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  Good Things Come in Beautiful Packages


  Around 1912, perfume bottles featuring1 a topless woman’s profile set into a delicate2 net of silver curves appeared in France. The bottles of Fougere, crafted of blue-green glass, caught people’s attention,3 just as the fragrance within captured their hearts.4 Created by French craftsman Rene Lalique, such innovative bottles helped make perfume an essential female accessory5 for the modern age. Using new materials and designs, Lalique took the art of making perfume bottles further than anyone had ever dreamed.

  Perfume and the containers used to hold it date back to6 long before Lalique’s time. Scholars seem to agree that the Egyptians were the first to use perfume, mainly in the form of scented oils. The Egyptians stored perfumes in tall stone bottles with narrow necks, while the ancient Greeks kept them in hand-painted, animal-shaped vases. Later, wealthy Romans carried their most valued perfumes in hollowed-out precious stones. But until Lalique’s time, perfumes were always sold in plain, inexpensive bottles, then poured into higher-quality containers at home.

   约在 1912 年,一款以裸身美女侧面肖像为主题,由银色曲线交织成精致网底背景的香水瓶现身于法国。这款名为 Fougere(法文,常用于形容令人神清气爽、带有藻类味道的香味)的香水,其瓶身系以蓝绿色的玻璃刻制而成,除了吸引众人的目光,更和瓶内的香水一样掳获人心。这一创新款式的香水瓶是由法国工艺大师热内·拉立克所设计,它间接带动了香水成为现代女性不可或缺的随身物件之一。通过使用新颖的材质与设计,拉立克将香水瓶制作艺术提升至前所未见的境界。



  ● 1. feature v. to include sth. as a major part 以 … 为特色;主要包括 …

  Our rock and roll band features two drummers, two guitarists, and a singer.


  ● 2. delicate adj. beautiful, light, and graceful 精致巧的;细致的

  Marie’s new diamond ring makes her delicate hand look even better.


  ● 3. catch sb.’s attention v. phr. to get sb. to notice sb./sth. 吸引某人的注意

  The beautiful woman in the red dress caught Nick’s attention immediately.


  4. capture sb.’s heart v. phr. to get sb. to love sb./sth. 掳获人心;赢得 … 的心

  Jack captured Tina’s heart by sending her flowers every day for a week.


  5. accessory n. an extra thing sb. wears or uses that increases their appeal 饰品;配件

  Expensive watches are popular accessories for rich businessmen.


  6. date back to v. phr. to have originated at some time in the past 追溯至 … 年代;自 … 时起存在至今

  These plant fossils date back to the age of the dinosaurs.


  More Information

   1. topless adj. 上身裸露的;上空的

   2. profile n. 侧面肖像;轮廓

   3. fragrance n. 香气;芳香

   4. innovative adj. 革新的;创新发明的

   5. hollowed-out adj. 中间挖空的


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