的精神病学家弗洛伊德相信,现代社会的生活迫使人类压抑自己的欲望。他认为,梦是一个可供人类安心地释放潜在冲动的境域。心理学家荣格跟弗洛伊德一样,认为梦反映出人类的潜意识,但他同时也相信藉由分析梦境,可以解决现实生活上的问题。 想要分析自己的梦境,先试着回想梦里的人物、地点以及事件。这些东西很可能代表你生活中的某些方面,像是你所遭遇的问题和情绪等等。梦反映出自己真实的一面,而天底下没有人比你更了解你真实的自己了。

1. impulse n. a strong, basic desire to do sth. 冲动 Many artists find their own style by simply following their creative impulses. 很多艺术家循着一时心血来潮所产生的创意,便找到了个人风格。

2. reflect v. to show an image or the nature of sth. 反映出 Paul’s angry words didn’t reflect his true feelings for Irene; he really loves her. 保罗讲的气话并不能反映他对爱琳真正的感觉;他其实很爱她。

3. analyze v. to closely examine the different parts of sb./sth. 分析 By analyzing Earl’s behavior, the doctors determined that he was insane. 藉着分析厄尔的行为,医师判定他精神异常。

4. recall v. to remember 回想;回忆 I know that I e met that man, but I can’t recall when or where. 我知道我看过那个人,但是我想不起来什么时候、在哪里遇见他的。


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