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  What kind of girlfriend are you? 你是什么类型的女朋友?

  Do you make him kiss your butt so often he needs knee-pads, or are you the one who's whipped? Find out.


  1. When you two get into a fight, how do you deal?

  A. Stew for a bit, then try to talk it out.

  B. Kiss and apologize immediately.

  C. Throw a tantrum or withhold nooky.

  2. You accompany your man to his old frat buddy's birthday party and are sooo bored. You:

  A. Get another cup of warm beer.

  B. Say "C'mon, I want to leeeeeave!"

  C. Strike a deal: You'll stay if he comes to your pal's party next week.

  3. When are you likely to spoil him with a fab meal or massage?

  A. Whenever. He's a hot guy, and if you don't give him TLC, he'll W-A-L-K.

  B. After you've yelled at him or hurt him in some other way and feel a tad guilty.

  C. When he has news worth celebrating or after he's done you a favor.

  4 . Pretend your man was just invited to a party at the Playboy Mansion. You'd:

  A. Secretly cringe but tell him to enjoy himself -- and buy him a disposable camera and a water gun so he can have fun.

  B. Beg him not to go and if he went anyway, you'd call him incessantly on his cell.

  C. Say okay, but joke that you'll be at a strip club called Guys Gone Wild.

  5. When you sleep next to each other in bed, you...

  A. Give him 75 percent of the bed.

  B. Hog the covers.

  C. Take up half the space.


  6. Who shows up late more often when you meet for dates?

  A. Him. But it's no big deal -- you play solitaire on your cell phone.

  B. You. Hello, every woman should keep her man waiting just a little!.

  C. Both of you are equally punctual.


  7. Are you more excited to talk about his day...or yours?

  A. Yours, naturally!

  B. Depends on who has more going on.

  C. His -- you feel selfish blabbing first.

  8. How often do you expect your guy to pay for things?

  A. Let's put it this way: The only time you'll open your wallet is to buy tampons.

  B. You'll swipe the tab occasionally.

  C. You wind up footing the bill a lot of the time, but that's okay -- you don't really mind.

  9. Do you ever make your man watch chick flicks or sit in boutiques while you shop?

  A. Never! He'd laugh in your face.

  B. Honey, that's the story of your weekend -- even Super Bowl weekend.

  C. Occasionally, but you've also endured NASCAR-and-buffalo wings nights.

  1. 当你们吵架的时候,你会怎么处理呢?

  A. 沉默一段时间,然后通过讨论解决问题。

  B. 吻他,并立即道歉。

  C. 大发脾气或者拒绝两人亲密的行为。

  2. 你陪着男友一同出席他亲密兄弟的生日派对,可是你觉得非常无聊,你会:

  A. 再来一杯啤酒。

  B. 告诉他你想离开。

  C. 和他达成协议:你将留下,但是他下周必须陪你去你朋友的聚会作为回报。

  3. 什么情况下你会为他烹调一顿大餐或者帮他按摩?

  A. 无论何时。他是个充满魅力的男人,如果你不随时给他温柔的体贴,他就会离开。

  B. 当你对他大喊大叫或者伤害了他,觉得有点内疚的时候。

  C. 他有值得庆祝的好消息或是他帮了你忙时。

  4. 假如你的男友被邀请参加花花公子的聚会,你会:

  A. 心里有些担心,可是表面上会告诉他尽情享乐,并且给他买来相机和水枪。

  B. 求他不要去,如果他还是坚持去,你会不断拨打他手机。

  C. 表示同意,同时开玩笑说自己也要去类似的聚会。

  5. 当你们同床共枕时,你会:

  A. 将床75%的空间给他。

  B. 占据床的大部分地方。

  C. 一人一半分享双人床。

  6. 你们约会时谁的迟到次数比较多?

  A. 他。但这并不是问题,你会通过玩手机游戏来消磨时间。

  B. 你。女人让男人等是天经地义的事。

  C. 你们俩人都同样准时。

  7. 你会更愿意谈论他一天的生活还是你自己的生活?

  A. 自然是你自己的。

  B. 得根据具体情况而定。

  C. 他的。你不愿意首先泄漏自己的生活。

  8. 你希望男友帮你买单的频率是:

  A. 除了购买卫生巾,其他时候他都帮你付账。

  B. 偶尔自己付钱。

  C. 你可以接受时常自己买单。


  9. 你会让男友陪你看适合女人看的电影或者陪你逛街吗?

  A. 从不!他会当面笑话你。

  B. 这就是你们的周末,即使在有重要体育比赛的时候。

  C. 有时候,但是你也得忍受陪他看赛车或者斗牛。

  Calculate your score 测测自己的得分

  1  A 1  B 3  C 0  
  2  A 3  B 0   C 1
  3  A 3  B 1   C 0 
  4  A 3  B 1  C 0 
  5  A 3  B 0  C 1 
  6  A 3   B 0  C 1 
  7  A 3   B 1  C 0
  8  A 0   B 1  C 3
  9  A 0   B 1  C 3


  First class girlfriend. You are always willing and eager to subsume your interests and desires to his. In fact all you desire is for him to be comfortable and satisfied. This is secretly what all men want so if you can manage it, and it's not easy, then you will earn the love of any man who goes out with you.


  You are more of a compromise queen.

  Your style is give and take. Though this means that sometimes the relationship feels a bit like a business with negotiation and balance of interests. always taking place your man will probably respect you for looking after your own. Ultimately you are perhaps the kind of girlfriend who will last.

  Under 5

  Uh oh, you're big trouble. A right little madam is what you are! I'd be surprised if you had ever managed to hold on to a guy with any character for very long. Only ever thinking about yourself and oblivious to your selfishness you had better sort yourself out if you want to pin a man down for good.








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